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 This is a picture from the 音乐 video for "second chance"
This is a picture from the music video for "second chance"
Monique was tossing and turning in her bed. Kowalski once again came close to getting the boot because of his trusting her. Oh how she hated being rough under pressure. It came to the point where she couldn't sleep anymore and went to her open window to see the nightly sites.
Something seemed to shine in the night sky. It looked like a star, but it was moving. She didn't hear of any shooting 星, 星级 trackings, but then she remembered that she heard on the news that Halley's Comet was supposed to 摇摆, 秋千 by.
As Monique felt the breeze from sticking her head out the window and watching the comet fly...
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posted by CoolNala
Part 1 - The 迷失 Otter
Setting: A 城堡 near the ocean on the Western U.S. Coast.
A King 獭, 水獭 continues to 搜索 for his wife, who suddenly disappeared years 以前 one night.
Unbeknownst to him, she would later bore a pup.
So, our story begins with him talking with his squire.
King Otter: "Oh squire, I have searched for years now, but still my wife... She is yet to be found."
Squire: "Don't give up your highness. There's still hope."
Before the King could answer, a messenger appeared.
Messenger: "Your majesty. I just received some wonderful news."
King Otter: "What is it, Leah (messenger's name)?"...
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The penguins are starving and decide to find a place to take a load off and eat some lunch. The only problem is where to go. They 辩论 amongst themselves for disagreement is commo when it comes to lunch.
Private: We should go to IHop. They have the best 薄煎饼, 煎饼 with strawberries on top!
Kowalski: That is the most ridiculous idea I have ever heard. The fat levels in the pancake batter does ot compute with the syrup mixture-
Rico: nuh uh. Fish?
Skipper: Bobkis! What is the matter with 你 men? Arguing over something as simple as filling your gut. Now we are all going to Dairy Queen. The kids meals...
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“Nothing to be Afraid of”
November 1, 2014

“Come on, Skipper!” Marlene urged, pulling him toward the 万圣节前夕 Haunted House in Central Park. “It’ll be awesome!”

“It’ll be pointless! Haunted Houses are so overrated!” Skipper 说 as he tried to resist Marlene pulling on his flipper.

Marlene stopped and turned toward him. “What, are 你 afraid?” she challenged.

“No, I just don’t want to waste my time wandering through a supposedly ‘scary’ house,” Skipper answered.

“Come on, I’ve been anticipating this ever since they started advertising it. I’ve never been in...
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“I Remember”
January 3, 2014

Note: I’ve typically been 写作 notes at the end, but for this case, I must make an exception as to be clear to you, 或者 at least the ones who haven’t read my 前一个 works. I have been thinking about doing a sequel to one of my stories, but never did because I didn’t think I could make anything long and commendable out of it. But with this project, I received some inspiration and motivation to do so in a short story. So, this short is a little sequel to “Skipper’s Curse.” If 你 haven’t read it before and plan to, be aware that this will contain...
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Skipper checked the time on his phone again. It was nearly twenty till four o’clock. They should be calling for the plane to board any minute. He looked at the flight board, which still indicated that it’d be on time. He was grateful for the Dibbles that were in his pocket and he anxiously munched on them.

“Now boarding the four-twenty to Bloomington, Illinois at Gate 4,” 说 a voice over the intercom. Skipper didn’t even let her finish before gathering his things and making his way to the gate.

He gave his pass to a woman at the gate (which he’d accidentally gotten Cheezy Dibble...
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posted by Aquade
Author's Note: For the people, fanguins, cookies, and others who wanted this story to continue. Once again, this has absolutely nothing to do with the holiday season but enjoy!

The first realization I had that I wasn’t dead was voices –familiar, annoying voices. I had never been so glad to hear anyone in my life. “When is he going to wake up, Skipper?”

I knew that voice. I frantically searched in my mind for the name of the speaker. Private. That was his name. Skipper replied. “I don’t know, Private. I don’t know.”

