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posted by Seanthehedgehog
The Canterlot Highway Patrol is a very busy organization, protecting everyone on, and around the highways of Canterlot. Of course, there are some ponies that despise them, and call these police ponies Chips, 或者 chippies for short.

Jon Baker, and Frank Poncherello, two CHP officers, were riding Harley Davidson 摩托车 on one of the highways.

Jon: *Riding his motorcycle 下一个 to Frank* It sure is a nice day.
Frank: Not just with the weather, but with the activity. Things are going easy for us.

A blue GT500 passed them going over 80.

Jon: *Rides his motorcycle after the car*
Frank: *Following Jon*
Jon: Canterlot, 15 Mary-3, and 4, in pursuit of a blue Ford 野马 Shelby GT500. Northbound on Highway 24.
Dispatch: Ten-4 Mary-3.
小马 in Mustang: *Passing lots of cars, and increases its speed*
Jon: *Catching up to the Mustang*
小马 in Mustang: *Goes across some dirt, and onto a highway exit*
Jon: *Stays on the road as he goes on the exit*
Frank: *Tries to go across the dirt like the mustang, but he hits the curb, and falls off his bike*
Jon: *Watches Frank, and laughs to himself*
Frank: *Gets back on his motorcycle, and follows Jon*
Jon: Suspect is now heading Eastbound on Main Street. He just passed the intersection at 13th Street.
Barry: *In a Dodge Charger police car* 7-Adam, I'll 加入 the pursuit. Responding from 8th Street.
Jon: Ten-4.
Frank: *Catches up to Jon* We could get a roadblock.
Jon: Bear, 你 think 你 can set up a roadblock?
Barry: I'll try. *Puts on police lights, and blocks main street*
小马 in Mustang: *Stops*
Barry: *Gets out of his car*
Jon & Frank: *Park their 摩托车 behind the mustang*
Frank: Good work Bear.
Barry: Thanks.
小马 in Mustang: *Gets out*
Barry: Put your hooves on 最佳, 返回页首 of your head.
小马 in Mustang: *Obeys Barry*
Barry: *Puts the cuffs on the 小马 from the mustang* I'll take it from here.
Jon: Alright. We're heading back onto the highway.
Frank: We'll see 你 later.

They take off on their motorcycles.

Sargent Getraer is on a Kawasaki motorcycle, and gets on his walkie talkie to talk to all of the units.

Sargent Getraer: This is 15 Mary-1 to all units. Come down to headquarters for an important meeting.
Jon: Good thing we're not far.
Frank: Yeah. Just a mile, and a half away.

Theme Song (Start it at 0:22): link

Jon & Frank: *Ride onto the highway*

SeanTheHedgehog & windwakerguy430 Present


Starring the police ponies in order of appearance

Jon Baker
Frank Poncherello
Barry Baricza
Sargent Joseph Getraer
Arthur Grossman
Jesse Neighbor
Jebediah Turner
Sindy Cahill
Steve McLeash
Bobby Nelson
Harlan Arliss

Starring the bad guys

Leaf Pile
Gordon Suite
Tom Foolery
Mike Gonzo
And Windwakerguy430's Master Sword

At Canterlot Highway Patrol headquarters, an officer named Arthur Grossman was 展示 everypony a new watch he bought.

Arthur: I got a coupon that allowed me to get 30% off. This watch is made out of 24 karat gold.
CHP Ponies: Whoa. Cool.
Jon: Where did 你 get a watch like that?
Arthur: At this store across the 街, 街道 from the train station. I 爱情 this thing.
Frank: 你 better be careful out there on your motorcycle. We wouldn't want to see 你 hitting the pavement, and ruining that lovely watch.
Arthur: I'll be fine.
Sargent Getraer: *Arrives* Okay everypony, sit down, and be quiet.

When everyone sat down, the sarge made his announcement.

Sargent Getraer: I was told 由 Princess Celestia that she's using one of her royal guards as an informant. He's joined a group of seven ponies that are making plans to hijack five cars. We need to be alert, and make sure we catch those car thieves. The cars on the 列表 are a Corvette Z06. A 2016 Ford 野马 Shelby GT350. An SRT Viper, a Dodge Ram, and a Volkswagen Beetle Rally car. They're all brand new, and high performance vehicles. That's it, so happy hunting.
Jesse: *Arrives late*
Sargent Getraer: Ah, Jesse Neighbor. You're too late, 你 just missed the meeting.
Jebediah: *Arrives*
Sargent Getraer: Jebediah Turner, you're late as well.
Jebediah: Sorry sarge.
Sargent Getraer: *Looks at the other officers* 你 can all go now. Jesse, and Jebediah are going to stay here for a while.
CHP Officers: *Leave the room*
Jesse & Jebediah: *Staring at Sargent Getraer*
Sargent Getraer: Now why were 你 late?
Jebediah: I had to help a mare change a flat tire on her car.
Jesse: I was in the middle of 写作 a ticket for someone speeding.
Sargent Getraer: Alright, well 下一个 time, try to get to the meetings before they start. We can't waste any time waiting for you. Now get back to work.
Jebediah: Will do sarge. *Leaves*
Jesse: Sure thing *Leaves*

Meanwhile, in an abandoned warehouse, Gordon was talking to his friends. He wears a neck brace, because he has problems with his neck.

Gordon: *Turns a song on: link * Okay everypony, gather around! We're gonna discuss the plan on stealing those cars.
Master Sword: *Walks over and sits down with every bad pony* What is it?
Gordon: I found out there was an informant, and so far, I got Tom, and Howard to get rid of him. So here's what we're gonna do. Our first car that we'll steal will be the Corvette. It's further away from Celestia's castle, so none of her royal guards will be able to catch us.
Master Sword: Seems simple.
Gordon: Of course it does. Leaf Pile!!
Leaf: Yes sir.
Gordon: You're stealing the Corvette. Get ready.
Leaf: I'm on it.
Gordon: *Goes to his car* I'll give 你 a ride over there.
Leaf Pile: *Sits in the passenger seat*
Gordon: *Drives the car*

Gordon got to the Corvette.

