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posted by catrin
Rightio, ive decided to write a random 文章 about the craze of 迪士尼 超能英雄 and heronies and about how obsessed we all are about the way they look.
Its funny that in reality that if we see someone with a teeeny waist, cracking bod, huge eyes, fringe, well huge hair in general and no nose the proportions would look a little odd but in 迪士尼 and in animations in general we think it is the ideal beauty
...but anyways lets crack on and bare with me its my first post ;p


Personally, I find Snow White a tad boring in my opinion, deffo a looker yes but just cute! however her beauty...
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posted by Chantii
Question: If 你 could describe your character in three words, which would they be?
Answer: Honorable, honest and devilishly attractive. I know that last one has two words, but I’m going to throw that in there anyway!

Q: Why do 你 think people keep tuning in to watch Make It 或者 Break It?
A: Because it’s good. It’s a good show. It does have a soapy feel, but it skates on such a good drama side of the soapy feel. I don’t know many dramas that are able to pack quite the empathy and the amount of dramatic 冲床 into a one 小时 显示 as Make It 或者 Break It does. It’s enthralling and all of...
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I have been deciphering for a while whether 或者 not I should add 'Make it 或者 Break it' to my review list. I remember how I first found out about this series. A friend of mine raced over to the 电视 screen the moment after discovering what time it was and became hooked to the screen. She barely answered me when I asked what 显示 it was. I did my research and soon enough I became a fan, probably not as hooked as she was, but I became familiar with the characters on this series.

I admired the tension created within this series from the pilot, and it became 更多 interesting as the episode numbers...
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