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bribee10 posted on Jun 15, 2010 at 11:46PM
pretty much everyone should know how this goes: ill start by saying WUR do this or this, and the next person will answer, then leave a WUR for the next person

WUR join the death eaters or the order of the pheonix?

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一年多以前 pearlycat1 said…
order of the pheonix!

WUR be in ravenclaw or hufflepuff?
一年多以前 bribee10 said…
Ravenclaw-id rather be nothing but brains than be a joke!

WUR be Harry or Draco
一年多以前 Luna--Lovegood said…
OOC: umm, neither, I'm a girl, but I would definetly rather marry Draco, XD

WUR Kiss *For the girls* Voldemort or Fenrir Greyback?

*For Guys* Bellatrix Lestrange or Alecto Carrow?
一年多以前 Bellatrix-Black said…
VOLDEMORT! And Bellatrix as a friend, she's awesome!

WUR wash Snape's hair or give Voldemort a manicure?
一年多以前 Love4Hermione said…
Give Voldie a manicure, :) You can't deny he needs it!


have to use Lucius Malfoys pimp cane OR Wear Bellatrix's ripped dree from OOTP?
一年多以前 Kiana-M-McMahon said…
OOC:Wear Bellatrix's dress

Kill your favorite character or marry the stupidest/uglyest character.
一年多以前 MarMar_XigLux said…
I will marry the most ugly and stupid guy in Harry Potter, and then kill him XD

So, you're kidnapped by Jigsaw along with Fenrir Greyback, Bellatrix Lestrange and Lucius Malfoy.
When you wake up you see a timer. You have only one minute to escape the room before it explodes, but you can save only ONE person out of those three.


Save Malfoy?
Save Bella?
Or wur save Fenrir?
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一年多以前 Narusasu4EVER said…
Save Bella<3

WUR betray the Dark Lord or die fighting for the DEs?
一年多以前 bribee10 said…
die fighting for the DE- if i betray him, which i wouldnt, then he'll just kill me AND my family.DUH

WUR eat a muffin that is a horcrux, or be under the crucio spell for 3 days straight?
一年多以前 OnlyMyWaffles said…
Seize the muffin!

WUR would you help a Hufflepuff get a date or would you rather eat frog legs for dinner?
一年多以前 prim17luvr101 said…
help a Hufflepuff get a date!

WUR kiss Voldy or Lucius?
一年多以前 felton_lover_x said…
Lucius, that way I can get to his on ;)

WUR have an awesome time at the yule ball OR win the Tri-Wizard Tournament??