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chapter one - I get attacked 由 a demon dog

look I didn't want to be a demi-god. its a dangerous thing. if your 阅读 this for fun, read on. but if your 阅读 this because 你 think 你 might be one, my 建议 is stop 阅读 now. if 你 see yourself in these pages the monsters will smell 你 once 你 realize who 你 are. so let me start from the beginning on how it is.

my name is 冬青, 冬青树 Bullock. I'm seven years old and a troubled kid. I go to Carthage middle school in Carthage, NY. am I troubled kid? yeah I guess I am. I have dyslexia and ADHD and its hard to do normal stuff. my teacher...
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posted by daughterof3
I walked down to the stream as everyone got ready for bed.
There was a beautiful mini waterfall that cascaded won into the bubbling water. I took the coin Nico had 给 me kissed it for luck and tossed it through the water.
"Show me Luke Castellan". There he was sitting in front of me. He was Gerogous. Not in the mysterious jerk way that Nico was. No, Luke Had glistening blonde hair that fell into his eyes.
"Luke....Luke.....LUKE"! i shouted his name the last time and he turned and looked at me in astonishment.
"Hi..Do i know you"?
"Um No not yet, but i came to talk to you" He smiled and then...
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posted by ilovenicod
sdo im all decked out in my best goth outfit(there all goth)
aphrodite has done my hair
well perhaps i should have fun
i walk into the mess hall
holy crud
the black 玫瑰 nico grows fopr me line the walls
moonlace (oh how i 爱情 that shade of purple)
grows up the walls shining like club lights
flyleaf blares out the speakers
i could mistake this for heaven
nico 链接 his artm in mine
"all this for ME?" i whisper
"tonight your the star" nico whispers back
as we dance to the slow flyleaf song(yes there are somwe)
im glowing literally
nico gives me a quizitive looik
"my dad was a star" i say
hes heard weirder...
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Annabeth looked shocked. Percy asked,"do 你 even know Luke?" i shook my head. "never met him." i said. i suddenly got an idea. "forget this ever happened. remember my voice but forget the rest." i sang. their eyes went glassy. when they regained focus, they kept talking about my voice. "that spell 唱歌 could be useful on a quest." chiron said. Annabeth nodded. "we could get the bolt so much quicker," she said. "can Lilia come with us?" chiron said, "if she wants to, she may." Annabeth and Percy looked at me like, please PLEASE! i bit my lip. "i... i need to think." i got up and ran back...
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posted by luchercavane
I need help my classmates say percy sucks!!!! we can't let them say these things to they also say it's loser thing.

cmq im italian and speak few inglish

坦莉雅 and i walked to the 爬坡道, 小山 and at the bottom of the 爬坡道, 小山 was a cab waiting for us. It was at least four so we still had time to go shopping. 坦莉雅 gave our driver instructions and we drove off towards new York. 坦莉雅 led me into a store i had never entered before. A woman greeted us and showed us the dresses. 坦莉雅 grabbed ten dresses off the shelf and shoved me into a dressing room. 坦莉雅 was sitting outside the dressing room. I came out in a white dress with a blue sash.
"No next". The 下一个 dress was green and had pleats everywhere.
"Nope". I tried on two 粉, 粉色 dresses, one whole blue...
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posted by ilovenicod
i sank back into my memories

i found him in the corner of hades 舱, 小木屋 clutching his hand a 刀 at his side
i rushed to him and grabbbed his hand noticing that he was bleeding he had a strange symbol cut into his hand
"why did 你 do this to yourself " i asked him
he had this distant look in his eyes
oh no
i was afraid this would happen
hes been 表演 so strange lately like hes 说 hes had visions
i didnt like it one bit
now i had a full reason
he seemed to come backa little
"suzie" his eyes widened"you have to get out of here NOW its not safe"
"wkae UP" i shout slapping...
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posted by ilovenicod
"ill be back" nico says to me
the glow leaves my body
"i have to look for percy" he replies
i geuss he has a point the camp was falling apart without him
"i 爱情 you" he says
"i 爱情 你 too" i rewply
he leans in for an electric kiss
then leaves me glowing
that night in the athena cabin
ittl be okay i know hoew 你 feel annabeth says to me
it goes on like thids for months
until its to board the ARGO 2
i demand to go with them
if percys there he might know were nico uis
hes been silent for a weeks now
he always contacted me every 日 some way...
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posted by janesmee
we finnally reached our destination
thats when every thing went wrong
nisteria was chained i was captured
i didnt even know what happened to nico
im chained in this dimly lit room with this guy i dont know
"my name is shay" he says with a look in his eyes
uh oh i know that look
the same look nisteria used to give nico
"thios is going to be fun" shay says
im chained in this dark room
"come out and fight me" i shout
where is suzie
"oh yull see" says a voivce
suddenly bright light is in the room and before me is an imagfe
it"s suzie
and shay
i thought i killed that bastard
wait why is je looking at suzie...
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posted by ilovenicod
The 下一个 日 we were ready
golden drachmas
everything else
now all we had to do was survive
we trudged off into the woods
we traveled untilo it was night then we camped down for the nifght in the nearest cave
we woke to 狼 howls"did 你 hear that" i ask
"yeah" he replies
lets go check it out" i say hopping out of my sleeping bag and running out of the cave
holyu shiznets" i say when i see the huge wolf
"werewolf" nico yells
suddenly the woplf turns into a human
"i. . .. .I I"she says before fainting
okay that was strange
"shall travel west 由 the night wolfs howl" recites nico
Hmm well...
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when we left Lila, she and Percy were surrounded during capture the flag...

