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The 下一个 day
Becca woke up to her alarm. It was set to 7 o'clock and she looked at it. 'I don't recall bringing an alarm clock with me...' She thought and soon heard a knocking. "Come in." She 说 and Katherine walked in. "I thought you'd be up. I bet your wondering why there's an alarm clock. I got that for you. The boys used to use it all the time for school in Gary. I felt as if I should give it to 你 and let 你 use it." Katherine told her. She smiled and nodded. "Thanks. I needed one anyway. My phone sometimes doesn't do the whole alarm thing." Katherine walked up to the 床, 床上 and Becca sat up and she sat down 下一个 to her. "You ready for round 2 today? I heard from Kenny that Michael is gonna 显示 up today to choose dancers." "I am ready for round 2, but I'm a bit nervous. I haven't danced so openly before and for someone like Michael. He's a major inspiration for me and I'm glad I get to do this." Katherine put an arm around her shoulder. "That's good. Well, breakfast is almost done. I'll call 你 when it is, ok?" "Ok." Katherine got up and headed out the door to finish breakfast. Becca got up and started changing into her white t-shirt and her black pants. She grabbed her heels and noticed that a life size Michael Jackson picture was in the room on the wall. She put her heels on quickly and stood 下一个 to the picture. 'I can't be taller than Michael when in heels. Luckily I'm 5'7".' She thought and her heels gave her a 2 inch boost. She heard her name from Katherine and took off her heels and went to eat breakfast.
At the studio
Round 2 had finally come. Andy and Becca were waiting anxiously to get in. She told Andy that she had been practicing Smooth Criminal in her room. "Oh really? Wow. Did 你 have an audience?" He asked with interest. "Yeah, and it was Michael's daughter, Paris." She told him. His jaw dropped. "His kid watched you? He has kids?" She giggled. "Yeah, he does. Prince, Paris, and Blanket. They are such sweethearts." "I bet." They continued chatting and walking into the black box and saw Kenny enter the room. "Guys, can I have your attention please?" He 说 and everyone gathered around him. "Your guest that's coming today is Michael Jackson. He is choosing his 15 dancers out of 200 of you. The 15 who stick out the most that catch his eye, 你 are in. Girls, only one person has permission to dress in something different because of her religion. Becca, will 你 step 前锋, 期待 please?" She walked up to Kenny and stood 下一个 to him. "I heard a great deal of this girl from Travis Payne and he believes she can make it. For those who made fun of her 由 how she dressed, be shocked when she gets the part in This Is It. Her aunt called yesterday and told me that she had been practicing Smooth Criminal her whole life and performed for one of Michael's kids." They heard gasps come from around everyone. "Now if she wants, she can 显示 us what she had been doing. Becca? Would 你 like to?" She nodded and pointed to Andy who was 由 the stereo. She switched out her heels for her loafers and got out her fedora. She looked at Andy and nodded and he started Smooth Criminal. They saw and witnessed her perform one of the hardest dances that no one could get right. She did every step, every hand movement, the shoulder pop, the moonwalk, everything. Once the song ended, they all clapped and cheered. "Alright! Oh, it's time everyone! Put your game faces on and head into the theater stage." Becca changed from her loafers to her heels and headed to the stage with Andy, her big brother.
On the stage
Becca felt calm. She just kept reminding herself that the stage was like home. Kenny soon walked in and Michael was sitting down. "Everyone, now that Michael Jackson is here, we will start the auditions. Girls, head into the wings for we will do the guys first." They nodded and the girls headed into the wings. Becca was the closest to the edge of the stage, watching her big brother and the same time looking at her idol. She could barely see him, but he was there. It was just dark.