Gordon: There it is. Waiting to be driven.
Leaf Pile: *Grabs a key* It's a good thing 你 know how to forge keys.
Gordon: I'll wait here until 你 get it started.
Leaf Pile: *Goes to the Corvette, and puts the key into the door. He sees it get unlocked* It works.
Gordon: Good. Drive it back to our hideout. *Drives away*
Leaf Pile: *Gets in the Corvette*
Sindy: *Behind Leaf Pile* Canterlot 7-Charles, possible grand theft auto at Hogan's Buffet involving a yellow Corvette.
Dispatch: Ten-4 7-Charles.
Leaf Pile: *Starts the car, and floors it*

Song for the car chase: link

Sindy: *Follows the Corvette* Suspect is heading southbound. He just turned onto the Coltis Freeway.
Dispatch: Attention all units, 7-Charles is in pursuit of a yellow Chevrolet Corvette heading westbound on the Coltis Freeway.
Jon: *Riding his motorcycle 下一个 to Frank* He's right behind us. *Talks on the radio* Canterlot 15 Mary-3, and 4, responding 由 Exit 68. Jesse, we may need your help as well.
Jesse: *Driving a Chevrolet Suburban police car* 7-Ian, I'll get right to it.
Leaf Pile: *Passing a lot of cars*
Sindy: *Turns on her sirens, and police lights*
Leaf Pile: *Passes Jon, and Frank*
Jon: He passed us. Let's go Ponch. *Chases the Corvette*
Frank: *Following Jon*
Sindy: Nice of 你 to 加入 in on the chase.
Jon: No problem.
Leaf Pile: *Drives off the highway*
Jon & Frank: *Chasing Leaf Pile*
Sindy: *Also chasing Leaf Pile*
Jesse: *Comes from the right, and blocks the road*
Leaf Pile: *Drifts to the left*
Pony: *Stops*
小马 98: *Hits the back of the car that stopped in front of him, and goes airborne. He lands on the roof*
Jon & Frank: *Passes the wreck*
Sindy: I'll make sure everypony here is okay. The rest of 你 keep going after him.
Jon: Ten-4.
Jesse: Got it 7-Charles.
Leaf Pile: *Turns right*
Jon: *Stays behind Leaf Pile*
Frank: I'm gonna try to get in front of him, and slow him down. *Gets in front of Leaf Pile*
Leaf Pile: *Slows down so he doesn't hit Frank* If I run him over, I'll get in a lot of trouble. *Turns right onto another road, and sees a garbage truck blocking the road. He stops inches away from the garbage truck*
Jon & Frank: *Stop their 摩托车 behind Leaf Pile*

Stop the song

Jesse: *Stops the car*
Jon: *Walks to the car, and opens the door* Okay, your lease on this car is over. Get out.
Leaf Pile: *Steps out of the car*
Jon: *Puts hoofcuffs on Leaf Pile* Ponch, call it in.
Frank: *Goes to his motorcycle, and makes the call* Canterlot 15 Mary-4, suspect is in custody. We need a tow truck to get the Corvette to the impound yard.
Dispatch: Ten-4 Mary-4.
Jon: *Walks with Leaf Pile to Jesse's suburban* Alright, get in.
Leaf Pile: *Gets into Jesse's suburban*
Jesse: Good work, guys.
Jon: Thanks.
Frank: We couldn't have done it without you, and Sindy though.
Jesse: Thanks. I'll be sure to get this guy back to the station.
Jon: Sounds good.

At the warehouse, Gordon was making a modification to his car. He welded two steal squares on the bottom of his car so that everytime the bottom got lowered, sparks would be created if the steal made contact with the road.

Gordon: Okay Master Sword, let's test the suspension.
Master Sword: 你 sure about this?
Gordon: Just do what I say!!!
Master Sword: *Gets in, and looks at the switch which controls the suspension*
Gordon: Okay, down!!!
Master Sword: *Moves the switch to the right*
Gordon: *Watches the bottom of his car go down* Good, now make it go up!!
Master Sword: *Moves the switch to the left*
Gordon: Excellent. *Laughs*
Howard: *Arrives* Mr. Suite, I just saw on the news that Leaf Pile got arrested 由 the CHP.
Gordon: Then we have a little bit of a surprise for them. Go steal the Mustang.
Howard: Okay. Tom, give me a ride to the Mustang, I'm gonna steal it.
Tom: No way. He can get a taxi.
Gordon: What are 你 doing that's making 你 too busy to give him a ride?
Tom: I just got five texts from my wife. She wants me 首页 to make dinner, and if I don't go, you'll never see me again.
Gordon: What's that supposed to mean?
Tom: *Raises a brow*
Gordon: Never mind. Go.
Tom: *Leaves*
Howard: He's right, I can take a taxi. I better get a 移动 on. *Walks away*
Gordon: While he's doing that, we're gonna test out my new modification.
Master Sword: Where are we gonna go?
Gordon: Highway 59. *Drives onto the highway* Anypony that tries to tailgate me will have a lot of sparks flying right into their face. *Laughs* We could do this while the others steal those cars, and we'll distract the police ponies!
Master Sword: That does sound like a good plan.
Gordon: It really is. *Looks behind him, and sees a minivan* Watch this. *Lowers the back of his car*

The steel squares welded onto the bottom of the car made contact with the road, and made sparks, and this noise (Start it at 0:02): www.mediafire.com/listen/odyspw55tmz19p7/brakes+squeal.mp3

Mare 45: *Loses control of the minivan, and turns left, crashing into a guardrail*

Meanwhile with Howard, he was about to steal the Ford 野马 Shelby GT350. It was near a salvage yard for boats.

Taxi Pony: *Stops the taxi*
Howard: Thanks for getting me here.
Taxi Pony: You're welcome.
Howard: *Gets out*
Taxi Pony: *Drives away*
Howard: *Goes to the Mustang. He picks the lock, and gets the door open. He looks around to make sure nopony is watching him, then gets into the car. He starts it, and drives away.*
Steve: *Sees Howard and follows him* Canterlot 15 Mary-6, making a traffic stop on a Ford 野马 Shelby GT350 that is going 27 miles over the limit.

Steve McLeash is using a Kawasaki motorcycle.

Steve: *Puts on police lights*
Howard: *Stops the Mustang*
Jon & Frank: *Stop at an intersection. They see Steve pulling over the Mustang*

Chase song: link


Arthur: *On the radio* Canterlot 15 Mary-5, in pursuit of a drunk driver, eastbound on Lemmen Road.

The drunk stallion was driving a silver BMW.

Steve: *Walks toward Howard in the Mustang*
Drunk Stallion: *Drives towards Steve*
Frank: I think that Beemer might hit McLeash.
Jon: Steve look out!!
Steve: *Jumps on the Mustang*
Howard: *Drives away*
Steve: *Falls off*
Jon: Let's go. *Chases the Mustang*
Frank: *Follows Jon*
Steve: *Gets back onto his motorcycle, and chases the 宝马 with Arthur* I'm going after the nutcase that nearly ran me over! 你 guys take care of the Mustang.
Jon: Ten-4 Mary-6. *Chasing the Mustang*
Frank: *On the right side of Jon*
Jon: *Rides up to Howard's side of the car* Hey, pull it over!
Howard: *Shakes his head* Nope.
Howard: *Floors it*
Arthur: How are we gonna stop this guy?
Steve: Wait for him to crash.
Drunk Stallion: *Stops in the middle of the street, and runs through a park* Hey! I see hotdogs flying everywhere!!

Arthur, and Steve stopped their motorcycles, and ran after the drunk stallion.

