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Lester yawned loudly and began to tinker with Dexter's sunglasses, knowing that it annoyed him. Suddenly, Hexter burst into his room. "Lester, bro, can I borrow those?" He asked and motioned to the sunglasses in Lester's flipper. Lester looked up sleepily. "Sure, I but they're not mine, they're Dexter's," Lester handed Hexter the glasses. Hexter grinned evilly, "I know that," He laughed wickedly. "I know that," He repeated and left.

Lester knew that Hexter was up to something, perhaps another prank. He hoped it wasn't going to be on their father, Blowhole, because last time, he got overly angry at Hexter. Lester was about to get up and demand what Hexter was up to, but he decided that was too nosy, so he sat back down and was bored, once again.

Hexter took off his hat and slipped on Dexter's sunglasses. Having an identical twin was useful for pranks. He had been practicing copying Dexter's voice, and had perfected it. He turned down another corner of the lair and soon came across his father. Hexter smiled to himself and drove in his father's 'office'.

"Hello, father," Hexter began, using his best 《嗜血法医》 voice. Blowhole turned around. "Yes, what is it, Dexter?" He demanded, sounding annoyed. "Well, 你 see, I am- 浓情巧克力 MOUSE!" Hexter shouted. Blowhole looked confused. "Dexter? What's gotten-" "EAT A MOUNTAIN OF PEANUTS!" Hexter cut his father off, still pretending to be Dexter. Blowhole recoiled a little. "You need to see the doctor, Dexter, this isn't like you..."
Hexter almost burst out laughing. "BOBBY IS A ROCK. EAT A CHOCOLATE!" He yelled as he left the room.

As soon as he was out of earshot, Hexter laughed like a villain. He knew 《嗜血法医》 hated the doctor and was a little afraid of the doctor, too" Hexter took off Dexter's sunglasses and put his hat back on. Hexter raced to Lester's room and threw the sunglasses into it. "Thanks, bro!" He called as he zoomed past. He hears a "Um, thanks..Hexter...." Lester called back uncertainly.

《嗜血法医》 made his way to Lester's room. "Can I have them back now?" Lester looked up. "Sure," Lester tossed them to Dexter, much to Dexter's annoyance. "Careful!You could break them!" He snapped. Lester held up a flipper. "Who's the leader? Me." Lester responded in his usual mellow tone. 《嗜血法医》 shot his older brother a look of annoyance. Why was he leader? Why not me? 《嗜血法医》 thought angrily as he left.

"Dexter?" Came Nori's voice. 《嗜血法医》 sighed and went toward his mother. "What?" He snapped. Most teens were snappy. Nori narrowed her eyes and they, briefly, turned red. "Dexter, we're taking 你 to the doctor," She told him. Dexter's jaw dropped open. "What?! Why?" He gasped. "Your father 说 你 acted a little....wired," Nori relied simply. 《嗜血法医》 grinded his teeth together. Hexter, once again, played a prank on him, and this time, he had gone. Way. Too. Far.

Hexter laughed when 《嗜血法医》 came 首页 from the doctor. The doctor always put the shot on the snout.There was a 粉, 粉色 little band-aid on Dexter's snout. When Blowhole and Nori were out of sight, 《嗜血法医》 rolled up calmly up to Hexter on his transporter. "Hey, Hexter, do 你 want to race?" He drawled, innocent enough. Hexter perked up to the word race. "Sure!"

"On my mark, get set, GO!" 《嗜血法医》 called out to his twin. Hexter and 《嗜血法医》 zapped full speed across the ocean. 《嗜血法医》 knew that Hexter was too focused on racing to notice the nets. Just like planned, Hexter got caught into the fishing nets. "AHHH! Dexter, help!" Hexter called out desperately. 《嗜血法医》 keep on racing, pretending not to hear, and Hexter was running out of oxygen.
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Why they're just standing there? Sorry for asking, cuz i didn't watch the movie.
“No, Mort! 你 are so stupid-y! 你 can not just hop right in front of me like that when I am shaking my money-maker!” Julien snapped at the small lemur.

“But I wanted to shake my money-maker, too!” Mort protested.

“No! 你 do not have a money-maker! Only the king has the maker of the money,” Julien insisted as he dusted off his crown. “Also, I—”

“King Julien!” Maurice interrupted from the sidelines.

“Maurice!” Julien 说 angrily. “How dare 你 interrupt me when I am ranting!”

