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Here's a characterization sheet I wrote the other 日 after seeing the movie. It's helpful for any fanfiction writers who want to use the North Wind in any of their stories.


Name: Classified
Species: Wolf
Expertise: Leader, Mission maker, Boss
Traits: Loyal; Scaredy-cat; Quick to change emotions; Convincing
Other: Doesn't really want to work with the penguins
Wear: Belt


Name: Eva
Species: Snowy Owl
Expertise: Intelligence; Computer Expert
Traits: Doesn't take sarcasm; Serious about job; Loves to fly
Other: Not a scientist; 爱情 interest: Kowalski
Wear: Headset

 Short Fuse
Short Fuse

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who needs a 格言 when ur someone awesome, like me?

Gender: Male, 26 years old
Country: anywhere i wanna be.
Websites: ur on the only one i got right now.
Favorite TV Show: don't have a tv.
Favorite Movie: still don't have a tv.
Favorite Musician: not big on music.
Favorite Book 或者 Author: don't read much. well, at all, really.

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CommanderSkipper said...
    Rodent? What in the name of Eisenhower's oatmeal are 你 doing on fanpop? How did you...
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Private: Do 你 have the ring?
Skipper: Yes I do
Private: Marlene do 你 have the ring?
Marlene: Yes. . .
Private: Skipper, will 你 take Marlene to be your lawfully wedded wife, to hold and to care, to 爱情 and to nourish, til death do 你 part?
Skipper: I do.
Private: Marlene, will 你 take Skipper to be your lawfully wedded husband, to hold and to care, to 爱情 and to nourish til death do 你 part?
Marlene: I do.
Private: 你 may 吻乐队(Kiss) the bride.
Skipper and Marlene: *kkkkkkkkkiiiiiiisssss*
12 hours befor wedding. . .
Private: Skipper what are 你 doing?
Skipper: Seeing if I have enough money for a ring....
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Note: Hey, peeps. Wazzup? I'm editting this, so this story is already posted. I accidently 发布 the fourth chapter before this one sorry! The reason I'm editting this is because Mr. McGrath might read this! Isn't that AWESOME?! It's definitely 更多 than awesome but 你 get the point. Hi, Mr. McGrath! 你 ROCK! You're my hero! :D Thank you. "You didn't see anything." ;)

"Alright, boys we're going after Private!" Skipper announced. "Skipper, don't 你 think we should just leave it to Private. I mean, he's probably fine with Nigel." Kowalski persuaded. "I've got a bad feeling in my gut about...
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Arlene: Take 1

Marlene: "Hey, guys!"

*penguins turn to look at her*

Kowalski: "Great balls of fire!"

Marlene: "You will never believe this--"

Skipper: *drops wrench on foot* "OW! Stupid...wrench!" *looks at Marlene* "Uh, I mean...I'm fine. That didn't hurt at all..."

Marlene: "Really? I hadn't noticed..." *looks away*

Skipper: *clenches foot & begins hopping up & down*

Marlene: *looks back at him*

Skipper: *abruptly stops & begins whistling*

Marlene: T_T

Arlene: Take 2

Kowalski: "There is only one explanation for this...our zoo is now 首页 to an Arctic mink!"

Marlene: "What?"

Kowalski: *starts...
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Some of the characters from POM are in a group therapy room and I'm the therapist.
Me: Glad to see everyone here. Who'd like to begin?
P: Well, i'd like to say that I've stopped hanging around with Mort and I haven't touched a 花生 牛油, 黄油 winky since June 3rd. (the others clap)
Me: 3 weeks sober. Impressive. How does it feel?
P: Well, there has been constant RINGING IN MY EARS and it feels as though my body is devouring itself from the inside! (getting ready to slap himself in the face)
K: Be strong, young Private. I know what it's like to be addictive to enjoyment.
KJ: (muttering) Psychotic scientist....
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One day, a long long time ago, there was a great king. His name was King Julien. Not ME King Julien, a different one. Eh, I think he was my... great great great great great great greatr grandfather. Wait, was that too many greats? I think it was... nevermind. This King Julien was King Julien the Fifth, 或者 King Julien V in fancy talk. He was not as great as me, but he came pretty close! He ruled over his kingdom with justice, and most of all, courage.
Everything was fantabulous, and the harvest was full of the bounties, so all of the lemurs decided to have a party. But this was not the usual...
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Ok, here I post the first 语录 I took from "The Most Dangerous Game Night".
Soon I will post the ones from 街, 街道 Smarts.