Drunk Stallion: YEEEAH! *Hits a tree*
Arthur: Okay, that's enough. *Arrests the drunk stallion*
Jesse: *Arrives* Need any help Grossie?
Arthur: *To Jesse* Yeah, I'll be right there. Steve, take care of traffic while I get this 小马 to Jesse.
Steve: Got it.

Back to the 野马 chase.

Howard: *Makes a U turn, and nearly hits Frank*
Jon: 你 okay partner? *Follows Howard*
Frank: Yeah, I'm fine.
Jon: 15 Mary-3 to 15 Mary-5, the 野马 is heading towards you. How are things going with the drunk pony?
Arthur: We were able to catch him. He only has minor injuries though, so he'll live.
Jon: Good, the 野马 is coming towards you, so form a roadblock.
Arthur: Got it. Jesse joined me, and Steve, so it should be easy.

They formed a roadblock without wasting any time.

Howard: *Sees Jesse, Arthur, and Steve blocking the road. He makes another U turn, and sees Jon, and Frank blocking his path. He runs out of the car*
Steve: *Tackles Howard* Oh no 你 don't!
Jesse: Looks like we got him.
Howard: Alright, 你 win.
Steve: *Gets Howard to stand up*
Jon: Can I see your driver's license, and registration?
Howard: *Gives driver's license to Jon*
Jon: Where's the registration?
Howard: I don't know what that is.
Frank: 你 偷了 this car, didn't you?
Howard: Uuh...
Jon: Jesse, take him down to headquarters for questioning.
Jesse: *Places Howards hooves behind his back and leads him to the car*

At Canterlot Highway Patrol headquarters.

Howard: 你 think I'm gonna tell 你 anything? Fat chance.
Sargent Getraer: Yeah, well we already got one of your partners in jail. The state troopers say they could use some extra company at one of their stations in Ponyville.
Howard: They want me to hang out with them?
Sargent Getraer: Yeah. Behind bars! Tell us the names of all your 老友记 planning to steal those cars. *Points to the 列表 of cars on the chalkboard*
Howard: How did 你 figure that out?
Jon: Royal Guard informant. He told us about the cars 你 were planning to steal.

Meanwhile, at Gordon's hideout. Gordon had this song playing on his radio: link

Tom: Sir, we got a problem!
Gordon: What's the matter?
Tom: They got Howard.
Gordon: This is unacceptable. We have to steal those cars, and we haven't even gotten one of them!!
Master Sword: What happened?
Tom: I don't exactly know what happened. I called Howard, and he only had one 分钟 to talk to me. He 说 they set up a roadblock, and that we should watch out for two Chips on motorcycles.
Gordon: They could be the ones that arrested Leaf after he 偷了 the Vette.
Master Sword: So, what do we do?
Gordon: I'll tell 你 about it tomorrow. Right now, we need to get some shut eye, so we can have enough energy to steal the other cars tomorrow.
Master Sword: Alright.

Meanwhile at CHP headquarters.

Sargent Getraer: Alright, so far, we got the Corvette, and the Mustang. *Crosses both cars off the list* You're all doing a good job catching those carjackers. *Checks his watch* Now, your shift is over. Go home, get some sleep, and come back here tomorrow before 7.
CHP Ponies: *Leaving*

Once they stepped outside, Frank was gathered around other CHP officers.

Frank: Hey, who wants to play baseball?
CHP Officers: Me!

Half a block away, they were at the baseball field.

Frank: Okay, me, and Jon are team captains.
Jon: Alright. *Stands on the pitcher's mound with Frank* I get to make the first pick. *Points to Barry* Bear, you're on my team.
Barry: Yes. *Walks to Jon*
Frank: Jesse, come on over man. You're on my team.
Jesse: Awesome *Walks to Frank*
Jon: Grossie, you're with me.
Arthur: Alright. *Walks over to Jon, and Barry, and whispers to Jon* Make sure 你 get Jebediah as your 下一个 player.
Frank: Jebediah, you're on my team.
Jebediah: *Smiles as he walks over to Frank, and Jesse*
Frank: Last pick partner.
Jon: Sindy.
Sindy: *Walks over to Jon*
Frank: Alright Steve, you're on my team.
Steve: *Walks over to Frank*
Jon: 你 guys ready?
Jesse: Pretty much.

Song for the game: link

Frank: Play ball!! *His team is on the field first, and Jon is first at bat*
Jon: Give me your best shot.
Frank: *Throws the baseball*
Jon: *Hits a homerun*
Frank: *Stares at the ball* How did-? JON!!!
Jon: *Running around the field as he passes the bases*
Barry: Way to go Baker.
Sindy: That was fantastic.
Jesse: Man, that was awesome.
Frank: Yeah, I won't let the 下一个 player hit a 首页 run.
Steve: Come on Ponch, it's just a game.
Barry: *At bat* How many innings are we playing?
Frank: Six. *Throws the ball*
Barry: *Swings, and misses*
Jebediah: *Is the catcher* Strike! *Throws the ball back to Frank*
Jesse: Oh well, its just one out of three chances.
Frank: *Throws the ball*
Barry: *Hits the ball towards Jesse, and runs quickly to first base*
Steve: Come on Jesse, 你 got this.
Jesse: *Reaches his 手套 into the air to catch the ball*
Frank: Good work Jesse.
Ponies: *Clapping their hooves*
Barry: Better luck 下一个 time.
Arthur: Leave it to me. *Goes up to bat* Come on Ponch, throw me the fastest curveball 你 got.
Frank: 你 got it. *Throws a curveball at 101 miles an hour*
Arthur: *Hits the ball, and it's a line drive*
Steve: *Runs to the ball. He isn't able to catch it*
Arthur: *Runs onto first base*
Steve: We'll get 你 下一个 time Grossman. *Throws the ball back to Frank*
Jesse: Pretty good hit if 你 ask me.
Sindy: *Smiles as she goes up to bat*
Arthur: Hit a homerun Sindy.
Sindy: I'll try.
Frank: *Throws the ball*
Sindy: *Ducks as it nearly hits her*
Jebediah: Ball 1.
Jon: *Grabs the ball, and throws it back to Frank*
Sindy: *Laughs* What are 你 trying to do to me?
Frank: *Smiles* Strike 你 out. *Throws the ball*
Sindy: *Hits the ball*
Frank: *Sees the ball go high up into the air* Once that ball comes back down, it's gonna land in my glove. *Sticks his 手套 into the air, but the ball lands on his head*
Sindy: *Covers her mouth while she laughs*
Jon: Ponch, 你 okay?
Frank: Sure. Get ready to bat.
Jon: Sure thing. *Gets to the batter's plate, and sees Sindy on first, and sees Arthur on second*
Frank: *Throws the ball*
Jon: *Hits a 首页 run*
Frank: Again?! BAKER!!
Arthur: *Runs onto 首页 plate*
Sindy: *Runs onto 首页 plate followed 由 Jon*
Jesse: Man. They are really good.
Barry: 秒 chance.
Frank: 你 won't hit it this time. *Throws the ball*
Jesse: *Hits the ball, but it's a foul*
Jebediah: Foul!
Steve: *Grabs the ball, and throws it back to Frank*
Frank: *Catches the ball, and throws it at Barry*
Barry: *Hits the ball*
Frank: *Catches the ball*
Barry: Oh man! Why am I getting out all of the time?