I heard a barely contained sob, and the sounds of another comforting...
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Julien had just run out if the nurses office, shaking after what he saw, he saw a dead body with its intenses all out, julien had ran out, and begun to throw up.

Julien:"gag" "gag" "cough"

Julien continued to do this until he wondered where Maurice was...why would Maurice leave him?

Julien: oh god....why was there a body in there?! Where are---

Julien then stood up and realized where he was....he remembers it all....skipper was right, they all were in here one time....

Julien: I remember everything.....I remember Maurice--

Julien then stood up and remembered what happened to Maurice....when Maurice...
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posted by spmana123
It was Morning, and skipper and Marlene had awoken. It was pretty early, I guess with the descion they were about to make wouldn't let then sleep. Skipper and Marlene went over to skippers place and discussed what to do for Rico....

Kowlalski: why can't 你 see he's in pain!!!

Kowlalski banged the 表 in anger at skipper.

Skipper: I can't do that!! I do realize he's in pain! But he's stronger than any of us! I know he'll make it threw!

Marlene: yea! Skippers right!

Kowalski: oh shut up Marlene!! It's your fault this while thing started!!

Marlene and everyone else went quiet as Kowalski raised his...
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posted by legendary7
The penguins were far on their way. The morning turned to a sweltering afternoon. Later, that shifted to a chilling night. The waves rocked mellowly.
Private glided through the water with Celeste on his left and Skipper on his right. Everything felt right. Even though the water was freezing due to nightfall, none of them were the least bit cold. They all had swam through much worse.
As time passed on, they weren't even close to the destination they had hoped for. All of them, began to tire sooner 或者 later.The energy to keep going was scarce in all of them. The sky above the ocean was pitch...
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"Bye! Bye!" Private calls, still waving his fins in his mother's flippers.
"Nigel! Come here! Private's okay!" She cheers, and brings him closer. "I 爱情 you, Private! I'm so sorry!" She whispers.
"I 爱情 you, too; mummy." Private smiles. That's when Nigel waddles up. Private jumps out of her fins and into his uncle's.
"Uncle Nigel!"
"Private! Hello, lad! My it seems like you've grown!"
"Uncle Nigel,"
"I'm serious." Nigel lovingly rubbed the 最佳, 返回页首 of Private's head. He giggles, and removes Nigel's flipper.
"Private, who was that?" His mom ponders.
"Oh, that's Skippah!" Private points.
"Skippah?" The...
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posted by peacebaby7
NYC, New York
May 17, 2012 1610 hours

    Throughout the past eight years, Hans hadn’t found Elizabeth. 或者 her son. Elizabeth never remarried, nor had she heard anything of Hans’s whereabouts. She kept her eye on arrested criminals in Denmark, but nothing ever showed up. She just assumed Hans had left Denmark too. She had no worries though. Chances were one in a million that Hans went into hiding in New York City. 或者 so she thought.

    Now she and her son, Ryan, were walking back to their apartment. Elizabeth had just gotten Ryan from what was his last...
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User: Hello there! I'm Private! What's your name? :).

Cleverbot: Cleverbot.

User: Hi Cleverbot! :).

Cleverbot: Hello.

User: So how are you?

Cleverbot: I'm great! What about you?

User: I'm good! I'm just watching the Loonacorns! :).

Cleverbot: What do 你 watch?

User: The Loonacorns! It's a wonderful 显示 about friendship and heart-warming life lessons! :).

Cleverbot: That's good.

User: Princess Self-Respectra is my favorite!

Cleverbot: My 最喜爱的 superhero is SUPERMAN.

User: But 超人 doesn't teach 你 any life lessons!

Cleverbot: You're right.

User: :).

Cleverbot: Do 你 like That 70.

User: What's that?...
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posted by peacebaby7
Alex & Maurice...

