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Fisher Biskit is my 最喜爱的 villain. Various people don't know who Fisher Biskit is so here's my explanation of why I 爱情 Fisher Biskit.


Fisher Biskit is 1 of the villains in the 2012 animated 显示 Littlest Pet Shop. Fisher Biskit is the owner of Largest Ever Pet Shop. He is a rich business man who has a butler and a mansion. His wife is Eliza Biskit and his daughters are Whittany and Brittany Biskit. Fisher Biskit is a serious and dedicated business man which is why he doesn't approve of his daughters' immature personalities. Fisher's main rival is Anna Twombly, the owner of...
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posted by Windrises
main characters

Blythe Baxter: The protagonist of the series. A human girl who works at Littlest Pet Shop. She can understand what 动物 say. She's a big 粉丝 of fashion.

Zoey Trent: A dog. She loves attention and fashion. She sings a lot. She wears a black hat.

Pepper Clark: A skunk. A comedian.

Vinnie: A gecko. A fun loving, but not very bright dancer.

Sunil: A mongoose. A magician. Vinnie's best friend.

Penny Ling: A panda. A shy animal.

Minka: A monkey. A painter.

Russell: A hedgehog. A uptight animal.


Fisher Biskit: The greedy owner of Largest Ever Pet Shop. Ms. Twombly's business...
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