90 分钟 later, the game ended. Frank's team won 9 to 8.

Frank: 你 thought 你 could win, with all those 首页 runs 你 were hitting.
Jon: Well, that thought did come to my mind, but it's not all about winning.
Frank: Whatever 你 say partner. See 你 tomorrow.
Jesse: See ya.
Frank: Yeah, see ya Jesse. *Hoofbumps Jesse*
Barry: Jess, 你 were fantastic out there, catching all of those balls.
Jesse: Thanks.

下一个 morning at 7 AM, the CHP ponies were having another meeting.

Sargent Getraer: Okay everypony, I just received some reports of a crash that occurred on Highway 59 yesterday. It was no accident, the crash involved a minivan, and it ran into the guardrail because of a 2006 Pontiac GTO, in purple. The driver of the GTO, was able to weld two pieces of metal onto the back bumper, and he lowered it onto the road which created some sparks. We used to have a few of those cars in our unit, they were called skidders. So catch the skidder, and look out for those ponies attempting to steal the Viper, Ram, and Beetle rally car.
CHP Ponies: Got it.
Sargent Getraer: Alright, that's all I have for 你 today. Get out there in your cars, and bikes, and uh, make me proud.
CHP Ponies: *Leaving*

Meanwhile, Tom was stealing the Viper. He saw an 橙子, 橙色 one near an 苹果 Store.

Tom: *Unlocks the door of the Viper, and gets in it. He starts the car, and drives away* I think I'll avoid the cops if I stay on the highway.

That wouldn't work out though. Jon, and Frank were on highway 59 where the crash took place.

Frank: A purple GTO?
Jon: That's what Getraer said.
Stallion 98: *Driving a Chrysler 300 at high speed*
Jon: *Turns on police lights, and sirens*
Frank: *Does the same*
Stallion 98: *Pulls over*

Jon, and Frank stopped behind the Chrysler.

Jon: Canterlot 15 Mary-3, and 4, we just pulled over a white 2011 Chrysler 300 for speeding on highway 59, near exit 20.
Dispatch: Ten-4 Mary-3.
Tom: *Passes Jon, and Frank*
Jon: He had to be going at least 90 miles an hour.
Frank: Stay here with the 300. I'll catch him. *Gets onto his motorcycle, and goes after the Viper* Canterlot 15 Mary-4 in pursuit of an 橙子, 橙色 SRT Viper. This could be one of the stolen cars on our list, request back up.
Tom: *Pulls over*
Frank: *Stops behind the viper, and gets off of his motorcycle. He walks towards Tom*
Tom: *Backs up into the motorcycle*

Gasoline leaked from the fuel tank on Frank's motorcycle onto the engine.

Tom: *Floors it*
Frank: *Gets back onto his motorcycle, and chases Tom*

Song for the car chase: link

Frank: 15 Mary-4 to all units! Suspect is getting away from me, and tried to run me over! Request back up as soon as possible!
Jesse: 7-Ian, responding. I'm not far away from 你 two, and I'm joining the pursuit right now. *Enters the highway, and is behind Frank*

Just then, Frank's motorcycle caught on fire, because of the engine getting warm, and gasoline was on it.

Frank: Breaking off of pursuit! My bike is on fire!!
Jesse: I'll get the guy then. 你 might wanna turn off at the 下一个 exit. There's a lake 你 can ride your bike into, and you'll get rid of those flames in no time.
Frank: Thanks, and good luck chasing the Viper. *Sees a lake nearby, and rides his motorcycle into it*
Jesse: *Keeps chasing Tom*
Tom: *Goes down a highway exit*
Jesse: 7-Ian to 15 Mary-3, where are you?
Jon: *Still 由 the Chrysler* Frank told me to stay behind to give somepony a ticket. I'm finished though, and I'll try to keep up.
Jesse: Ten-4.
Tom: *Turns left*
Mare 48: *Honks the horn on her car, and turns left to avoid Tom in the viper, but crashes into Jesse*
Jesse: *The car stops instantly, and Jesse hits his head on the dashboard, knocking himself unconscious*

Stop the song.

Bobby Nelson appeared on a Kawasaki motorcycle near Frank's location.

Bobby: Ponch, 你 alright?
Frank: *Gets out of the lake* Bobby, boy am I glad to see you.
Bobby: *Talks on the radio* Canterlot 15 Mary-2, we need a pick up truck to get Ponch, and his motorcycle back to base.
Dispatch: Ten-4 Mary-2.
Frank: Ah! *Holding his leg. It was burnt from the fire*
Bobby: 你 okay?
Frank: See for yourself.
Bobby: *Looks at Frank's leg* 你 may wanna go to the hospital.
Frank: Thanks for pointing out the obvious.

Jesse was still unconscious when Jon got to him on his motorcycle.

Jon: *Stops 下一个 to Jesse's suburban, and runs to Jesse* Jesse? Hey, is everything okay?
Mare 48: He's unconscious officer.
Jon: Are 你 okay ma'am?
Mare 48: I'm fine.
Jon: How did this happen?
Mare 48: Some 橙子, 橙色 car was on the wrong side of the road, and I swerved to avoid him, but I ended up hitting your partner's car.
Jon: Did 你 see which way the car went?
Mare 48: *Points behind her* That way.
Jon: Alright, thanks for your help. When 你 feel comfortable, 你 can go.
Mare 48: *Drives away*
Jon: *Gets on the radio* Canterlot 15 Mary-3, the 毒蛇 got away, and we have an unconscious officer on Revo Road under Highway 59. I'm gonna stay with him until he wakes up.
Dispatch: Ten-4.

Meanwhile, at Frank's location, officer Benjamin Webster appeared in a Ford Super Duty pick up truck.

Benjamin: Canterlot 7-Elias, at the Wymont lake, picking up 15 Mary-4, and his motorcycle.
Frank: *Climbs into Benjamin's truck* After 你 drop off my bike, get me to the hospital.
Benjamin: Sure thing.
Bobby: *Puts the motorcycle on the back of Benjamin's truck* You're all good Webster.
Benjamin: *Drives the truck*

Gordon, and Master Sword were back in the purple GTO. They were driving down the Coltis freeway.

