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posted by michelle1654
I had a dream that I was hanging out with the Mekakushi Dan. So they went to different rooms 或者 they went outside. I stayed with Kano because he wanted to get the ladies (he seriously did), so I helped him even though I found the whole idea hilarious. For some reason there were girls in the house, and Kano was trying to be a gentleman to all of them at once. He asked me to make 花生 牛油, 黄油 and 果冻 sandwiches(wtf) for them. I helped him out even though it was still freaking funny. For some reason, he somehow fucked up the 日期 with them all. I 迷失 it and started laughing my 屁股 off. He was crouching on the floor and looked like he was crying, so I apologized. He was just deceiving me because as soon I 说 sorry, he got up happily and 说 "okay!" Then we went to the 车库 and all of the Mekakushi Dan, including me, started playing hide and seek.

wut... this is sad

I don't care how terrible that paragraph and dream was because I have no idea what the hell was happening.
嘿 guys!
I wanted to give 你 guys so really useful 链接 and guides to the Kagerou Project, hope you'll appreciate!


Here is a link to all the ORIGINAL 视频 for Kagerou Project 发布 由 the creator Jin!

Here is a link to my playlist for all the Kagerou Project songs, English subbed. This includes songs without a PV. It's not done, but will be soon. Please support my channel!

What? Novels? Yes, the creator of Kagerou Project, Jin has created novels to the series. It tells 你 a lot 更多 about the story, I 爱情 阅读 them. Not all of them have been translated yet, but...
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