Maurice: It’s true. It was supposed to be another 企鹅 meeting.
Julien: Probably about something stupid and useless.. like safety.
Mort: I’m bored.
*Julien takes a TNT stick from Rico's mouth and handles it to Mort*
Julien: Go and run around the pool with this.
Mort: I am a wizard! *TNT explodes* Ouchie my magic!


Skipper: No time for words. Just point where we need to bring violence!
Marlene: Oh, I dunno- *She unintentionally points her arm in a direction*
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K:lets see.....12 and 23....35° north-west
S:(pops out of nowhere wich causes kowalski to be frighten)So what are 你 for a trail Kowalski?
K:SKIPPER! I....uh....am on the trail of...so the atlantic currents and the migration of the marine mammals....that it would be possible..that a certain 海豚 is on the coast before New york at a few hours
S:(spits out his 鱼 coffee)DR.BLOWHOLE! 你 crazy genie,kowalski! MAY START THE PARRY!>:D(brings rico and private)
Far too long already has the upper fin had Dr.blowhole!
K:Uh skipper...well...
S:(goes on with talking and ignores kowalski)but now we...
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posted by skipperluvs
Note: This is my first Koico, Rowalski, Kico...whatever you'd like to call it. It is in Rico's point of view.

I watched him as he sat there, lonely as always. He never really seemed to care whether he had such company 或者 not. Very careless indeed. I enjoyed to have him around all the time, he was a like a best friend to me...but there were times that I doubted our friendship. I didn't think that he didn't like me 或者 something around that area, I just sometimes felt really close to him. Too close, I believe. Almost like brothers. Sometimes I felt even closer than that. I always wondered how...
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TITLE: “OPERATION: Lucky Charms!”
AUTHOR: ✿Nari (aka, yokaisummoner)
RATING: PG (just to be on the 安全 side)
GENRE: (SPECIAL HOLIDAY FIC!) Friendship/Slight Humor
PAIRINGS: No Obvious/Definite Pairings, But Some Slight Hints

[Main] ●Skipper ●Kowalski ●Rico ●Private
[Supporting] ●Marlene ●King Julien ●Maurice ●Mort ●Phil ●Mason ●Officer X

WARNINGS: None, but slight childish humor (for the younger readers)

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters 或者 the show; I may have changed each character's purpose from the series to fit this story, 由 accident...
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posted by peacebaby7
Author’s Note: This is my fifth installment of POM skits. My first was regular link, 秒 was link skits, third were link skits, and the fourth showcased link in various antics. For this installment, they will all be humanized scenarios. Any 标题 with a Roman Numeral 下一个 to it has a skit note associated with it at the end. I hope 你 enjoy!

41) The King of Rock and Roll [XXI]

Julien strutted down Park Avenue with his manager, Maurice, at his side. He wore a two hundred dollar pair of jeans, a leather 夹克 over a purple slim-fit silk polo shirt, and a pair of black Maui Jim sunglasses....
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They all gasped as their minds finally grasped who the creature in front of their sub was. Leroy thought his 心 was going to explode as he stared into the eyes of the shark. He was finding it increasingly hard to breathe, and the interior seemed to be growing smaller 由 the minute. "Dexter," he breathed out.

Private shot a worried glance at the turtle. "Leroy? Are 你 all right?"

