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who needs a 格言 when ur someone awesome, like me?

Gender: Male, 26 years old
Country: anywhere i wanna be.
Websites: ur on the only one i got right now.
Favorite TV Show: don't have a tv.
Favorite Movie: still don't have a tv.
Favorite Musician: not big on music.
Favorite Book 或者 Author: don't read much. well, at all, really.

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CommanderSkipper said...
    Rodent? What in the name of Eisenhower's oatmeal are 你 doing on fanpop? How did you...
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     Fallout Chapter 2: Following in his Footsteps

Private stepped outside and was greeted 由 the bright sun. He’s never seen a light so bright before due to the fact he’s lived inside an underground 拱顶, 保险库, 跳马 all his life. His eyes were able to adjust to the bright sunlight, and as soon as he did he saw the outside world. Wasteland, everything around him was destroyed. Roads, nearby houses, the landscape, everything. Private followed the road, thinking it would lead him to where his father is. As he’s waddling, he can’t help but to look at all the destruction around...
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Everybody attacked, but he managed to slip out.
The others continued, not knowing they we're beating each other up


Kowalski: I gotta hide! I gotta hide! Huh! Burt's habitat!

Burt: What are 你 doing here, Maurice? Shouldn't 你 be pampering your king?

Kowalski: It me! Kowalski!

Burt looks confused.

Kowalski: I'll explain later, but don't let the other know I'm here!

Skipper: Oh, Kowalski?

Kowalski jumps behind a pile of hay.

Skipper: Burt, do 你 know where Kowalski is?

Burt: Sure! He's right there!(Points to Maurice in Kowalski's body)

Skipper: No! We swapped bodies. That's Maurice!

Burt: Oh!...
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posted by 10amberpet
Skipper, the fearsome leader of the penguins had decided to take a short walk before sunrise. It was super dark outside, usually the time the Leonard was awake. But sometimes he ran into the beautiful 獭, 水獭 Marlene, who offered to take a walk with him. As always, he though about it, coming to the conclusion of "yes." But something strange had happened one 日 when they were walking.

"Hello Penguin!" King Julien 说 swinging down from the 树 and placing himself between the two. "Hello beautiful lady."

"Oh hi Julien!" The always smiling Marlene greeted. "Me and Skipper were just taking a walk."...
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The prologue to this is actually called the ultimate fanfiction, 或者 something like that, but I've changed it's 标题 becuase I saw other fanfictions and I didn't want to offend anyone 由 sugesting my stories are superier- which they probably are now. Anyway, here's chapter 1.

Ch.1 clues

I stayed with the three remaining penguins that night. Skipper had decided we would 搜索 for clues the 下一个 morning, with our minds cleared from sleep. Sleep was exactly what I couldn't do though. With my morphing into a penguin, and Kowalski's dissapearance, who knew what would happen next.

I woke up the next...
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 he appears here!
he appears here!
prepare for the 文章 I passed WEEKS writing, requirings: 1:have seen: dr blowhole´s revenge, huffin and puffin, the big squeeze. 2:have read my 文章 the bets birthday ever, mr wonderfull, Its she 或者 me!. 3:know about mandy, arlene, and the rats. As the 标题 says this has skilene content, and people that dont like this couple please dont read this aerticle, its very, very, verry large, so enjoy and RIP: read in peace!

Skipper sat as his table, seeing his coffe and how his...
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posted by Amberpet
We see the penguins doing whatever they usually do in their room when Julien comes in)
Julien: Hi silly penguins. Why is there a big present in my kingdom, but 你 have 3 presents up there?
Private: What?
Skipper: Let's take a look.
(They go up and look)
Skipper: Kowalski, analysis.
Kowalski: We have 3 transfers from the Hoboken zoo and I will bet my left flipper thats the one in the 狐猴 habitat is too.
Private: I wonder if they are girls.
Skipper: That is highly unlikely.
(The penguins inside break down a side of their crates)
Tiggie: Girls! We're here!
Princess: Neat. I wonder if there willl be unicorns...
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This is a parody of Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. Well, 你 probably already figured that out from the title. *sigh* Anyway, it’s told from Private’s perspective.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own POM 或者 Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. That was written 由 Judith Viorst. 你 should read it. 你 know, if 你 like picture 图书 made for Kindergarteners.

