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andee333 posted on Jul 23, 2011 at 11:11PM
I know how everyone feels. We're all going through Season Finale Depression. We want more MBAV dang it, so we scour the Internet for reruns, forums, fan clubs, and any possible info about season two (which is most likely starting in October from what I've heard.

So instead of just waiting, I've decided to write a series of 14 fanfics that will be like a fan-made second season. I'm almost done with the first one, and when I post it, I will put a link in this club under the "links" section. I really think you all are gonna love it!

I tried to stay as true to the series as possible, using words that the characters would actually say or have said. The only big difference is that I've added a new character named Lizzy, who is Sarah's competition when it comes to Ethan. (TEASER: She's not fully human...)

I should be posting the first "episode" in no more than two days. I'm even trying to make it so that each story takes 30 minutes to read, as if it's an actual episode! Wish me luck everybody! MBAV forever!!! :-)

andee333 (Alex) <3
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一年多以前 andee333 said…
What do you think guys?
一年多以前 hinataxneji1 said…
when will it be done?
一年多以前 andee333 said…
It took a little longer than I thought it would, but I'll be posting it tomorrow. I'll try to post a new one every week. :)
一年多以前 AttysBaby24 said…
big smile
That's frekin' awesome! Can't wait.
一年多以前 andee333 said…
big smile
Thanks AttysBaby24! The support means so much! :-)
一年多以前 neofly said…
It sounds really good hope to get a chance to rea d them all. keep at it
一年多以前 1bsitvampfan said…
big smile
omg ur a genieous
一年多以前 andee333 said…
Aw! Thanks you guys! Love you all!!! :-D
一年多以前 rorylover1999 said…
Sounds kool Ill Watch it but dont no if lizzy is goin to work or not but i think ill wait till 2nd sesson comes along im haveing MBAV Attack i am haveing crazy toughts because its not on lol cant wait to see rory my love lol