Girls turn
The girls were to be dancing to a remix of Michael's songs. One of them happened to be the Smooth Criminal line 'You've been hit by, you've been hit 由 a smooth criminal' and it went on to the little bit of 音乐 it had. Becca felt odd because she saw all the other girls in either their 比基尼 或者 their bras and short shorts. She knew she'd feel this way, but let it go and danced along with them. Little did she know, Michael had his eye on her not only because she looked different, but she was dancing just like him. He turned to Kenny and asked who that was. "That's Becca, Michael. She came all the way from 日本 to audition for This Is It. She's practiced all your songs and dances." He 说 to him. Michael smiled and nodded to Kenny to put her on the 列表 of dancers. Kenny did so and they continued watching, finding other girls to be dancers.
Boys and Girls gathering on stage
Kenny was gonna announce the results. Becca was nervous and turned to Andy. "Andy, I'm gonna be in the black box." She told him. He turned to her. "Why?" He asked. "I felt I haven't done my best. I don't want to hear the results." Then she ran off. The others looked at her, but not the judges. They didn't hear her run off because Becca's heels were a plastic rubber. She took off her heels and went into the black box and sat in a corner, listening to her music.
In the theater
"And the dancers for Michael Jackson's This Is It...are..." Kenny 说 and announced the names. He got to Becca's name and looked up and didn't see her. Michael stood up and looked around. No Becca to be found. "Where is Becca Yamamoto?" Kenny asked. Andy spoke up. "She's in the black box, sir. She didn't want to hear the results if her name wasn't on the list." He said. "Why did she go in there?" "She felt like she didn't do her best." Travis got up. "I'll go get her." He said. Michael protested. "No, I'll go get her and I'll tell her that she made it." Michael 说 and walked out of the theater.
In the lobby
Michael was familiarizing himself with the whole studio while looking for the Black Box. "Hm...if I built this place, where would the black box be?" He asked himself. He heard 音乐 and listened closely. "I know that song...that's a Jackson 5 tune." He walked along, following the 音乐 until he found the black box. He opened the door to see nothing but darkness. He continued following the music, walking into the black box. The song got louder when he walked closer and found the girl he was looking for. He knelt down to her and saw pretty clearly that her knees were pulled up to her chest and her head was buried in her arms like she was crying. He put a hand on her shoulder and shook her slightly. "Becca?" She lifted her head, but couldn't see who was in front of her. He could tell she had been crying from the looks of it. "There's no need to cry, Becca." "I felt as if I hadn't done my best...I feel so stupid." She 说 and put her head back in her arms. Michael sat 下一个 to her and rubbed her back. "You did do your best. I watched you. I've been searching for 你 in this studio upside down to tell 你 that 你 made it." Her head lifted and she sniffled. "I...I did? I made it?" "Yes, 你 did. Now wipe those tears and head back to the theater for instructions about tomorrow's rehearsal." She did as she was told. "Thank 你 so much." "No problem, Becca." She smiled and ran back to the theater for instructions. She didn't know that it was Michael who came to tell her.
Back in the theater
Becca got back to the theater and Kenny saw her. "Becca, you're back. Ok, here's the instructions for tomorrow." He told everyone. He explained that they had to be warm tomorrow since the air conditioner was a little messed up. Michael walked in and sat down, watching everyone. Kenny walked up to every one of them and gave them a paper saying that they made it and the instructions and schedule for the rehearsals.
After everyone had left
Becca stayed around for a while, mainly because she had to catch up with Travis. Once she found Travis and caught up with him on what's been going on, she left to head on back to the house.
Back at the house
Becca walked in and saw Paris run up to her. They hugged and Paris was looking at the paper. "You made it?" She asked and Becca nodded. "Yes I did, Paris. Where are your brothers?" "Oh, they are with Grandma at Aunt LaToya's house. She told me to wait for 你 here." Becca smiled at Paris. "Well, since I made the cut, why don't we go get some ice cream? My treat." Paris' eyes were beaming with excitement. "Yeah!" Becca got her 涂层, 外套 and took Paris' hand and started walking toward the park, Paris having to wear her mask. Little did they know, they would least expect someone to be there getting ice cream, too.
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