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Bedward4lyf posted on Dec 06, 2008 at 06:20PM
If midnight sun comes out what do you guys think will be on the cover? i've wondered this for months! im thinking like...something Edward likes idk. what do you think?

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一年多以前 deeanna said…
big smile
a piano .... no im joking i d k
一年多以前 twilight4ever-4 said…
I think it might be a idk something out there.
一年多以前 zoeyfan12 said…
i think it might be a picture of bella
一年多以前 ktpitzman14 said…
I think it should be exactly like the twilight cover only maybe a guys hands instead like Edwards holding the apple! maybe but i think its pretty good my self and it fits with the rest of the series. the pictures of the blue suns and other ones that come up when you serch it don't fit with the rest of the books!!
一年多以前 New_Moon_Master said…
As far as I can tell, the covers have virtually nothing to do with the story. Exept maybe the fact that the flower is wilting for New Moon (The flower being Bella without Edward). With Breaking Dawn there's the little red chess piece in the background, which could be the Volturi. But only Stephanie can decide, and only she knows what the cover means. (Her and whoever she may have told, lol.)
But whatever it is, it'll probably be just as cool as her other covers.
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一年多以前 SaharaDi said…
hum... a bitten apple? XD idk
一年多以前 shivers-zimmy said…
I Think That The Purpose Of The Titles Are For Reader's Entepratation And They Can Mean Anything To Any Differnt Person! Stephenie Meyer is Unpredictable-In One Sence-So I am Clueless About The Cover Art For Midnight Sun! But I'm Excited To See It! <3
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一年多以前 sumay said…
I've seen what the cover looks like on a website.
Here's the link if any one is interested :
I'm not quite sure if it's REALLY it though.
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