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Okay so I wrote this before on another club but I thought this club needed 更多 stories besides HecateA's amazing overshadowed story.

I've always been different. No doubt. I have crazy sicknesses. I'm a hippie. I 爱情 fighting. And I'm considered to be one of the most powerful demigods on the earth. Why? Because I gained a power....a power that any demigod could earn, and I'm the only one who inherited it.

My name is Addison Zander. I was born in Portland, Oregon on October 1st, 1996. That was also the 日 my mother left me, the 日 I was born. My father never really told me who my mom was, he...
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Ello, everyone!
I'm going to tell 你 about THE PJO 粉丝 Fiction Awards 2010, which, strangely enough, will be held in 2011. o_O
Anyways, this is the 秒 文章 I've written today, and I'm super tired, so please don't get upset over spelling mistakes.
Now, we need some nominees! I know this sounds weird, but I'm putting mine in and several other ones. The reason I'm putting mine is because, well, I want to see how many 得票数 I can get. I don't care about winning. O also need 更多 nominees than what I have. Open voting will begin after I have a bunch of nominees, and then we'll do this (just...
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posted by goddessoflife
Hello! I'm in a very awesome mood right now. I feel like screaming with excitment. Don't ask why, because I really don't know.
Now, the real reason we're here is because...
This is the guide with all of your awesome rules and other important information.
I hope 你 consider joining, and if 你 have, THANK YOU! This really means a lot to me and I can't wait to work with all of you!
So, here are the basics, which explain some 随意 stuff before I really explain how this works...
Each rule will be in bold, so 你 know what the heck you're looking at. That didn't...
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posted by HecateA
Well, well... First 文章 fanfic on this spot. I better not deceive!

I’ve been overshadowed my whole life.
It doesn’t matter where 或者 由 whom, I just have been.
New York is a big city; there are a lot of people in it. A lot of variety of people that like a lot of things do many things and are good at them. I’m not really good at anything. I don’t have the “wow” factor going for me like my sister.
My name is Abby Beauregard, and 你 probably know my sister.
She’s my dad’s first daughter, child of Aphrodite. She’s incredibly beautiful, she had black hair and brown...
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