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posted by XxEmolovexX
罂粟 seeds- used to numb pain and make a cat very sleepy
Catmint - For white cough and Green cough. Also exceptionally tasty to 猫 that are not sick
Cobwebs - used to stop bleeding
Feaverfew - used to cool feverish 猫 and treat head pain
Borage Leaves - used to treat fevers and helps nursing mothers with their 牛奶 supply
Marigold - used to treat infection and heal wounds and sores
Horse Tail - used to treat infected wounds
Burdock root - used to treat infections, especially 鼠, 大鼠 bites
Chervile Root - used to treat infections
Wild Garlic - rolling in this can help to keep out infection
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posted by XxEmolovexX
It was a windy afternoon, the sky was dull and grey. I remember two 猫 fighting. I was watching with 3 other 猫 at my side. There was a voice of a female. i could hear her but not see her. " WE have to give up one! we dont have enough prey for every cat in here! " a male voice replied with anger " 你 would give up your own kits?! "

I was carried off into a forest blanketed in snow. The female voice sounded sad with despair. She whispered to me " i 爱情 你 honey... but i have to give 你 up for the sake of the clan " That was all i remembered. I woke up and it was late autumn. I started...
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posted by XxEmolovexX
Leaf-bare - the season of winter
New leaf - the season of spring
Green leaf - the season of summer
Leaf-fall - the season of autumn
Quarter-moon - a week
Moon - a 28-day period (one full moon to another),approximately a month
Moon high - 12 o'clock a.m. (midnight)
Sun high - 12 o'clock p.m. (noon)

Mouse length- roughly an inch
Kitten step - less than an inch
Rabbit length/Tail length - roughly a foot
Fox length - roughly a yard

Leader - the cat who leads a Clan
Deputy - the cat who is second-in-command to the Clan leader
Medicine cat - a cat who is trained specifically in...
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posted by XxEmolovexX
When the world was created centuries ago, there were supposed 6 猫 that could save the world one day. If they failed the world would change forever.
These 猫 are special, and have a mark.

Sun,Earth,Water,Fire,air and mental powers.

For many generations, 猫 have been helping and training 猫 after them. But these chosen ones were chosen 由 our great ancestors!

Lion,Sand,Blaze,Angel,Quest,flame. they are the chosen cats.

It was foretold that one 日 a great evil would rise, 由 the name of red-eye. these chosen 猫 can only stop him. For the fate of the clans are in their hands, we must protect them from redeye until they reach the early warrior age, that is when the can 加入 together at starclan rock and unleash the power of starclan to save the clans!
posted by XxEmolovexX
Back Kick
Explosive surprise 移动 to catch opponent from behind. Judge opponent's distance from 你 carefully; then lash out with your back legs, taking your weight on your front paws.

Belly Rake
A fight-stopper. Slice with unsheathed claws across soft flesh of opponen's belly. If you're pinned down, the belly rake quickly puts 你 back in control.

Front Paw Blow
Frontal attack. Bring your front paw down hard on your opponent's head. Claws sheathed.

Front Paw Strike
Frontal attack. Slice downward with your front paw at the body 或者 face of your opponent. Claws unsheathed.

Killing Bite
A death blow to...
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posted by theWOLFPACK15
Kit Ceremony
Leader: (Kit), 你 have reached the age of six moons, and it is time for 你 to be apprenticed. From this day, until 你 receive your warrior name, 你 will be known as (new name, ending with 'paw'). I ask StarClan to watch over 你 and guide 你 until 你 find in your paws the strength and courage of a warrior.
The leader calls up the warrior he/she has chosen as a mentor.
Leader: (Warrior), 你 are ready to take on an apprentice. 你 had received excellent training from (former mentor), and 你 have shown yourself to be fierce and brave. 你 will be the mentor of (apprentice), and...
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The "Get to Know your Character" game is something I came up with when I started 写作 fanfictions. I was always worried about characterization, especially when I was using Canon characters, so I decided to 列表 their personalities, quirks, fears, etc. The 更多 defined the character was the easier it was to write them. Eventually the game became a lot of fun, and I've found it's just as useful when RPing.

The game is easy. All 你 do is fill out the chart below, and then post. Sometimes 你 even learn things about your character 你 didn't know, and it helps others gain a better understanding...
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posted by theWOLFPACK15
Post any information that no one knows about your cat in this clan. There are no to how many 你 can post. ^^ So go nuts.

P.s. They will be up here.

The great leader is on her 5th life right now. Her mother named her Princess, which she hated, making her sound 更多 of a kittypet then a tough rouge, so she changed it to Pantheress.

This hefty tom was once the runt of his little. His dad cast him out, thinking that his only son would not be able to last. This is what makes him the determined father of Nightfog's kits.
Also since the rouges that attacked Nightfog and Squeakkit...
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