Alex & Maurice had been walking for about an 小时 now. So far there was no trace of Mort. They called his name several times without an answer. "Oh man. Where is he? This is bad....he's probably out there all alone. Cold. Scared. This is all my fault..." Maurice 说 worriedly. Alex put his paw on his shoulder & turned him around to face him. "Look Maurice. I'm sure Mort's fine. And it's not your fault. 你 couldn't of known." Maurice considered for a moment. "I suppose you're right..." Alex put on a sad smile. "Yeah. C'mon. He's gotta be around here somewhere."...
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posted by peacebaby7

Maurice: "Hey! Alex!"

Alex: "Yeah, Maurice?"

Maurice: "King Julien 说 that 你 can use his plane. I'm sure we could get it flying."

Alex: "That broken down thing? I don't think that's going to be very possible..."

Maurice: "I'm sure we can do something to get it up & running! C'mon...what do we have to lose?"

Alex: "I suppose you're right...just let me talk it over with the others."

Alex, Gloria, Marty, Melman

Alex: "So...what do 你 think?"

Melman: "I don't know, it seems kind of dangerous...what if we crash? What if we crash into the ocean?"

Gloria: "Well, I don't see what we have...
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Skipper was right. They had arrived in Antarctica.
Soon they arrived at the palace. Problem is, there were two ginormous mutant leopard seals guarding the entrance.
S: Great. Now what do we do?
Me: Skipper, I may have a solution. Some of my arrows are loaded with anesthetic. It may be enough to knock them out.
It was enough to knock them out. A few 秒 later, the guards lay unconscious in the snow.
S: Good work Melody. But don't let your guard down.
So they slip inside the palace, and inside, everything is silent. A little too silent.
S: Stay alert. Something's wrong. I can feel it in my gut.
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posted by Saracuda
It was dark when the team returned from a mission. They were exhausted though Skipper tried to hide it. In spite of himself he realized he was swaying on his feet. Private let loose a wide yawn and Kowalski kept falling alseep standing up AND walking at the same time. Rico snored every so often, his head hanging on his shoulder like a pillow.
The penguins half climbed, half fell down the ladder and collapsed onto their bunks. But their sweet imediate dreams were short-lived. Suddenly the alarm blared and four groggy penguins hobbled into a weak defensive position.
A cloaked figure of a four-legged...
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Chapter 4 - Again

The same day, later.

All members were packing.
Their luggage contained enough for a few days. All bags had survival kit. But nothing was enough for survive in an island.
"Are 你 all ready?", Skipper asked cheerfully.
"YEAH!!", all people said.
"NO!!", Kowalski shouted.
"Why, soldier?", Skipper asked.
"I have a device that communicates and connects us to each other. It will help us."
"A Walkie-Talkie?", Private suggested.
"Yes", Kowalski sighed as he handed the walkie-talkies to everyone. "A Walkie-Talkie".
"Okay, are 你 ready now?", Skipper asked again.
"YEEEAH!!", all said.
"So here...
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Sooooo Sorry for the long wait. School got in the way of it all. So yeah blame school X3. OK maybe

blame half of school I just had writers block. Then I 迷失 interest in it, then ideas came back and here we

are today. X3 enjoy!!!

Chapter 3: Back at HQ and so Forth

    Private smiled with 欢乐合唱团 and he waddled over to Cadet, who was now 由 the 树 as Rico had left her to hear what Skipper and Kowalski were conversing about. "Great news, Cadet, Skipper 说 that 你 can come and stay with us!"

Cadet looked shocked. "Stay with...
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....This may be out of character. Again, reviews really help. So... yeah. Catherine really lets it go in this one. I'll leave that for 你 to figure out while 你 read. Again, if this is out of character, please tell. Yet again, reviews really help :)

The bus had dropped them off a little ways from the Hoboken Zoo. It was a little off from the actual zoo so they had some walking to do. Finally, they had reached their destination.

The group stood outside of the Hoboken Zoo. In the center of the entire zoo, the party was probably going on. If anything, Hans was in there, probably getting drunk...
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