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posted by annieptc
A normal 日 at the CPZ, the penguins are going through their normal morning routine when the Alice alarm goes off suddenly. They all run up topside to see her carrying a large crate.

To the man on the walkie-talkie she says, “Yeah we’re hoping that this female will mate with one of the males.” Alice put the 箱, 板条箱 down and walked away.

From inside the crate, they all heard a mumble, “Mate my ass. What am I, a prostitute?” It was a pretty female voice.

Skipper examined the 箱, 板条箱 and said, “Kowalski, options.” Kowalski flipped through his notebook and looked over his options he planned...
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Time Out: Kowalski invents a device that stops time. It's so amazing, King Julien wants it badly! When he does get his hands on it, and he breaks it, it gives Kowalski and King Julien all the time in the world. After finding out that King Julien messed with the TimeStopWatch while Kowalski was away, Kowalski realizes that it might have permanently stopped time. Will things go back to normal, 或者 will it be the 日 the Earth stood still forever?

Our Man in Grrfurjiclestan: Special Agent Buck Rockgut is back! And he has an urgent message: The Red 松鼠 brainwashed an agent to infiltrate the...
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posted by Bluepenguin
The penguins are working on a new secret operation on protecting the HQ if Dr. Blowhole ever ambushes them. Skipper stands beside an ancient looking projector that shows the defenses that Kowalski will have to create today, and the barriers that Rico and Private will have to set up as Skipper plans the whole process.
Skipper: Ok, so on the left side, we'll add in a electrification fence. 10,000 bolts of sheer mortal danger will definitely stop that bottlenose freak!
Private: But Skippa, shouldn't we put some fence over around the right side of the HQ too?
*Skipper slaps Private*
Skipper: Private!...
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posted by Just61331
I can still remember the first time I saw her. The penguins had introduced us and I knew that when I layed my eyes on her that I loved her. We had been good 老友记 for awhile, and she had even let me stay with her in her habitat so I wouldn't get caught 由 Officer X. I loved her, and I decided to let her know it. Every weekend, us 动物 had fireworks to let go because the humans werent coming in. I had borrowed some 'special' ones from Rico and him and the other penguins were going to let it go last. "Hey Max! I 爱情 Sundays, don't you?" Marlene asked me. "Yea, I 爱情 all of the sparks."...
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Chapter 3: The Rise of the guardians

It was a beautiful summer’s night on the island of hoole, where Soren, along with his best friend Gylfie, Twilight, and Digger, are departing on a mission for the Ga’Hoole Tree. “Dad, can we come along with you?” asked Soren’s three daughters, Bell, Blythe, and Bash. “No, but perhaps someday 你 can. Pelli, are 你 sure you’re okay?” “Yes, I’ll be fine, now go. What’s your mission this time?” “Well, we’re investigating the disappearances of several owlets and we also got a tip, that the Pure Ones, now being led 由 the Striga,...
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-------------The Morning-------------
Jazzy was the first to wake up,and first thing she saw was the destroyed Star-O-Tron 2000. Near her she saw her reflection in a broken piece of glass,but instead of seeing a girl 企鹅 with a 粉, 粉色 bow and 粉, 粉色 glasses,she,uh "he" saw a boy 企鹅 with a light blue baseball hat and dark blue glasses.Seeing so,"he" screamed (and had a boy's voice)on the 最佳, 返回页首 of "his" lungs.Startled, Skipper and Kowalski woke up,to see Jazzy as a boy screaming.
"Who are you!?!?",questioned Skipper,but to his surprise "her" voice was lady like.(bad description,i know :P) "She"...
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posted by Manfred_Johnson
Friday, 4/22/11, 10:07 PM-Location:(Centrail Park Zoo Gift Shop)

Slowly we entered into this small building from underneath one of the floor tiles, lifting it cautiously like an enemy was about to come out and attack. At first we just peak inside to make sure the close was clear. Well, it wasn't clear. 更多 like a whole room full of all kinds of 动物 like lemurs, an ottar, two chimpanzees, and penguins just like us, just staring blankly as we stared back confused.
"Ello there." 说 the smallest one greeting us both in a seemingly nice way.
"Hi." Says one of us with a very nice smile a warmly...
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 Movie Poster
Movie Poster
Hi! I know I haven't been active here for a while, I was caught up in things. Doubt anyone remembers me, but I have written many 粉丝 fictions. And then the movie came out and ruined some of my 粉丝 fictions. In a good way.

