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posted by Mushii
Mushii's GrateFul ^__^

Only a few months ago, without any suspicion from me(-.-), Runo09 made a spot for me, which I'm very grateful to!

I'm also very grateful to thoose of 你 wich joined, I'm happy to know so many people like me here. Really. Honto ni.

So once again, thank you, and Happy New Years! ^__^

Also I'll add some 随意 stuff about me, for fun.
Name: Just call me Mushii.
Age: 14
Live: Somewhere far away, where 你 wont get to know xD

- You're Mushii
posted by Mushii
Mushii was sitting 下一个 to Runo09 and runofan1 as they where mumbeling to each other, alice-shun came into the room.

"Hey! What are 你 girls doing?" she asks politely.
"Just talking about the latest Bakugan news, where did 你 come from?" Runo09 askes, as if se was suscpisious 或者 something.
"From death!" Wonderfool 回复 behind alice-shun's back.

alice-shun get frightend and sit 下一个 to Mushii.
"Why is it that everytime I turn around for a secound 你 make chaous?" that was Alice_Gehabich's voice.
"Naaw, but you're so boring, Alice!" Wonderfool says "If 你 where 更多 fun, I bet that boys would...
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posted by Runo09
Mushii is a 13 yr. old girl which i luv so much!
Her real name is Mushii Kisuo.She loves alot of animes which include Bakugan and Shugo
I made this club cuz she's my bestie.
I'm really sad when she's not on 'cause she's the best person to chat with.
I really believe in all of those stuff i wrote.

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