I went to 床, 床上 with 鱼 in my mouth, but now there’s 鱼 in my feathers and when I got out of my bunk, I missed the ladder and fell flat on my face. When I was washing up, my 花生 Butter...
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posted by skipperluvs
 Cute: Skilene
Cute: Skilene
S: Skipper; K: Kowalski; P: Private; R: Rico; M: Marlene; J: Julien; Mau: Maurice; Mort: Mort.

The penguins are in their habitat testing a machine constructed 由 Kowalski. It is a 水果 dispenser. Since most of the 动物 in the zoo eat fruit, they decided to open a business. Plus they were getting a little tired of always running out of 鱼 and wanted a fishy refreshing drink.

S: Good Job Kowalski!!! Let’s put this baby up and see how we do!

Private puts a big drawing of 水果 and a small picture of a fish. They were charging the 动物 鱼 for fruit. Julien sees the sign and runs to...
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posted by TheRatKing1
Author's note: yes, i realize this story may be far-fetched, but this was one of my best ideas at the time, and i'm happy with the way it turned out despite my having no knowledge of how the actual voice actors act in real life, nor how they'd behave in a situation like this. This is my version of them, and my take on the show. I'm just here to tell my stories and do my own thing. if 你 don't like it, shaddap and don't say nuthin'. but if 你 like it, 由 all means, comment! I hope 你 enjoy this!

-Adam (AKA @NumismatistNut on twitter)

Tom McGrath's Point of view (Skipper's voice actor, in case...
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Lorrie Trace was a confident woman with skin the color of creamy 牛奶 chocolate. Her kind eyes saw the world in a perspective that most didn't. She always tried to see the good in everyone and everything. Some might say she has a 心 of gold. She attended Harvard 大学 and received a doctorate in science and physics. Ever since, she's been traveling the world, wanting to know 更多 about it and its wonders.

As always, it was a freezing, below zero 日 in Antarctica. Lorrie was wearing a heavy black 涂层, 外套 with a sweater underneath, thermal, blue colored gloves, and think black pants, and...
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"Beware of False Prophets Who Come Disguised as Harmless 羊 But Are Really Vicious Wolves" - Matthew 7:15

Hey, peeps! Wazzup? To give 你 as much as the spooky experience as I can, I have 链接 to themes from freaky movies.
Nightmare on Elm Street: link
Dead Silence: link
Halloween: link
There 你 go, guys! Um just in case the 链接 just send 你 to youtube, just type in the titles/title I wrote in the box and put in after it "main theme". If 你 have any 问题 post them in the comments. I hope 你 enjoy! ;) Boo!

Later that same day, Private laid in 床, 床上 and listened to the rain pour onto...
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Inflatium Diagnosis: Take 1

Kowalski: "...Julien! 你 must stay away from Skipper!"

Julien: "You will listen to me! I will party-se--"

*--Kowalski slams door in his face*


Kowalski: "Oops..." *giggling like a school girl on the inside*

Inflatium Diagnosis: Take 2

Kowalski: "...Julien! 你 must stay away from Skipper!"

Julien: "You will listen to me! I will party-se--"

*--Kowalski slams door in his face*


Kowalski: *opens door* "Sorry...Are yo--"...
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"Don't do it Private! Please spare him!" Kowalski cried, tears pouring down his cheeks. The flames reflected off the sweat on his face. "i'm sorry Kowalski. This has to end." Private held up a knife, Skipper was flat on the ground...On the other end of the Knife's point...