Gordon: *Sees a 小马 in a red sedan tailgating him*
Red Sedan Pony: *Honking the horn*
Gordon: Hehehe. He doesn't know what he's in for. *Lowers the bottom of his car*
Red Sedan Pony: *Getting hit 由 sparks. He moves to the right to get away from them, but crashes into a Camaro*
Camaro Pony: *Goes down an embankment*
Master Sword: Forgive me Gordon, but aren't we supposed to do this only when the others are stealing those cars?
Gordon: Tom's stealing the Viper, remember?
Master Sword: Oh yeah.
Gordon: *Hears his phone ringing* Answer that, will you?
Master Sword: *Answers phone* Hello
Tom: *At the warehouse* I 迷失 the cops. I'm at the warehouse with the 毒蛇 right now.
Master Sword: *To Gordon* Tom got the Viper.
Gordon: Good. *Shouts into the phone* We'll meet 你 over there. *Drives to the warehouse*

Meanwhile at headquarters,

Sargent Getraer: *Sees Benjamin appear in his truck, and sees Frank sitting 下一个 to him* What happened?
Frank: Caught on 火, 消防 Sarge. Webster is taking me to the hospital.

The Canterlot Highway Patrol has a mechanic named Harlan Arliss. He was taking Frank's motorcycle off of the back of Benjamin's truck.

Harlan: *Looks at the damage* My goodness. What happened here?
Sargent Getraer: The same thing that happened to Frank. It caught on fire. *To Benjamin* Alright, get him to the hospital.
Benjamin: *Drives to the hospital*


Master Sword: This was an amazing plan.
Gordon: Yes it is. If only I thought of it sooner. *Arrives at the warehouse*
Master Sword: Still, its a great plan.
Gordon: *Stops at the warehouse, and sees the Viper* Wait a minute. *Gets out of the car, and looks at the back of the Viper* TOM!
Tom: *Walks over* 你 didn't have to shout, I could hear- *Sees Gordon is very angry* you.
Gordon: *Points to the back of the car which has a dent on it* What is this?!
Tom: Oh, that. 你 see, I had to get rid of the cops, so I bumped into one of their police bikes.
Gordon: I DON'T CARE!! I TOLD 你 NO DAMAGE ON THE CARS!!! Take this back, and get another one!!!!
Tom: Alright, I'm going. *Gets in the Viper, and drives away*
Master Sword: So much for a simple job.
Gordon: I tell him to do one simple thing, and he doesn't do it.
Master Sword: And I thought I was dumb.
Gordon: Don't worry, 你 still are.

Under highway 59, Jon was still with Jesse. He moved Jesse into one of the passenger seats, and drove the Suburban onto the side of the road. He did the same thing with his motorcycle.

Jesse: *Waking up*
Jon: 你 feel alright? Can 你 drive?
Jesse: Yeah, but the left front wheel on my car is messed up. I need to get it repaired. Was I asleep?
Jon: 你 were knocked out from a car crash. Call for a tow truck, and I'll stay here with 你 until it arrives.
Jesse: Thanks Jon. *Gets on the radio* Canterlot 7-Ian, no longer unconscious, but my Suburban's left wheel is jammed. I need a tow truck.
Dispatch: Ten-4 7-Ian.

Meanwhile, Tom dropped off the bad Viper, and saw another one.

Tom: Hello. *Gets out, and goes to a yellow viper* Black stripes. Nice. *Gets into the yellow Viper, and drives away*
Sargent Getraer: *Riding by, and sees the 橙子, 橙色 viper. Then, he looks at the yellow 毒蛇 he passed, and turns around to follow it*
Tom: *Floors it*

Song for another car chase: link

Sargent Getraer: This is Canterlot 15 Mary-1 to all units. Suspect has switched from an 橙子, 橙色 Viper, to a yellow one with black stripes. I'm in pursuit, and we're heading south west on Revo Road.
Jon: *Rides his motorcycle* Canterlot 15 Mary-3, joining in the pursuit against the Viper. Are 你 still on Revo Road?
Sargent Getraer: Yeah, we're still on Revo Road. 你 got a long way to go in order to catch up to us.
Jon: I'll do my best Sarge. *Rides his bike over 100 miles an hour*
Tom: *Drifts to the left*
Sargent Getraer: *Turns left*
Jon: *Rides on a dirt road, and catches up to Sargent Getraer* Did 你 miss me Sarge?
Sargent Getraer: Let's just say, I'm glad you're here to help me.
Tom: *Turns right, and heads towards a harbor* 你 chippies won't catch up to me.
Sargent Getraer: I think he might try to lose us in the harbor. Call for backup.
Jon: Canterlot 15 Mary-3, and 1, we're still in pursuit of the yellow SRT Viper, and we need back up.
Barry: *Sees the 毒蛇 in his rear view mirror* 7-Adam, responding half a mile ahead of you.
Sindy: 7-Charles, responding at the intersection of Revo, and Peak. *Turns left, and is behind Jon, and Getraer as she chases the Viper*
Tom: *Sees Sindy behind him, and sees Barry in front of him, and turns right. He goes onto the sidewalk*
Pedestrians: *Running out of the way*
Tom: *Hits a pony, as he turns back onto the road*
Sargent Getraer: Go after him, I'm gonna help the 小马 that got run down. *Stops near the 小马 that got hit 由 Tom's car*

At the warehouse

Master Sword: ............. Man, he sure is taking a long time.
Gordon: We may have to go distract the cops. *Gets into his car* Let's go!
Master Sword: *Gets in the car*
Gordon: *Drives*

Meanwhile, with Tom in the Viper.

Jon: *Does a wheely, and gets the front wheel onto the Viper*
Tom: Get your motorcycle off my car!
Jon: *Slows down, and gets the wheel off of the car*
Barry: *Goes on the left side of Tom*
Sindy: *Goes on the right side*
Tom: *Floors it, and passes a gate door that is closing*
Barry & Sindy: *Stop their cars before they crash*
Jon: *Passes the gate door just in time*
Barry: Good timing Jon.
Jon: Yeah, a 秒 later, and I would be on the ground crying. Stay there, that's the only way he can get out of the harbor.
Barry: Will do Jon. Me, and Sindy won't move.
Tom: *Drifting pass a tower of containers*


Gordon: *On a road passing 由 the harbor* Those cops are too busy looking at the harbor.
Stallion 93: *Driving a pick up truck*
Gordon: Perfect. *Lowers the back end of his car, and makes sparks*
Stallion 93: Oh my goodness! *Loses control from the sparks, and crashes into the police cars*
Gordon: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! *Floors it, and turns right* Did 你 see that?!!!? They didn't even notice us!!
Master Sword: That was a good plan. I hope it helps Tom.
Tom: *Still drifting, but ends up going off the road, and into the water*

Stop the song

Jon: *Stops his motorcycle* Okay, get out of there!
Tom: *Swimming towards a ladder for him to climb up*
Jon: And don't try any funny business, because I got two officers waiting 由 the only way out of here.
Tom: *Gets to Jon*
Jon: *Puts hoofcuffs on Tom, then talks on the radio* Barry, I apprehended the suspect. Come put him in your car. *Hears nothing on the radio* Bear? *Pushes Tom towards the entrance of the harbor* Come with me. *Walks to the entrance with Tom, and sees Barry, and Sindy dealing with the stallion that crashed into them* What happened to 你 two?
Barry: This 小马 was taking his brand new Silverado for a spin, until that purple Pontiac went by.
Jon: The one Getraer told us about?
Sindy: Yeah, the skidder.
Jon: Alright, I got the suspect that was driving the Viper. He drove off the harbor, and into the water.
Barry: *Laughs* How did 你 do that?
Tom: *Talks with his mouth closed, and is very angry* Don't ask.