Despite his best efforts, memories were being pushed to the front of his mind. Unwillingly, Leroy was reliving the terror he felt when 《嗜血法医》 had managed to kidnap him some years ago. Outside the sub, 《嗜血法医》 laughed...
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The penguins had been together for awhile but nothing prepared them for this. It was a cool, brisk spring morning, when they were training.
"Alright boys, let's act cute and cuddly for our guests." Skipper suggested rubbing his flippers together.
It seemed to begin as a normal day, but in an instant it changed. Toppling over something, Private noticed there was a letter and picked it up.
"Skippah, I found something here." Private 说 anxiously.
"Kowalski, what do think?" Skipper questioned.
"It looks like a letter." Kowalski murmured examining the paper. Skipper shot Kowalski a "of course" look....
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Don't worry...there's a translation.
(Malaysian Version)

Apa palang pintu ialah?

Oleh haiwan Tengah taman Zoo (kecuali untuk 企鹅 dan lemur)

Apakah raket?
Apakah derapan?
Kami berada di bawah seranganIa adalah satu perkara hidup atau mati

Saya adalah impian kacang dalam tidur nyenyak
Saya mendengar apa yang saya percaya menjadi jeritan
Bahawa bukan saya yang Bada
Hei yo saya adalah adil, Terkejut!

Tetapi apakah cahaya ini
Di tengah-tengah malam
Anda mempunyai di sisi andaIa belakang saya
Apa palang pintu ialah?
Apa palang pintu ialah?

Check out bahawa Mook di langit malam berbintang
Berikan saya saat untuk...
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posted by legendary7
While the other penguins fished on the boat, Private sat on the dock, sticking his feet in the water. The 企鹅 felt the 鱼 dash under his legs. A gust of wind nearly blew him over, scattering his Peanutbutter Winkies out of their bag.
Something smooth bumped his legs. Squinting, he peered into the water. An unfamiliar face stared into his. It was deeply sadden and filled with despair. The eyes were unforgettably a milky white. She was an astonishing creature.
Private was stunned. The rest of the team noticed.
"Private, 你 okay, over there?" Skipper called.
The shivering 企鹅 didn't and...
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Clock Tower: Take 1


Private: "OW! MY EARHOLES!" *clenches side of head & falls off clock tower*

Director: "Private! I told 你 it would be loud & to come prepared!"

Private: "What!?"

Director: "I 说 I told 你 it would be loud & to come prepared!"

Private: "What do shrouds have to do with this?!"

Director: "NO! LOUD!"

Private: "What's loud?!"

Director: "The clock tower! I told 你 to come prepared!"


Director: *slaps forehead*

Clock Tower: Take 2


*penguins are shown on the clock tower & jumping off*

Skipper/Private/Rico: *land...
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posted by SkippX101
So what does one do when 你 can't fall asleep and ur bored? This...These are just poems that i think describe different POM 粉丝 (the last is the best)...X3


Stuiped people who couldn't see
How wild and free...
We say what we think
We aren't afraid of the brink (tehe Rico)
They just can't admit
Or else they would be 更多 legit


They still hid
They don't know what they can find
They watch in secret
Never knowing if their thoughts should stay... Akepen
They rather keep quite
Trying their best to fight it


They are proud
Shouting out loud
We are united!
Fights are unacceptable!...
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That night, Marlene tossed and turned in her bed. She'd made the mistake of having too many oysters before bed, and she was having a lot of trouble sleeping. For the third time that night, she woke up from her fitful sleep and glanced at her clock. It read: 3:05 AM. She groaned to herself - 你 would think, after twenty-five years (otter time, at least), she would have learned 由 now not to eat too much before bed, it made her feel very restless.

She got up from her bed, hoping to release some of her pent-up energy 由 taking a cool swim. But when she was outside, something odd caught her eye...
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posted by CoolNala
Part 4 - Aftershocks
When we last left... Skipper had just been imprisoned because the King Otter, Marlene, and their subjects found him holding the Ocean Jewel. However, he had just been trying to stop 005 (Leah) from taking it when they all arrived. Later, in the prison cell, Skipper talked to the rest of his men, while Marlene stood in the security room, watching the conversation. Towards the end of their conversation, Skipper tells his men that he has "been madly in love" with Marlene. Her reaction: Face facing down, paws on the control panel, and a stunned look on her face...
Two subjects...
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