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WarriorLover199 posted on Jun 07, 2012 at 09:53PM
Just advertise for fun I'll join!

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一年多以前 KittyKat0008 said…
Hello! My name is SnowHeart, the medicine cat of IceClan. The clan of the North, of destiny, and of intelligence. Today I will be telling you a little bit about my clan and give you a tour of our camp. So let me tell you a little history about our clan first. A long time ago, there was a pure white she-cat, with eyes as blue as ice. She was very kind, but could be aggressive if she needed to. Every cat was dazzled by her beauty and intelligence. But she was not content. She was lonely. She had never met her parents, and she had no littermates. She had no one to love. So, she started to search for someone. She had plenty of options, for every cat loved her. But she wanted to find someone who would understand her and love her for who she was. One day she was walking through the woods, looking for something to eat. She had been searching for weeks and had found no one. And she was starving. She had never been taught to hunt by her parents, and up until now she had been living off of kittypet food, though she found it disgusting. She was so tired and hungry that she did not even notice the scent of a cat above her. The cat called out a greeting, and she jumped. The cat introduced himself as Fire, and she introduced herself as Ice. Soon the cats began to become friends. Fire taught Ice to hunt, and Ice shared her intelligence with Fire. He loved to listen to her stories. They grew very close, and one day Fire told Ice he loved her, and so did she. So they went to find a place to settle down, because Ice was having kits. Fire preferred the forest because of how hot it grew during the seasons. But Ice liked the Cold mountains farther north, because of how cold it felt during the seasons. But Fire disagreed. They got into a big fight about it and ended up going on for days. Finally, Ice got so frustrated that she went to the mountains on her own, and Fire went to the South to live in the forest. Soon Fire found another mate and started a clan with her. Ice also started a clan in the mountains. This was how IceClan and FireClan came to be.
Now that i've told you about the history of IceClan, well most of it anyway, Let me tell you about our camp and our territory. Our territory includes the Pine Forest, The Training Rocks, The Frozen Twoleg Lake, and The Two MoonClan Summits. MoonClan was the ancient clan that protected us in the past that lived at the top of these mountains, but that's another story. It is also a very safe place, For there are only two entrances, and both are guarded at all times. And whenever there is a storm that might cause an avalanche, we evacuate the whole clan up into the Low Mountain Cave. It is also useful if FireClan, or the mountain wolves decide to attack, but that hasn't happened for moons. The entrance is two small for the wolves, and it is well hidden so that FireClan invaders cannot find it. There is also a High Mountain Cave, but we don't use it much, for it is a long jouney there. But sometimes the leader will go there to find a better connection to MoonClan. Our camp is large and surrounded by snow-covered pine trees. The medicine cat's den, my den, is underground. It is underneath three juniper bushes. Juniper is common in our area, just like yarrow is by the river, and the occasional catmint that grows down by the border. The border with FireClan is the long, winding river that travels through both of our territories. There is also a fallen tree trunk that we can use if we ever need to cross over. Anyway, My den is very warm and cozy. My patients get better down here fast, because there is no wind or snow. I keep all of my supplies on the little cliffs that come out from the wall, they are perfect height for me, and too high for those michevious kits to get them. My den is located on the East end of the camp, away from the entrance so that is case of an invasion my patients and I can stay far away from all the fighting. But not too far in case a cat gets hurt and needs treatment fast. On the North side of camp is the Leader's Den. The Leader's Den is also the Low Mountain Cave. It is also nice and cozy there because no wind can get in and it is extremely safe from invaders. And just above the den, there is the CliffTop. The CliffTop is used for announcements from the clan leader. It is high enough so that the leader can see the whole camp! And beside The Medicine Cat's Den, There is the Nursery. The Nursery is also underground. In fact, it's connected to my den! Yes, between the dens there is a tunnel that you can walk through into the Nursery and into my den, So I