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My Sweet Sister,Mia.......

Today as 你 know is your birthday.I want to be one of the first to wish 你 a very Happy Birthday.I am so glad I know you.I considered 你 one of my sisters right from the start.We have sooooooo much in common,the most important being our deep,mutual 爱情 for Twilight,along with Edward&Bella,Robert&Kristen,both as a couple and individually.I am sure we have other things in common,too.

I cannot say 或者 think of enough words to express what an amazing,wonderful,special person 你 are,Mia and for everything 你 have done.You are beautiful inside and out,Mia.I know...
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posted by ebcullen4ever
Mia,I amore you!!!You are my sister always and forever.We haven't known each other all that long,but I feel as if we have known each other all our lives.We have some things in common-the most important thing being our deep and abiding 爱情 for Twilight,Edward and Bella,Robsten,Kristen,Robert and a 爱情 for our sister,Krissy.We are the sisters of the Twilight Saga!!!!!!!!!!

你 are an amazing person,Mia-inside and out.You are caring,friendly,honest,loyal,funny,smart.There are soooo many words to describe you,Mia and what 你 mean to me.

I know 你 will be there for me whenever I need you,and I will be there for 你 when 你 need me.If 你 are feeling down 或者 scared 或者 want some advice,or want to share some happy (or sad)news,I will be there for you.What are sisters for,right?

We will be sisters,and I will 爱情 你 for as long as Edward and Bella's 爱情 will last...FOREVER

All my love...always and forever,Cheri
posted by AmberEdith
嘿 sweet sis!!

It's me. First of all:
I hope 你 will have an amazing day!
With lots of presents, 老友记 and family.
And no sickness! 你 so don't deserve all of that, 你 need to be healthy and enjoy life!
Thanks for being such a great friend, always!
You're so sweet and kind, you're together with Cheri the best sis I could wish for!
I made/found some pictures for you!
I hope 你 like them :)

I 爱情 你 forever!
posted by kristenfan10109
My dearest Mia,
I know its a 日 after your birthday but alice would say "We're celebrating anyway so suck it up!" I want to thank 你 for always reaching out to me, being there when I needed someone to talk to, 你 Cheri and the rest of our Twilight family are the best thing that has ever happened to me after this very hard 年 which I know hasn't been easy for 你 either but you're so loving, sweet, kind, caring, and incredibly STRONG!! which is something I admire in 你 greatly.
I wish 你 the best 日 ever my Mi and hope all your birthday wishes come true 你 deserve it and so much 更多 I 爱情 你 sis now and forever!!
All my love,
Krissy (Kelsey) xoxo's
posted by kristenfan10109
 Edward and Mia
Edward and Mia
My Dearest Mia,
What can I say? Is there any word in the world that can describe 你 there are a couple that come to mind strong, wonderful, incredible, beauty but there isn't just only one to sum 你 all up.
你 are such a wonderful person person Mi I can't imagine a world where 你 don't exist 你 a such a bright light that shines and warms my 心 你 always there when I need 你 and incredibly protective I've never been 更多 安全 in my life then when I'm with 你 and Cheri.
Know that your always in my thoughts and in my 心 and no matter what 或者 where ever my takes me 你 will always and forever be my sister! I 爱情 你 Mi

All my love,
Krissy Bear