So I was 阅读 up about the movie, and I found something saying that the movie and the 显示 where set in parallel universes. I was surprised so I wrote something down about it. And some more. And ended up 写作 this about the penguins and alternate realities.

Sorry if I get off topic, I was literally just talking and Siri was 写作 it down. So here we go!

The Penguins...
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Enjoy! :D

What's that racket? What's that clatter?
We're under attack! It's a life 或者 death matter!
I was in a deep sleep 花生 dream.
I heard what I believe to be a scream!
That wasn't me, that was Bada.
He, yo, I was just STARTLED!

But what is this light?
In the middle of the night?
You have it in your sight, it's behind me right?
What the heck is that?
What the heck-is that?!

Check out that mook, in the starry night sky.
Gimme a sec, to wipe the sleep from me eye.
You're showy and glowy and armed for combat!
What the heck is that?

Hey, wait! Does something seem quite wrong?
Oi, Joey's breaking out in song....
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Here's a characterization sheet I wrote the other 日 after seeing the movie. It's helpful for any fanfiction writers who want to use the North Wind in any of their stories.


Name: Classified
Species: Wolf
Expertise: Leader, Mission maker, Boss
Traits: Loyal; Scaredy-cat; Quick to change emotions; Convincing
Other: Doesn't really want to work with the penguins
Wear: Belt


Name: Eva
Species: Snowy Owl
Expertise: Intelligence; Computer Expert
Traits: Doesn't take sarcasm; Serious about job; Loves to fly
Other: Not a scientist; 爱情 interest: Kowalski
Wear: Headset

 Short Fuse
Short Fuse

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 “Don’t give him a name and keep he’s un-named until the storm over, if he’s survived, we can call him Skipper Joseph Fidelis”
“Don’t give him a name and keep he’s un-named until the storm over, if he’s survived, we can call him Skipper Joseph Fidelis”
>> The Childhood of Skipper now already written here. Click 粉丝 if 你 in better condition (If there's any like button, i would like to change 粉丝 with like just like in FB) ... This is my own story, i don't cheat anyone...

Many times had passed (Actually just half year) and many moments had done, but Flipper Joseph Fidelis can’t set his feet afar from the border (of the sea and the land) every morning, He waiting his Wife, Aurora … Skipper’s mother. And the worst, she hadn’t seen his son ‘til now. Until someday he surrenders, he must accept his wife’s death. He heard from...
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When they awoke, the rain was pouring harder than ever. Thunder cracked and lightning struck. Raindrops smacked into the mud and splashed three to four inches back into the air before landing once again on the ground. Whatever it was that knocked them out was effective; awakening was a challenge.

When they were fully awake, they were confused. Why were they still alive? Why hadn't the dog eaten them yet?

They were also alone. Though they were bound tightly to each other, restraining any upper body movement.

"What in the name of Justin Bieber's baby is going on here?" Skipper exclaimed taking in...
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Day 6

(Eve’s POV)

I had Skipper called up again. I need some layout. I gestured for him to go into an examination room when Briana and Daniel caught my eye. They were looking at me giggling. I rolled my eyes and went into the examination room, shutting the door behind me.

“Alright Skipper. Anything I can use?”

“Well…The fence around the courtyard is about 30 feet high topped with thick coiled barbed wire. From the middle of the courtyard 你 can see a watch tower approximately 100 yards away from the fence at the northeast, east, southeast, and southwest directions. The hallway from the...
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By request of link. Hope I haven't 迷失 my touch. ;)


Kowalski Barf: Take 1

Skipper: *slaps Private* WRONG! The lesson is leadership is MY job! 你 just stick to the cuteness and happy British swag! OK, guv'na?

Private: Right Skipper! I'm a jolly pip I am! Hahaha!