“Just look!” Maurice 说 pointing to the penguins’ habitat across the way.

Julien followed...
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Even though the first half of the video is really cool with the "I Like To 移动 It, 移动 It", I have to say the 秒 half is my favorite. It's really cute. :3 Those lucky little kids. :)
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Skipper:Kowalski,status report.

Kowalski: *writing his notepad* I think new Animal is entering the zoo,sir.I can't sure what animal is it.

Private: *hiding behind rico*Ack!Not the badgers...

Rico:*slaps Private*he,it enogh tu baters he'e!

Skipper: New habitat is complete builded. What do 你 think what kind of animal is it.

Kowalski:*blushed* Doris..

Private:Rainbow horses!


Kowalski:*tapped Skipper in his shoulder*Skipper,look!!

Private:but,why it was caged and covered with blanket?

Skipper:It may a very dangerous creature.

Kowalski:maybe..a Dragon?Bah.Its too Imposible.

Skipper:we won't find out if we not get there.

Penguins:*Slide into the new habitat*

In the new habitat.....

Penguins:*Kung fu pose* HYA!

????:what on the deuce?

Skipper:Who are you?

Draco:I'm Draco.Can 你 guys get me outta here?I really want to see my new home.

to be continued..
It's just the preparation of the team to go to the North and continue to the east... so, just read the back bone and you'll get it...

*Most of time our futures are controlled 由 something in the past... And so about the words of Sergeant. In the moment of the dead, Sergeant spoke a lot words that bring Skipper to 移动 closer to the truth, 移动 closer to the dead and 移动 closer to his past... lonely. Only cause 由 some un-cleared words that will bring Skipper to forbidden project and now, Skipper will realized... if everything he done and everything he believe... is wrong. He will realized if...
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嘿 this is my first fanfic so plz no hate! :)This fanfic is about a girl 企鹅 that comes to the zoo and falls for Skipper.

My name is Kat, but I'm not a cat, I am a penguin, from Antarctica. I have one problem with my home: it's too cold. I knew one 日 I would escape that horrible snow land, and that 日 was yesterday, when that weird man came and put me in a crate, and for once in my life I felt comfortable and warm.

Today I am traveling to a new home, hopefully a warm one.

I don't know how long I was in that 箱, 板条箱 but all I know now is that I'm here at my new home...a zoo? cool!

Am I alone in this 企鹅 habitat? Just then I hear waddling coming from under the platform, okay good I'm not alone.

Skipper pokes his head through the hatch hole and spots Kat, then calls the the rest of the team. Is our new 企鹅 here yet Skipper? Private asks. Yes Private, she's here.

Oh hi I'm Kat, I'm new here I 说 cheerfully.
Skipper just looked at her. Her skull had cracked in half, she was red, there was no white left from all the blood. He gently lifted her up, carried Starlite in his arms, Marlene followed. The other penguins stayed to try to wake the unconscious Private. Skipper carried her to the vet's door, he put her down gently and knocked on the door, he slid away and hid behind a dust-bin with Marlene. The doctor came out, gasped and lifted her up. Skipper looked away, Marlene gently touched his shoulder, he looked at her, she was full of hurt and sorrow. He couldn't bare to see her like this, especially...
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 I call it an abacus!
I call it an abacus!
I have decided to write my own fanfiction, based upon the movie. Be warned, if 你 have not seen it yet, thee will be spoilers! Anyways, this fanfiction is basically just the movie with several twists. Well, a lot of twists. I'm using the penguins from the 显示 universe, rather than the penguins from the Madagascar movies. Plus, it'll be 更多 intense, 更多 characters, some different conflicts, and a whole bunch of other crazy stuff. They will be 发布 in Scenes, each scene containing 1-5 parts, but usually 2. Sorry for the long intro thing, here is the story.

First off, there where 3 chicks....
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Day 9

“Tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride.” Dr. Corbett reported. He handed the test results over to the guard as he said: “That was the active ingredient.”

“What are the effects?”

“Well, considering the state he’s in, I’d guess he’d ingested a considerable amount. Taking this into account, I’d say we’re looking at a possible drop in body temperature, nausea with possible vomiting, and that’s only if he isn’t in a coma.”

“How long would 你 say he’d stay in this coma?”

“It could be up to four to five days, a week tops, 或者 it could be a matter of hours. Depends on...
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User: Hello?

Cleverbot: Who is this.