the Hephaestus guys were coming toward us. i gulped. then i remembered a pen that my mom 说 was from my dad. it was always in my pocket. i pulled it out and clicked it. it turned into a golden bow and arrow, with a matching quiver (is that really what it is called?) i studied it for a moment, then slung it on my back, i had a better way to get out of this. i started to sing, Percy looked at me like i was crazy. "go go go away, leave us alone, go go go away, run away back where 你 come." all the Hephaestus guys looked...
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the cabins on our team were: Athena, Poseidon, Ares, and Hermes. i was very anxious for the game to start so i could see how it worked. this guy came up to me and said, "i heard your in Apollo's cabin." i smiled slightly. had my arrival spread so quickly? "im Percy Jackson. im on 你 side in capture the flag." i tilted my head. "what 舱, 小木屋 are 你 in?" i asked. "Poseidon. im the only one there." "wow. that must get lonely." i said. he nodded. "I've gotta get to archery." i said. i walked/ran to the archery place. "please, dad." i thought as i nocked the arrow. i let it fly and it pierced the...
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posted by daughterof3
Nico opened a small tunel leading into the 黑夜传说 so we didnt have to go all the way to hollywood. Nico grabbed my hand and slid down the tunnel with me. I Let a smile spread quickly across my face but i think nico saw me becase he turned his head and laughed. When we reached the bottom larley and georgie came crashing down.
Nico and i led the way.
"So 你 guys are an item,i didnt know 你 broke up with veroica". Georigie gestured to my hand which was intertwined with nicos. And he hastily tore his away.
"No i didnt, i cant". and nico jogged several paces in front of me. Tears threatned behind...
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posted by daughterof3
We walked around new York until we found my moms apartment. I led the group up the elevator and down the hall to my moms residence. I knocked twice just like i used to when i would come 首页 from school so they would know it was me. My mom answered the door.She wore a mask of stone.
"Charity". Her mask wavered for a moment realizing hadn't called her mom 或者 anything of the origin , her face turned harder and colder if that was possible.
"Enter". we all filed in one after another. Tiffany come running out of her room.
"Mom wears my skirt"? She looked at me and my 老友记 her eyes slowly...
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posted by GWENxTRENT
I made this spot's hard to put. I just had an idea for a fanfic about Percy and me (don't ask), so...BAM! The Percy Jackson Fan-Fiction spot popped into my brain during math yeah..I made this! Post anything 你 want on here. Fanfics, pics, vids...ANYTHING! The only rule has to be about the Percy Jackson books. SO HAVE FUN AND LET YOUR MIND BE YOUR GUIDE TO THIS WONDERLAND OF PERCY!
Dannie, goddess of Imagination, daughter of Athena (As far as 你 know.)
Percy: ...Alright! ^^
Annabeth: *face goes red with jelousy*
posted by ilovenicod
i looked up from my percy jackson book
yur pretty hard to find 说 a softly harsh voice
ewxcuse me? i say angrily and turn around
alll the air is knocked out of me
yur nin n n ni ni i stutter
nico di angelo nico 回复 yes yes i am
i faint
single most embarrasing moment ever
when i wake up nico is hunched over me chuckling softly
its not funny i say
well its not every 日 i have fgirls fainting at my feet he says
yu caught me off gaurd thats all i say
imma big fat liar hes absolut;ly gorgeous and REAL
whatever yu sss wait did yu hear that he says
hear what i ask
the 墙 explodes
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posted by daughterof3
The view was amazing i could see the half of the camp from up here we walked down all the way to a big blue house. There sitting on the front porch was an amazing beautiful girl she had a deep tan and wavy blond hair and striking gray eyes. She bounded off the steps and kissed Percy on the cheek.
"I need your help, Clarisse's head is stuck in a helmet"!
"Travis and conner put glue in her 头盔 then she went to go practice and she put it on then i..". she started breathing heavy.
"Annabeth 你 have faced a manticore and titans and 你 are worried about glue"?
"No im worried about what Clarisse...
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when i woke up, i was in some weird room full of medical tools. it was like a doctors office, but less high tech. that kid with the horns, i think he 说 his name was groover, was arguing with horse guy, chiron. they looked over but i pretended to be asleep still. they were talking confuseifying stuff like,"blah blah blah, shes a daughter of Apollo, blah blah blah, send word to Olympus, 更多 blah blah, she looks powerful, blah blah blah." all i thought was, "were are the cameras, this gots ta be a prank." now someone was shaking my shoulder. "Lilia, wake up." groover. of course. what a weirdo! "what da flop do 你 want?" i asked all irritated. "just get up," he replied. "you need a tour." "fine, horn head." i said. i got up and followed him out the door.

When Mrs. Goel came over, I knew I was in major trouble...

I had accidentally somehow knocked out the school bully, Ty. I didn't touch him, but I heard murmurs like: The lightning- how-It's to sunny! Then Mrs. Goel came over and 说 the usual"COME WITH ME RIGHT NOW!" I wasn't even fazed, but I was ready to go, when, all of a sudden, my best friend Nichole spoke up and 说 she did it. I was startled because she was supposedly the goody two shoes. I was forced to follow Gargoel...

I looked back, seeing my friend get so angry she kicked over a trash-can! When I saw Gargoel, she was already at the front of the museum. I didn't know what to think...

posted by TalisRain22
Chapter 1:
Betrayal and a New Life

I was in the elevator to the 最佳, 返回页首 of the empire state building filled with horror I couldn’t believe what Annabeth had done to me, to us
I was walking down the row of cabins to the 海滩 where I was finally going to make my 移动 on Annabeth, the 爱情 of my life. I was staring at the ring which was beautiful with silver and 金牌 twisting around each other with a beautiful 海绿色 diamond with an owl etched into it on either side a beautiful milky pearl that reflected the light.
As I reached the 海滩 I saw a blonde girl making out...
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