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It was a quiet morning in the small town of ponyville with every one waking up as the little birds chirped their greetings to the new risen sun, the roosters' 乌鸦 sounded off waking up those who lived near the farms while in middle of the town and the blaring of mechanical alarm clocks could be heard. Many of the ponies and other creatures paid no heed to the birds 或者 male chickens, their only focus was on how to treat the new day. Some no matter what would have a sunny disposition, while others would have the preverbal rain 云, 云计算 over them, but a loud crash shattered the early morning peace....
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Best Epic Pinkie Pie EVER
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 An example of an Alicorn
An example of an Alicorn
(Remember, this is MY OPINION, 你 don't have to agree)
-Do not make your character an Alicorn. Choose 1. Unicorn, 或者 Pegasus. And what's wrong with a good Earthpony?
-Do not make your character 更多 powerful than the canon ponies. Example:My pegasus character is as fast/even faster than 彩虹 Dash and The Wonderbolts!!!!
-Try to make your character have a unique talent. Don't make it something that a canon 小马 already has. Example: My 小马 has Pinkie Pie's cutie mark cuz she likes to party too!!!!
-(I haven't seen this so far, and hope I never see it in the future) DO NOT MAKE YOUR CHARACTER THE 7TH ELEMENT OF HARMONY
-Do not have a innappropriate(excuse my spelling) character. 你 can have your character be mean, 或者 even evil. But do not make them too violent for My Little Pony. Example: My 小马 is a killer and always carries 枪 to shoot 随意 ponies!!!!!!!!!
I hope 你 enjoyed my article, so have a nice 日 ^^