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I've never been a big 粉丝 of McDonalds, and before 你 come up to me and say;
"Then why are 你 写作 this article?"
I have to explain that I am NOT a part of this club. I am 写作 this 文章 for warning you, and I had to write it in this club ( I mean where else-?)

NO and don't get it wrong this isn't a hate to McDonalds. For me its 食物 is not that bad, and since it gives a lot of people a chance to work, I respect it so much.

This is just a warning, because although all the 食物 that is 流行的 and the work offers, McDonalds has a lot 更多 secrets then 你 think and I exposed them, with...
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posted by australia-101
Set up a 柠檬汽水, 柠檬水 stand right outside a McDonald's. See how long it takes to kicked out.

Go to mcdonalds and ask how much something on the dollar menu is.

Walk through the drive through at Mcdonalds and order something.

Go to McDonaldes and ask them for a cheese burger without cheese while driving backwards in drive in.

Go to mcdonalds dressed like a gangster and say 你 feel like a princess.

Go to mcdonalds and order everything on the menu..............THEN RUN!

Go to McDonalds and ask for fat free fries.

Go to mcdonalds and order tacos.

Pull someone in a wagon through a McDonalds drive thru.

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posted by edsweet
Did 你 hear about John Cisna, the Iowa science teacher who 迷失 almost 60 pounds eating nothing but McDonald's for breakfast, lunch and 晚餐 for six months?

He set it up as an experiment for his high school biology class, and no one believed he'd lose any weight. But once he did, he made headlines around the world.

His 最喜爱的 foods were the Egg White Delights and the 培根 Habernero Ranch Quarter Pounder.

I helped him write an e-book about the experience called My McDonald's Diet, which 你 can get on Amazon. It has all the daily menus in it and lots of stories about the experiment. It's pretty funny!
posted by shazyrach
when i was four i went to the ronald mcdonald live was really good but if i went to the shows now i wouldn't have enjoyed it very much because.i remember what he 说 in the 显示 ''clap your hands everybody 加入 in if 你 know it
if your happy and 你 know it clap your hands if your happy and 你 know it and 你 really want to 显示 it if your happy and 你 know it clap your hands if your happy and 你 know it stamp your feet if........... 你 get the idea.
so it was really fun and i hope i can go again someday to bring back memories
I was in a McDonalds recently, just about to get my happy meal on (head hanging in shame) when I witnessed something even 更多 disturbing than my total loss of dignity to a sugar/carb craving. There was a little boy in line ahead of me (who we will call Damien for the sake of this article) who had “a fit”. I’m not a child psychiatrist, but I did take a developmental psychology course at BU in 2001, so I’m going to go ahead find myself qualified to diagnose Damien with ADHD.

Damien’s mother had ordered a McFish Filet, which anyone who frequents McDonalds should know is going to take...
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posted by Whirlwind586
My friend has told me that his grandfather created the McDouble 三明治 a long time 以前 before McDonalds was called McDonalds. It was much bigger than it is now. That's probably because his boss 偷了 his idea. My friend's grandfather quit because of that. Now he takes care of my friend with the help of his wife where I live. My friend isn't lying to me. In fact, he never has. This is the truth between the buns, covered in a sause of mystery and secrecy. Why is it secret? You're just gonna have to find out yourself.
嘿 everybody. Today, I'm gonna talk about why McDonald's promoting Pokemon toys to boys is what Pokemon's marketing outside of 日本 when wrong.

Ugh. Why, McDonald’s? Why do 你 have to promote Pokemon toys to boys? Pokemon is not for boys. If 你 target Pokemon to boys, it’ll fail. That’s why The Pokemon Company International is not happy at 你 for releasing Pokemon toys to Happy Meal for boys. Pokemon needs to be promoted on its own. Not paring with a girl’s toys. Releasing 更多 girls toys to Happy Meals with Pokemon made Pokemon’s audiences 迷失 a huge chunk of girls. Pokemon...
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posted by YEHIA_RASHEED1
I saw a bone in the nagets for your health don't eat the nagets I just want 你 to be healthy ok just take care of your health and eat healthy 食物 to be strong and don't eat 破烂, 垃圾 食物 so 你 will not be weak and take care of all your senses that the god gave 你 all 破烂, 垃圾 食物 is bad i want 你 to eat everyday a kind of 食物 so your 心 and lungs healthy this 文章 reminded me a sentence " the healthy brain in the healthy body " this sentence taut us to be healthy and no to be weak so there are so many things teaches us to be healthy and not to be weak