Director: Where's-

Kowalski: AAAAAAHH!!! *runs 由 still looking like a Marsh Meow Meow*

Rico: *chases* MEOOOOWW MEOWWW!!!

Director: I thought I 说 not to ACTUALLY put 糖果 coating on him!!

Skipper: But Kowalski likes to really get into his role!

Director: *facepalm*

Kowalski Barf: Take 2

Skipper: *slaps...
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posted by Saori14

Go to this address if 你 want to request a FanFiction from me. Now, onto the actual FanFiction:

Note - MY FIRST REQUEST :))))) I’m sorry, but I HAD to put a little Skilene in and some Pripper in the sense of father and son relationship. I'll think of a proper 标题 at the end. M rated, so if 你 don't like lemons click away 或者 don't read that bit. If you're not happy, Mostar1219, just tell me and I'll edit.

Chapter 1
Kowalski fidgeted as he looked around. Reporters and security were running around everywhere and he felt very uneasy just sitting there on a bench with his team. Apparently...
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posted by peacebaby7
“Sorry about that compadre. Not too much I can do about him. Anyway, we are going to help 你 get over this.” Skipper told Kowalski after Julien’s attempted interference. “But how?” Kowalski asked. “Ugh! Enough Kowalski! I’ve had enough of your ‘buts’!” Private suppressed a giggle. “Private! Do 你 have to giggle at every ‘but’ reference?” Skipper asked the young cadet angrily. “Sorry sir.” Private replied. “What do 你 want to do Kowalski?” Skipper asked his lieutenant. “Wallow in self-pity…” Kowalski muttered. Skipper slapped him. “Kowalski! There’s...
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Arlene: Take 1

Marlene: "Hey, guys!"

*penguins turn to look at her*

Kowalski: "Great balls of fire!"

Marlene: "You will never believe this--"

Skipper: *drops wrench on foot* "OW! Stupid...wrench!" *looks at Marlene* "Uh, I mean...I'm fine. That didn't hurt at all..."

Marlene: "Really? I hadn't noticed..." *looks away*

Skipper: *clenches foot & begins hopping up & down*

Marlene: *looks back at him*

Skipper: *abruptly stops & begins whistling*

Marlene: T_T

Arlene: Take 2

Kowalski: "There is only one explanation for this...our zoo is now 首页 to an Arctic mink!"

Marlene: "What?"

Kowalski: *starts...
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posted by legendary7
The pengins began to proceed their journey before the sun came up to spare themselves from the blistering sun for awhile. That morning the heat was untoleratentable. 由 eleven Rico couldn't take walking anymore, so he slid on his belly.

As they inclined up a 爬坡道, 小山 Private's eyes randomly began to light up. He daydreamed off into the distance. It wasn't long before Rico and Kowalski joined him in his gaze.

"What are 你 boys looking at? I don't see anything." Skipper questioned.

"Don't 你 see the H.Q.?" Kowalski 说 pointing to nothing.

"No, what are 你 talking about Kowalski? It's a...
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Dreaming in Black ‘N’ White

Chapter 1 – The Transformation

    It was a beautiful summer 日 at the Central Park Zoo. The sun shined brightly in the skies above, casting shadows of all the surrounding buildings. Visitors came in and out 由 the hundreds. It was another typical 日 for all the animals. However, one set of invitations would end up turning this zoo into a battlefield for some desperate animals…

    “Up and at ‘em, men!” Skipper yelled to the other penguins, “We’ve got a whole slate of missions to complete today, and there’s...
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 Jake The 獭, 水獭 (Credit to Creator of Picture)
Jake The Otter (Credit to Creator of Picture)
One 日 in the zoo, the penguins were in the lair, watching a movie.
"Skipper, why are we watching this again?" Private asked.
"It's a 企鹅 documentary. Just like last time. But a bit less gory...." Skipper answered.
"Oh penguins, we are in need of you're asisstance." 说 a familiar chimp voice.
"What's up, chimps?" Skipper said.
"It seems that there is a temporary transfer to the Central Park Zoo with another Otter." explained Mason, while Phil used sign language.
"So, why do 你 need our help?" Asked Kowalski.
"Don't 你 remember what happened last time? With Ronda?" reminded Mason.
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