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Nine Muses were recently featured in the October edition of ‘Esquire‘ fashion magazine, where they showed off a sexy new look that left male 粉丝 speechless.

The ladies professionally modeled ‘Ducati’ 摩托车 in various alluring outfits that had stand-out pieces like hot pants, fishnet stockings, and deep cut dresses. This sexy yet tough charm is definitely a big change from their retro-cute “Figaro” concept, which goes to 显示 that the members can still tap into their former modelling experiences at any time.

A representative for ‘Esquire’ stated, “Unlike other girl groups who have the cute image, Nine Muses are model-idols so we knew that they’d be able to express the charm of the ‘Ducati’ bikes well. The members were all completely focused, completely taking the staff 由 surprise.”
Okay, so ever since Nine Muses have début Ryu Sera was the leader of Nine muses, now ever since yesterday, someone on youtobe told me that Sera was not the leader of Nine Muses but Kim Rana was the Leader of Nine muses.

So I decided to look up and nothing was coming up that was confirming that she was the leader of nine muses until, I watched an Chinese interview of Nine Muses.

My honest opinion is that 星, 星级 empire really messed this one up, it would of suited, Sera 更多 to be Leader of nine muses but whatever!
Nine Muses‘ Sera recently caught the attention of 粉丝 and netizens for her slimmer physique with the group’s “Figaro” comeback.

As it turned out, she was revealed to have undergone a drastic image change with a 20 kg weight loss since her trainee days. A representative of 星, 星级 Empire explained, “Sera 说 that she weighed over 70 kg when she first began training three years 以前 due to stress. She’s been dieting ever since then and 迷失 over 20 kg. She 迷失 about 6 to 7 kg during Nine Muses’ hiatus alone.”

So what’s the secret to her diet? A lot of exercise and 食物 control,...
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Earlier this year, Nine Muses member Euaerin revealed that she wanted to withdraw from the girl group after their “Ladies” promotions because she had “wanted to rest.”

Fans were therefore surprised to see her back with the group for their “Figaro” comeback, leading many to wonder what led her to retract her decision.

Representatives of 星, 星级 Empire explained, “We think she was very tired after her debut. She tried to give up her 唱歌 career, but it’s a dream that she’s had since she was quite young, so we believe she wanted to get up and give it another try.”

They continued,...
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Rookie group Nine Muses may be yet another K-pop group to advance into the Japanese 音乐 industry.

“On December 26th, Nine Muses will be standing on stage at the Tokyo Shibuya CC 柠檬 Hall for the ‘Seoul Train’ event,” stated a representative from their agency, 星, 星级 Empire, on December 7th.

‘Seoul Train’ is a monthly event allowing K-pop artists to present themselves and perform for their Japanese fans. Nine Muses will be performing approximately 4-5 songs, alongside ZE:A and V.O.S.

星, 星级 Empire continued, “Nine Muses will be the main feature for this concert. The members are now fully into their practice after completing their schedules. This upcoming 音乐会 may officialize Nine Muses’ advancement into 日本 下一个 year.”
Due to the hectic schedules they’ve had to undergo lately, the ladies of Nine Muses have revealed that they’ve been receiving IV treatments in order to keep up with it all.

To begin, the girls reportedly rehearsed 12 hours a 日 before their “Figaro” comeback. In addition to their current comeback activities, they’ve also had to take on events and variety 显示 appearances, like with MBC’s ‘Idol 星, 星级 Athletics Championships’.

The heavy schedule has definitely taken its toll on the members, as some have come down with colds, body aches, and worsening health conditions. Minha and...
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With Korean girl groups making headlines for their impact in 日本 this year, ‘model idol group’ Nine Muses joined the Hallyu wave 由 performing in the “SEOUL Train NineMuses & Friends” 音乐会 on December 26th.

Held at Shibuya’s CC 柠檬 Hall, the 音乐会 was meant to introduce the hottest K-POP stars to Japanese reporters and fans. Nine Muses attended the event alongside labelmates V.O.S’s Kim Kyung Rok and ZE:A’s Siwan, Hyung Shik, Minwoo, and Heechul.

Nine Muses performed their debut track “No Play“, which was followed 由 “Ladies” and “Buttons.” They also collaborated...
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Yesterday, girl group Nine Muses revealed their comeback concept with their new member, Kyung Li. Following a group teaser, the girls have returned with an individual 照片 of their eigth member!

Posing with smudged make-up and messy, tousled hair, 粉丝 were surprised to see a member being introduced without a proper glammed up photo.

Representatives of 星, 星级 Empire explained, “We felt that since she’s a rookie that not many people are familiar with, she’d be perfect to express the correct feel of the image we’re trying to convey. This is not just an image cut of Kyung Li, but rather a teaser that encompasses everything about Nine Muses’ comeback.”

21 年 old Kyung Li has been a trainee for quite a while and is skilled in both vocals and dance. Nine Muses will be making their return on January 11th.
Breaking their 年 of hiatus, the ladies of Nine Muses are back with version one of their teaser 音乐 video and image cut for their comeback single album, “Figaro“!

Living up to their 标题 of ‘model idols’, their teaser features stunning silohuettes of their smooth body lines, in vivid 颜色 alongside a powerful beat.

星, 星级 Empire said, “They’ve been training hard for the past 年 to upgrade both their looks and musical talents. We’re confident that they’re thoroughly prepared to 显示 a perfect image.”

On their member line-up for their impending comeback, they said, “There have been changes made. They’ll be promoting as a seven-member unit.”

The girls will be releasing their 秒 teaser on the 16th, followed 由 the digital single’s release on the 18th before embarking on their promotions.
“Model” idol group Nine Muses has just announced the addition of a new member today. The new addition’s name is Mun 金泫雅 (23), not to be confused with the famous HyunA from 4minute.

Their management company, 星, 星级 Empire, stated, “Since the formation of ‘Nine Muses’, we planned for them all to have active and wide-spread careers, 由 working as singers, hosts, models, and actresses… Under ‘Nine Muses’ , they will form one brand, but become individual stars.”

They further explained, “Though the group had 12 members initially, they’ve been performing a unit of 9. Because some of the members who performed the song ‘No Playboy’ are currently working as models, we decided to add 金泫雅 to Nine Muses to provide a new energy to the group.”

With new member Hyuna, Nine Muses will be performing “Ladies” on this week’s Mnet‘s ‘M! Countdown‘.
Here's abit of info on the girls.


Recently, there has been a lot of talk about rookie group Nine Muses, especially as it has been revealed that they were all supermodels. To add 更多 to the suspense on this yet-to-debut group, it has additionally been revealed that these model idols will debut through a reality show!

Even before debut, these model idols partook in various dramas, CFs, and MC-ing activities. However, it appears as if these girls will debut this Saturday (31st) on Mnet’s reality 显示 M! Pick.

On this episode, these Nine Muses will give 你 a behind-the-scene look at the shooting...
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