Gordon, and Master Sword were waiting for Tom at their warehouse.

Master Sword: He sure is taking a while to get back. 你 think he was caught?
Gordon: Possibly. Not even that crash we caused made him escape the cops. 嘿 Gonzo!

Mike Gonzo, a Scottish earth 小马 arrived.

Mike: What can I do for you?
Gordon: Go steal that Ram.
Mike: 你 can count on me sir.
Gordon: Alright, let's go. *Gets into his car with Mike, and drives away*

Meanwhile at CHP headquarters.

Harlan: *Sees Jesse's suburban arrive on a tow truck* Oh my goodness!
Jesse: *Gets out of the tow truck* Tell me about it. This is terrible.
Harlan: 你 think? Your left front wheel is stuck on the fender. What were 你 doing?
Jesse: It's not my fault.
Harlan: I never 说 it was your fault. Did I?
Jesse: Nevermind that. The reason this happened, is because of a car I was chasing. The driver managed to make a car crash into me.
Harlan: *Nods* While your Chevy is being repaired, I looked at some other vehicles 你 could use. Since Frank Poncherello is in the hospital, 你 can use his motorcycle, 或者 if 你 feel like staying with four wheels, I got three Dodge Chargers.
Jesse: The Dodge I guess.
Harlan: Alright. *Gives Jesse the keys to a Dodge Charger* It's all yours.
Jesse: Thanks *Gets in the car*

Meanwhile, at a dealership 下一个 to Princess Celestia's castle.

Gordon: Alright, make it quick. Then head back to the warehouse as soon as possible.
Gonzo: I'll do me best. *Gets out*
Gordon: *Drives away*
Gonzo: *Walks to the Dodge Ram* Hello. *Picks the lock* Hope 你 don't mind if I steal you. *Unlocks the door, and gets in. As soon as he starts the car, he drives away*
Dealer: *Walks over to where the truck was, and sees it being driven away* HEY!! That truck is stolen from my dealership!!

Song for car chase, start the song at 4:57: link

Jon & Steve: *Riding their 摩托车 on the other side of Princess Celestia's castle*
Dispatch: Units near Celestia's castle, be on the lookout for a black Dodge Ram, stolen from the Chrysler dealership on Saratoga Avenue.
Jon: Let's get him Steve.
Steve: *Nods*
Jon: *Gets on the radio* Canterlot 15 Mary-3, and 6, responding on Voyal Lane.
Dispatch: Ten-4.
Jon: *Riding towards an intersection*
Gonzo: *Sees Jon, and Steve* Two chips. They ain't catching me. *Floors it pass the intersection*
Ponies in cars: *Crash into each other*
Steve: Go after the truck, I'll help out those ponies that got hurt.
Jon: 你 got it. *Goes after the truck*
Steve: *Stops near the car crash*
Jon: *On the radio* Canterlot 15 Mary-3, still in pursuit of the Dodge Ram, half a mile south of the train station. Any units available to assist, please respond.
Barry: *Gets on the radio* 7-Adam, I'm at the train station right now.
Jebediah: 7-David, nearby the train station.
Arthur: 15 Mary-5, responding at the intersection of Saratoga, and Byler.
Jon: 你 three think 你 can form a roadblock?
Jebediah: We'll give it a shot.

Arthur placed his motorcycle between Barry's Charger, and Jebediah's Ford Interceptor.

Gonzo: *Stops, and hits Arthur's motorcycle*
Arthur: *Falls down, and breaks his watch*
Gonzo: *Goes backwards, and turns left going toward the train tracks*
Jon: Update, he's driving onto the train tracks.
Arthur: *Gets back onto his motorcycle, and follows Jon*
Barry & Jebediah: *Follow Arthur*
Jon: Alright, this guy can go fast offroad, and on rough terrain. Turner, try to ram him. If he tries to turn around, the rest of us will block him off.
Jebediah: Ten-4 Jon.
Jebediah: *Catching up to Gonzo*
Gonzo: *Turns left off the train tracks*
Jon: He's off the tracks.
Barry: *Sees a suburb in front of him* I think he's driving towards that suburb in front of us.
Arthur: Looks like it's a quarter of a mile from here.
Jon: Grossman, you, and Jeb stay behind him. Me, and 熊 are gonna take a shortcut.
Barry: Lead the way Jon.
Jon: *Goes right*
Barry: *Follows Jon*
Gonzo: *Sees Jon, and Barry going away from the chase* What are they up to? *Turns left*
Arthur: Alright, I think I know what they're up to. *Passes Gonzo*

Jon, and Barry made a road block with their motorcycle, and car at one part of the suburb.

Arthur: *Blocks the road on the left*
Gonzo: *Turns right, and sees Jon, and Barry blocking the road. He puts on the brakes, turns left, and crashes into a 火, 消防 hydrant*

Stop the song

Jon: *Runs to the truck, and opens the door* Okay, step out of the vehicle.
Gonzo: *Gets out of the truck*
Jon: *Cuffs Gonzo*
Barry: I'll take him Jon. *Opens back door of police car*
Jon: *Points to Barry's police car* Why don't 你 have a 座位 over there please?
Gonzo: *Sits in Barry's police car*

At the warehouse, Gordon returned.

Master Sword: *Opens a big door for Gordon's car to get into the warehouse*
Gordon: *Stops his car inside the warehouse* Don't tell me Mike never made it back here with the pick up truck.
Master Sword: *Closes door* I don't think he did.
Gordon: Well, he never did have common sense. Unlike the 下一个 小马 we're going to use for getting that Volkswagen. Dexter!
Dexter: *Arrives* What do 你 want boss?
Gordon: We need 你 to steal the Volkswagen
Dexter: The rally car?
Gordon: Yes. Now as we all know, the rally car is coming here from Ponyville for a race. The driver will enter Canterlot tomorrow, under Highway 24. If our calculations are correct, the car will be there at 7 AM.
Master Sword: And please, try not to get pulled over unlike the others.
Dexter: Y'all don't need to worry. I ain't gonna fail.

Meanwhile at CHP headquarters, Getraer was holding a meeting, but he wasn't in the room.