*Earlier that week*

"YAWN, ah... Another blissful day...UP AND ADAM BOYS!!!!!" Skipper yelled. They all sprang up, except for Starlite, she fell out of her hammock and flat on her face. "Do 你 always have to start off my 日 with a heart-attack? My alarm was less annoying, and it was a person shouting "WAKE UP!! WAKE UP!"...
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posted by skipperfan5431
As soon as the 动物 aproach the 《终结者》 ride, Officer X jumps out holding a giant vacume with a strange black liquid inside. As soon as Kowalski sees the strange substence, he seems to recognize it and he slides away. " Kowalski! where are 你 going!?" Screamed Private, hoping his friend would answer. " Do 你 little birdies know whats in this vacume?" Asks Officer X in an evil tone. He finds a 鼠, 大鼠 and sprays it with the strange black mist. It seems to be dead. " AHHHHH!!" Screamed all the remaining penguins. (and Julien.) " This is somethi'n Ilike to call CHEMICAL X!" Explains Officer...
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posted by skipperfan5431
The 下一个 morning, Skipper had gotten up early to get a cup of coffee when he saw Lilly baking something in a small, 粉, 粉色 oven. " Morning Lilly!" Says Skipper. "Morning Skipper!" Lilly replied with a big cheeky smile. " Watcha baking?" asks Skipper. " Brownies." 回复 Lilly. " Ooh can I have one!" Skipper reaches out his flipper to grab one. " NO!" Yelled Lilly as she smacks his flipper away. " They're for Marlene.(and possibly Julien if he keeps hitting on me.) 说 Lilly. " Uh. Okay." " I have to give these to her." "Be right back." " Uh... Skipper." Says Lilly as she gets really close to...
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 Movie Poster
Movie Poster
Hi! I know I haven't been active here for a while, I was caught up in things. Doubt anyone remembers me, but I have written many 粉丝 fictions. And then the movie came out and ruined some of my 粉丝 fictions. In a good way.

So I was 阅读 up about the movie, and I found something saying that the movie and the 显示 where set in parallel universes. I was surprised so I wrote something down about it. And some more. And ended up 写作 this about the penguins and alternate realities.

Sorry if I get off topic, I was literally just talking and Siri was 写作 it down. So here we go!

The Penguins...
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I sighed and did a facepalm. My least 最喜爱的 subject!
"Oh! Oh! I'll go first!" Becky exclaimed, waving her hand in the air. "I like the beavers! They're so hot!"
"Yeah! So hot!" Stacey exclaimed.
"I thought 你 were just friends?" Michelle said.
"Well, yeah! We're friends!" Becky exclaimed.
"Boyfriends and girlfriends!" Stacey cried.
"Do they even know that?" Marlene asked. 
"Um, uh. Who wants to go next?" Stacey said.
No one raised a hand, paw, 或者 flipper.
"How about, Shelly!" Becky said.
"Eh, okay. As 你 all know, I have my-" Shelly started.
"It's Rico, I knew it!" Darla cried. 
Michelle blushed....
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posted by Private1sCut3
My story begins here: inside a crate, in the back of a van, on the very busy roads of Manhattan. Uncle Nigel told me it was time I moved on, and I could only presume the scribbles on this letter he had 给 me 说 I was going to community college. But alas, no matter how overwhelming this change felt, it was too late now to turn back; the Central Park Zoo was expecting me. It was time to say goodbye to Texas.


The zookeeper left me alone, atop an icy platform surround 由 water: the 企鹅 habitat.

My tummy growls in hunger very loudly, and I'm sure glad nobody is around to hear...
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posted by Sylvia_Puffin
Just some really weird idea that popped in my head. Most of my ideas are weird, though.
It's probably not going to be that great, since I have no idea where I'm going with this, but it's worth a try!

Kowalski walked quickly down the cobblestone streets of York. His footsteps seemed to echo loudly off the dreary building that lined the road.
It started to drizzle. Kowalski walked faster, hoping to get 首页 dry.
It was inevitable, however. 由 the time he got home, he was soaked to the bone and would have been freezing cold, except vampires...
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