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shortynme posted on May 26, 2008 at 10:33PM
I don't know about you girls, but Edward is so dang perfect! I wonder how we'll all take his flaws that will be shown to us from his point of view.
Like when Alice says that Edward is a grouch when he doesn't get his way, I don't see that anywhere in the Twilight series. Do you think we can handle the reality of what Edward is and deal with the fact that he may not be as perfect as we all think? Just something that I've been wondering.

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一年多以前 cheergeek said…
I know I can. I realized that Edward had flaws a long time ago. I don't see him with rose colored glasses like everyone else. I find him a very complicated person who thinks a lot.

I acutally can't wait to see more of his flaws. It makes him more human. And I'll love him either way =]
一年多以前 Bandgeek_XP said…
I never really thought he was prefect, I always tried to see past bella's eyes to make everyone look as equal as possable. I think seeing through Edward's eyes will be like a slap in the face for some people becuse edward thinks of himself as a revolting monster. He basically feels the same about the vampire thing the same way Rose does.

Over all i can't wait for midnight sun because i love edward personality! XD
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一年多以前 jacob4ever57 said…
yea i agree w you both!
一年多以前 mrsblack_1089 said…
I think it's a great idea that she's doing another book in Edward's point of view...and it should be interresting! We finally get to know all of the reasons for the reactions he has that Bella never told us!! But why ONLY Edward? Why not Jacob? I mean, he matters too, doesn't he? Doesn't he get a point of view? I think it would be cool if in the back of Midnight Sun, there would be just a few pages of Jacob's POV. Then we get to know why exactly Jacob loves Bella if he has Leah around!
一年多以前 EmmaHale said…
At this moment.. midnight sun means the fucking world to me.
I've always known who edward was but i really want to know exactly what he was thinking. I'm definately excited for this book, does anyone know when it comes out??

By the way... i never actaully knew jessica didn't like bella.
一年多以前 Bedward4lyf said…
i cant handle to see edwards flaws!! i read the first chapter of ms and i cried to hear that edward thought of bella like that ):
一年多以前 JenniferDempsey said…
Edward is such a complicated character which adds to him so much, in ways making him a lot more attractive. He has such an odd thought process and he is so deep, and by no means perfect. I also read the first chapter of MS ages ago and I LOVED IT, I cant wait for the book, seriously excited. I get what MrsBlack_1089 was saying but isnt it good that Jacob practically gets half of Breaking Dawn himself. I am just so EXCITED, brilliant : )
一年多以前 shivers-zimmy said…
Wow I Know That Edward Has Flaws-If You Read Between The Lines In Twilight You'll See It Too! But Everyone Has Flaws-Nobody Is Perfect! Edward Doesn't Have As Many Flaws As Everyone Else Does Though! Even If He Fictional He's So Close To Perfect!
He's Sooo The Perfect Boyfriend!
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