Jon: I wonder what's taking Getraer so long.
Sindy: I heard he was calling Ponch to make sure he's okay.
Arthur: *Arrives* 你 guys, I'm in big trouble!
Jesse: What's wrong?
Arthur: Remember that watch I showed 你 yesterday morning?
Barry: Did 你 break it when 你 fell down?
Arthur: Yeah.
Sindy: How did he fall down?
Barry: We set up a road block with Jebediah, and the 小马 we were trying to stop hit Grossman's bike. He fell down, and broke his watch.
Jon: Aw Grossie, we warned 你 to be careful with that watch.
Arthur: I know, I know. I bought this thing for five hundred dollars!
Jon: Maybe 你 can find a place that will fix it, cheap.
Jesse: I know a guy. His name is-
Sargent Getraer: *Arrives* Okay Grossman, 你 can 显示 everypony your watch for show, and tell later. Right now, I got something to tell you. Everypony sit down.
CHP Officers: *Sitting down*
Sargent Getraer: First off, I wanna let 你 guys know about Poncherello. He's still in the hospital, and if he's lucky, he'll be back here tomorrow. Second, about the group of ponies stealing those cars. *Crosses off the Viper, and the ram* We got two 更多 today. The Volkswagen Beetle will be here tomorrow, so keep a close eye on it. We don't want them stealing that rally car. That's it for today, go home, relax, and get a goodnight sleep. 你 need as much energy as 你 can get for tomorrow.

As the officers were leaving, Bobby went to Jon, and Jesse.

Bobby: 嘿 guys, I got a discount for this reservation at Applebees down the block. Wanna go?
Jon: Sure. Wanna go with us Jesse?
Jesse: Sure. I got nothing else planned. Why not?

At Applebees, this song was playing: link

Jon: I wonder what those guys have planned for stealing the rally car.
Jesse: Who knows?
Bobby: 你 know who the rally car belongs to?
Jon: Uh, I think a news company 说 it belongs to Tanner Foust.
Bobby: That's right.
Jesse: So we should probably keep our eyes on the car.
Jon: Yeah, that's what Getraer said.
Waiter: *Arrives* Good evening. I'm Silver Tray, and I'll be your waiter for the night. What would 你 like to drink?
Bobby: Rootbeer.
Jon: Sprite.
Jesse: Water.
Waiter: *Writing down the drinks, and walks to get them*
Jesse: When do 你 think the criminals will strike?
Jon: As soon as the car enters this city.
Bobby: And when is that?
Jon: I don't know. Tanner is driving the rally car from Ponyville, so there's three ways he can get here. Going on the road that passes under Highway 24, using Marker's Lane 由 that Toyota dealership, and then there's a road that goes parallel to the harbor.
Jesse: Then we gotta be careful.
Jon: Right.
Waiter: *Arrives with drinks, and gives them to Jon, Bobby, and Jesse* And what would 你 like for dinner?
Jon: I think I'll have chicken tenders with french fries.
Bobby: *Looking at the menu* I see 你 have something new on your menu called Sriracha Shrimp. I'd like to have that please.
Waiter: *Writing down orders, and looks at Jesse* How about 你 sir?
Jesse: Just a burger with everything on it, please.
Waiter: Would 你 like fries with that?
Jesse: Sure.
Waiter: I'll be back with your food. *Walks away*
Jon: Alright, back to the rally car.
Jesse: Right now?
Jon: Yeah. I think me, and Steve will be on our 摩托车 near Highway 24. Bobby, 你 should check out the harbor with Grossman, Barry, and Jebediah. That leaves Jesse, the sarge, and Sindy with Marker Road.
Jesse: Very well.

下一个 morning, 6:55 AM, under highway 24.

Gordon: *Waiting with Dexter* When that racer arrives, I'm gonna block him off, and make him drive into the dirt.
Dexter: Sounds like a smart idea.
Gordon: *Gets binoculars, and sees a pick up truck pulling a trailer. On the trailer is the Volkswagen Beetle rally car* German racing cars at it's finest.
Dexter: What are 你 waitin' for? Block him off.
Gordon: *Drives his car to block the road*
Tanner: *Drives into the dirt*
Gordon: *Stops his car 下一个 to Tanner's truck*
Tanner: What are 你 doing?!
Gordon: Give us the keys to your rally car!!
Tanner: No.
Gordon: *Opens the door on Tanner's truck* GIVE THEM TO ME!!!
Dexter: Hurry up Gordon.

Jon, and Steve were getting closer to the rally car.

Steve: 嘿 Jon, I think I see the purple Pontiac.
Jon: Yeah, looks like a 2006 GTO.
Steve: And there's also the Volkswagen Beetle.
Jon: Canterlot 15 Mary-3, and 6, we spotted two ponies attempting to hijack the rally car.
Gordon: *Takes the keys from Tanner, and punches him*
Tanner: Ah! *Falls on the floor*
Gordon: *Throws the keys to Dexter* Two chips on their way here! Get that rally car started, and meet me, and Master Sword at the harbor!! *Gets in his car, and drives away*

Song for car chase: link

Dexter: *Runs to the Volkswagen, and gets in it*
Jon: Go after the beetle! The GTO is mine!
Dexter: *Drives the beetle off of the trailer, and turns right*
Jon: *On the radio* Canterlot 15 Mary-3, in pursuit of the purple 2006 Pontiac GTO. Mary-6 is in pursuit of the Volkswagen Beetle Rally car.

For now, we will focus on Dexter.

Dexter: *Goes up a hill, and lands on highway 24 in slow motion*
Steve: *Does exactly the same thing 《嗜血法医》 did* The suspect is on Highway 24, southbound. Just passed exit 41.
Sargent Getraer: *Parked 由 Jesse, and Sindy* 15 Mary-1, 7-Charles, and 7-Ian, responding. We'll enter the highway near Exit 46. *Rides to the highway*
Sindy & Jesse: *Following Sargent Getraer*
Dexter: *Turns his car slightly to the right*
Steve: *Gets hit 由 Dexter, and falls down*
小马 983: *Stops his car inches from Steve*
小马 298: *Brakes, but hits the back of the car in front of him, and goes airborne. He lands the car on it's front, and it lands on the roof*
小马 253: *Swerves in a station wagon, and goes down a hill*
小马 873: *Stops, and gets hit 由 a sports car which catches on fire*

