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A Hard Day's Night

-Derek: "This is..."
Meredith: "... Humiliating. On so many levels. 你 have to go."
Derek: "Why don’t 你 just come back down here and we’ll pick up where we left off?"

-Meredith: "You know, we don’t have to do the thing."
Derek: "Oh, we can do anything 你 want."
Meredith: "No, the thing... exchange the details, pretend we care..."

-Meredith: "Look, I'm going to go upstairs and take a shower. Okay? And when I get back down here, 你 won't be here. So goodbye, um..."
Derek: "Derek."
Meredith: "Derek! Right. Meredith."

-Meredith: [about Derek] "You can't make a face, comment,...
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posted by jenifer_aniston
 Derek and Meredith
Derek and Meredith
Well, Meredith and Derek first met at Joe's Bar , when they would bolth start work tommrow. Derek is Merediths bosses boss. They bolth work at Settle Grace Hospital ( SGH ).Merediths mother Ellis Grey is a famous surgan. Meredith when she found out that Derek worked at SGH she was shocked as was I. Derek through episode 1-5 trys to make Meredith go out with him. Meredith 说 to Derek ' ITS THE THRILL OF THE CHASE '. when Derek is really sweet and says to Meredith ' ITS NOT THE THRILL OF THE CHASE, I LIKE U BECAUSE YOUR TINY FIST,YOUR BOSSEY AND YOUR HAIR SMELLS LIKE A FLOWER'. Meredith then...
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posted by McDreamyluva
Okay well this is the first time I did a soapbox, so yeah... and cuz i wrote too much English essays at school, u might find this very 'essay-ish' and formal, but i'll try to prevent doing that.

Okay now, Merder is my favourite couple on Grey's Anatomy, they're cute and sweet together, but how come they can't be together and have a stable relationship???

I think there're many reasons to explain this. Like for example, at the start of the series when they just met and Derek was chasing Mer, they seems soo in 爱情 and happy- until Addie showed up as Der's wife- which i believe has damaged Mer...
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posted by ItComesToThis
Ok, this may look like I´m obsessed! I´m not...really. I don´t even know why I wrote this! But I´m sure I´m not the first to do something like that and hopefully not the last. I simply like MerDer very much and they became my favourite TV screen couple very fast. English is not my first languague so I apologize for all mistakes and stupid sentences construction :D.
This wasn´t supposed to be like...scenes-related but then I couldn´t help it. I think that those moments between them are exactly what we like on MerDer.

So, why do we 爱情 MerDer? :D

Because addicted ones can find so many...
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posted by HoltNLucy4Ever
Here are a few reasons that I think are the reasons why we 爱情 Derek and Meredith:
We know that that they belong together and we know that they are an EPIC couple
We 爱情 it when they're together and hate it when they're not together
We wanted Derek to pick Meredith after she said, "Pick me, choose me, 爱情 me!"
We loved how Meredith realized she wasn't over him when she started calling him McDreamy
We realized that Meredith's therapy was helping her realize that she belonged with Derek
We hated Addison for coming between them and we knew that Derek belongs with Meredith
We wanted Meredith to be...
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