User: I'm Fred.

Cleverbot: You're fred?

User: Yeah. Well that's what my parents named me. It could have changed since then.

Cleverbot: How do I know you're not lying?

User: How do I know I'm not lying?

Cleverbot: Because I'm a nice person.

User: That's nice.

Cleverbot: Ask me a real question.

User: Okay.

Cleverbot: Person, place, 或者 thing?

User: What?

Cleverbot: So how would 你 define yourself? Are 你 yourself because of your actions, 或者 are your actions based on who 你 are?

User: I'm a squirrel.

Cleverbot: Yes 你 are a squirrel.

User: Uh-huh.

Cleverbot: Haha.

User: What's funny?

Cleverbot: You.

User: Um good. I guess.

Cleverbot: You're hopeless...

User: 嘿 that's what Granny tells me!

Cleverbot:  *facepalm* 

User: Why are 你 hitting yourself?
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Day 5

“How we lookin’ Private?” Eve asked approaching him. They were in a small hut not too far from the prison.

“Everything’s running smoothly. Did 你 talk to Skipper?”

“Yeah. He’s proud of you.” Private smiled.

“Really?” Eve patted his shoulder.

“You bet. He thinks of 你 as a son 你 know.”

“Wow…he has been like a father to me.” Eve smiled. “Eve…can I ask 你 something?”

“Sure. Anything.”

“Do 你 like Skipper?”

Eve opened her beak to speak, but ended up saying: “Uh…I…well…”

Private giggled. “It’s okay. Your secret is 安全 with me.”

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Here is the 秒 part to my 粉丝 fiction. Enjoy.

I easily jumped over the wall. For some reason I thought my fellow teammates would be there to greet me. I really miss them, Skipper, Kowalski, Private, and Rico. I miss Manfridi the most, after all, he's my brother.
I landed in the hippo habitat, 或者 what was the hippo habitat. I saw no hippos, though. As I left the habitat, I saw the plate that told what the animal was. The old hippo habitat is now the Asian 獭, 水獭 habitat. One change down, many 更多 to go.
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In DreamTropolis
Tom Tucker: Well, it seems the Masked Power Racer is in front and he seems to have Team 企鹅 in the car.
P: Are 你 sure 你 don't mind sharing your 标题 with us?
Power Racer: What matters is that 你 guys are alright. (the car crosses the finish line)
Kent Brochman: THE MASKED POWER RACER AND TEAM 企鹅 WIN!!! (everyone gets out of their cars)
K: Thanks for helping us during the race.
S: But, still, why did 你 help us?
Power Racer: Well, guys. This might be shocking.
Tom Tucker: It seems like the Masked Power Racer is about to take off his mask. (the Power Racer slowly takes...
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下一个 morning 10:00 am...

skipper woke up, feeling dizzy, strange and confused, he remembered last ninght, and then thought on what happened on brazil....

"wow, looks like someone doesn't feel really good" Private 说 sarcasticly as he let out a small grin which the other 3 penguins could not see

"sorry Skipper, but after what happened last night, we thought 你 shoud sleep more" kowalski pointed out

Skipper let out a large yawn and looked at them, then, he answered "don't worry actually, I was thinking on making this a free day!" he said, trying o hide his anger with a small false smile

he left...
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It's been a long time and there are stories that need updating, but a lot has been happening so please excuse all of the hold up. I'm working. Credit goes to Marilyn Manson for the song, as do all the other artist that may 或者 may not be used.

This originally was not intended to be a 斯莱什 fiction, 或者 any pairing for that matter, but I decided it would entertain 你 guys more, and help me build on the story, since I write romance better.



I can tell 你 what they say in space
That our earth is too grey
But when the spirit is so digital
The body acts this...
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 Blowhole disliked taking the eyepatch off...
Blowhole disliked taking the eyepatch off...
Okay, here come the antagonists! Please review! :)

That very same day, at that very same time, there where four penguins and a 海豚 who had just swum away from the explosion.

The location. The location was hard to name. It was a 最佳, 返回页首 secret 下载 dock, and from what I can tell you, it's in New Jersey. As you, the reader, is familiar with it, it is that place in 'The 企鹅 Who Loved Me'. And, it was also a few 秒 before it had ended.

"Skipper, do 你 suppose we've finally seen the last of Doctor Blowhole?" Private asked, as the penguins slowly waddled away from the dock.

"What a delightfully...
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