Stop the song

Steve: *Quickly stands up* Everypony, get away from the fire!!
Ponies: *Getting away from the fire*
Steve: Canterlot 15 Mary-6, I was knocked down 由 the rally car. Multiple car crashes are near my position. I have to stay here, and help everyone out.
Sargent Getraer: Ten-4 Mary-6. Me, Sindy, and Jesse will take over from here.
Steve: Okay. Good luck.
Sargent Getraer: *Rides his motorcycle onto the highway, followed 由 Sindy, and Jesse*
Dexter: *Looks in the rear view mirror, and sees the three officers* Come on. Give somepony a break for once. *Goes off the highway*
Sargent Getraer: He's going off the highway. We need to stop him, before he causes 更多 destruction.
Dexter: *Turns right*
Sargent Getraer: *Follows Dexter*
Jesse: *Follow Sargent Getraer*
Sindy: *Follows Jesse*
Dexter: *Looks at the road in front of him. It's straight, barely any cars are on it, and it goes on for 4 miles. He floors it*
Sargent Getraer: *Passing Dexter, and opens one of the saddle bags on his motorcycle*
Dexter: *Watching Sargent Getraer*
Jesse: Sarge, what are 你 doing?
Sargent Getraer: Watch, and learn Neighbor.
Dexter: *Sees Sargent Getraer in front of him* I'm gonna run 你 over boy.
Sargent Getraer: *Grabs a box of nails from his saddlebag, and pours the nails onto the road*
Dexter: *Runs over the nails, and spins out of control*
Sindy & Jesse: *Stop 下一个 to the rally car*
Sargent Getraer: *Turns around, and goes back to Dexter*
Jesse: Nice work Sarge.
Sargent Getraer: That's what happens when 你 become a cop for 更多 then ten years. 你 get smarter every day. *Stops 下一个 to Jesse's car* Get him out of the rally car.
Sindy: *Opens door* Step out of the vehicle sir.
Dexter: *Gets out of the rally car, and is very angry* I hate all of you!
Sargent Getraer: Tell me something I don't know.

At the warehouse, for the very last time in this fanfic.

Master Sword: *Watching Gordon pull into the warehouse in his car*
Gordon: Get in here!
Master Sword: *Runs into Gordon's car*
Gordon: *Drives out of the warehouse*
Master Sword: What are we doing now?
Gordon: Escaping. Our plan has gone horribly wrong.
Jon: *Behind Gordon, and turns on his siren*

Song: link

Gordon: *Floors it, and holds his neck* Ah!
Master Sword: Your neck still hurts?
Gordon: Yes. That is why I am wearing this neck brace! *Turns left*
Jon: I can't wait to get my hooves on those two! *Gets on the radio* Canterlot 15 Mary-3, the Pontiac is now going towards the harbor. I need backup.
Benjamin: 7-Elias responding. *Drives his super duty police truck towards the car chase*

At the harbor

Barry: He's heading towards us 你 guys.
Bobby: 15 Mary-2 responding.
Arthur: 15 Mary-5 responding.
Barry: 7-Adam responding.
Jebediah: 7-David responding.
Gordon: *Turns right as he passes the harbor*
Bobby: *Chases Gordon with Arthur, Barry, and Jebediah*
Master Sword: Oh man, they're catching up.
Gordon: Shut up. We'll lose 'em. *Lowers the bottom of his car*
Jon: *Slows down*
Master Sword: It's not working.
Gordon: *Raises the bottom of his car, and turns left into an alleyway*
Jon: Everyone stay back there in case he tries to turn around.
CHP Officers: *Staying behind*
Gordon: *Lowers the bottom of his car*
Jon: *Decreases his speed so the sparks won't get him*
Sargent Getraer: *Blocking Gordon's path*
Gordon: Uh oh. *Raises the bottom of his car, and begins to go backwards*
Jon: *Turns right, and hits a wall*
Gordon: *Slightly turns the steering wheel left, and hits a poll, which falls down on his car*

Stop the song

Jon & Sargent Getraer: *Ride their 摩托车 to the car*
Jon: *Opens Master Sword's door, and arrests him*
Sargent Getraer: *Arresting Gordon* Jon, call it in.
Jon: *Gets to the radio* Canterlot 15 Mary-3, and 1, we stopped the two suspects in the Pontiac.
Jesse: 7-Ian, coming to pick them up. *Drives to the scene*
Gordon: 你 two officers- wait a minute. *Moves his head around* Hey, my neck doesn't hurt anymore! *Laughs* 嘿 Master Sword! How does your neck feel?!
Master Sword: *In pain* Awful
Gordon: *Laughing* IT'S A SIGN FROM GOD! My days of misery are over!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
Master Sword: *Looks up in the sky* Don't listen to him! He's nuttier then a fruitcake!
Jon: What does that make you, huh?! 你 were with him the entire time!
Jesse: *Arrives, and stops behind Gordon's car*
Jon: *Pushes Master Sword to Jesse's car* Get in there.
Sargent Getraer: *Puts Gordon in Jesse's car*
Jon: *Does the same to Master Sword*
Jesse: *Drives to headquarters*
Master Sword: Gordon?
Gordon: Yes?
Master Sword: I'm suing 你 for everything you've got.

At headquarters, Frank Poncherello returned.

Frank: *Has a big band-aid on his leg where it caught on fire*
Sargent Getraer: Well. Looks like they did a good job taking care of you.
Frank: Yeah, but I'm glad to be back.
Sargent Getraer: Your shift ends in two hours. Wanna get on your motorcycle, and ride with Jon?
Frank: 你 got it.

Ending theme: link

Two hours later, Jon, and Frank rode their 摩托车 on the highway while heading towards a sunset.

As part of the ending credits appear, everything, and everyone pauses from what they're doing.

Jon: *Looks at his watch* Alright, our shift is over. I'll see 你 tomorrow. *Rides off the highway*
Frank: *Stays on the highway* See ya partner. *Looks in front of him, and sees a Mercedes Benz swerving*

Starring the police ponies

Jon Baker
Frank Poncherello

Frank: *Gets on the radio* Canterlot 15 Mary-4, stopping a drunk driver on the Coltis Freeway.
Dispatch: Ten-4 Mary-4.
Frank: *Rides in front of the Mercedes, and sees an old mare driving it*

Barry Baricza
Sargent Joseph Getraer
Arthur Grossman

Mare: *Looking at Frank*
Frank: *Signalling the mare to pull over*

Jesse Neighbor
Jebediah Turner
Sindy Cahill

Mare: *Pulling over*
Frank: *Goes to the side of the road, and still signalling the mare to pull over*
Mare: *Goes down a grassy hill*

Steve McLeash
Bobby Nelson
Harlan Arliss

Frank: *Stops his motorcycle, and looks behind him. He doesn't know where the Mercedes went, so he turns around*

Starring the bad guys

Leaf Pile
Gordon Suite

Mare: *Climbing out of her car* 你 stupid stallion!!
Frank: *Stops his motorcycle 由 the mare's car* How did 你 end up down there?
Mare: 你 told me to drive off the road!!
Frank: *Laughs to himself, and shakes his head while looking down at the handlebars of his motorcycle*

Tom Foolery
Mike Gonzo

Frank: Ma'am, *Looks at the mare* If I wanted 你 to drive off the road, I would be driving a dump truck.
Mare: 你 cops, and your excuses! I'll notify your Sargent about this!!

Also starring Windwakerguy430's Master Sword, and SeanTheHedgehog's Tanner Foust

下一个 morning, Jon, and Frank laughed about the mare in the Mercedes Benz. They also rode their 摩托车 down highway 24 which was full of traffic, but everyone was able to go 55 miles an hour.

The End

This has been a SeanTheHedgehog Production

In association with Windwakerguy430
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