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Welcome To The Lloyd2 Fanspot!!!!!!! I Made This For A Awesome, Spectacular, And Cute Lloyd2 Fanspot!!!!!!!!!!!I Made This On July 25, 2009 On 10:42 P.M!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Lloyd! This Spot Is For You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (But He Won't 加入 It, Though, I'm Serious!!!!!!!!!!!!! We Don't Talk Much Though But Now We Do!!!!!!! Boo-Yah!!!!!!!! And I'll Ask Him A Few Favors For The Spot, Okay????? And I Hope All 你 Fanpoppers Out Their Like This Spot!!!!!! 或者 Maybe Even 爱情 It And Get On It A Lot!!!!!! Whoa.......This 文章 Came Out Waaaaaaaaaaaaay Longer Than I Thought It Would......