can always be near the kits and queens and check up on them. Now you understand why I have to keep all of my herbs up high and away from the kits. Besides, kits are not allowed into my den without my permission or is sick or hurt. The Nursery is underneath a thornbush on the edge of the clearing, and my den is about ten tail-lengths away. The Nursery is really comfortable filled with soft moss and bird feathers. And last but not least, The Warriors and Apprentices dens. The Apprentices den is on the edge of the clearing, next to the pine trees on the west side. There are four boulders that had fallen from one of the mountains, under one of the boulders is the Apprentices Den. The Warriors Den is a few tail-lengths closer to the entrance than the Apprentices Den, but otherwise it is the same. It's underneath two boulders instead of one though. The entrance to the camp is shielded by pine trees, and the only way to find it is to follow one of our scents, which would be very hard for FireClan, but we are used to tracking prey in the snow, so it is easier for IceClan cats. The prey we eat is mouse, water vole, fish, and somtimes bird. Most IceClan cats have gray, black, blue, or white pelts to help us hunt in the snow. But black and other colors are usually rare in IceClan. Most of us have gray, blue, or yellow eyes. The Training Rocks are used for apprentices in training. It is a large hollow surrounded by pines with rocks of all sizes everywhere. The apprentices practice attacking and defending on these rocks so that in the future when they are fighting on the mountain or on the ice, it will be easier for them. The river that seperates us from FireClan territory is called the river of sorrow, because that is where Ice died. The Frozen Twoleg Lake is frozen year round because of the temperatures. There is a twoleg house by it. It is not very big by the looks of it, and the twolegs only come once or twice a year.
So this is IceClan. If you would like to join comment on my wall or PM me! The medicine cat role is taken, sorry. But if you like you could become my apprentice. We are in need of warriors, apprentices, and queens, and kits. Someone out there who reads warriors, knows everything about them, and wants to be a leader should ask me. I'm not cut out to be a leader, and I've always wanted to be a medicine cat. But I'll need to meet you first (: Whoever becomes leader may pick the next IceClan deputy, and give apprentices their mentors. So please talk to me if you would like to join. I will not be doing FireClan anytime soon, but maybe in the future.....if you ask nicely. And please no negative comments saying it was to long or something. Thank you so much for reading this little story! Please make requests and comment, I'm on here at least once a week!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Hello! My name is SnowHeart, the medicine cat of IceClan. The clan of the North, of destiny, and of i
一年多以前 Snakeorapter said…
Hello im Firestorm, A trusted warrior in SnowClan.i must ask you, why are you on SnowClan territory? Do you wish to look at SnowClan camp? Or are you just trying to steal are pray?! You don't smell like a Clan cat. Come, ill show you SnowClan Camp. See these pine trees? The pines stick to are pelts making us have more defense and you feel that strong breeze? That's doesn't even feel cold to us SnowClan Cats. We train are kits to walk on ice more easier, live through blizzards, And tell if the ice is thine or not. Here we are, at SnowClan camp. Theirs the nursery, it is covered with cat tails, no not real cat tails. Its the soft plant. There is the App. den. it is made from branches and the sticky sap part from the pine trees. The elders den, Med. den, Leaders den, and Warriors den. is made from that fallen tree. When i was a kit, a tree crashed down in camp and killed most of the elders. we went and built are dens on the trees. Firestorm? Who is this? Oh this is Solarpelt. He was a kittypet a long time ago but he left his home to join use. Firestorm, Foxfur needs you to go on border patrol with Scaletail. Come you can join use to see are territory. Hello, stranger. Firestorm is telling me that your coming to see the border. well lets go, you wont see it if we stand here all day! Here, this is the ice stream. even in Green leaf its still cold as ice. over here is MoonClan territory. They are only Clan that lives by use. the others had failed to live on. Right by the camp is the Training Tree. The app train here. over there, across the broken log is the Moon flower. that's were we can share tongues with StarClan. Now Wildstar said any one may join. So if you want to join most cats would love you to join. but some cats would be mad about it. you can leave now if you want, or you may join.