Elvis Presley estate

Authored by anouk1998

After Elvis' death at Graceland on August 16, 1977, his will appointed his father, Vernon Presley, executor and trustee. His fortune had dwindled to $5 million.The beneficiaries of the trust were Vernon, Elvis' grandmother Minnie Mae Presley, and his nine-year-old daughter Lisa Marie Presley, whose inheritance was to be held in trust until her 25th birthday.After Vernon's death in 1979, Elvis' ex-wife Priscilla Presley was named as one of three trustees in his will; the others being the National Bank of Commerce in Memphis, and Joseph Hanks, who had been Elvis and Vernon's accountant.With Minnie Mae's passing in 1980, Lisa Marie became the only surviving beneficiary named in Elvis's will.

On her 25th birthday in 1993, Lisa Marie inherited Elvis' estate, which, thanks largely to the stewardship of her mother, Priscilla, had grown to an estimated $100 million.

In 1998, Lisa became more closely involved with the management team of the Elvis Presley Trust and its business entity, Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. (EPE). She was owner and Chairman of the Board until February 2005, when she sold 85% of the estate's business holdings to CKX, Inc., excluding Graceland itself and the property within it.

"Elvis Through His Daughter's Eyes" exhibit

In February 2012, Lisa Marie Presley opened a new exhibit, "Elvis ... Through His Daughter's Eyes". It is now included in the Graceland VIP Tour, and features 200 items assembled by Lisa Marie and the Graceland Archives team.

The personal exhibit looks at Lisa Marie's experience of growing up with a famous father. Home movies, toys and rarely seen family mementos are among the many items on display

Aircraft "Lisa Marie"

In November 1975, her father named one of his private aircraft, a converted Convair 880 jet (original passenger capacity: 100), after her. Elvis spent upwards of $1,000,000 refurbishing it to use as his main transport while on tour.The "Lisa Marie" and one of Elvis' other planes, "Hound Dog II", are currently on exhibit at the Graceland mansion museum of Elvis Presley in Memphis, Tennessee.In January 2015 it was reported that both planes were for sale.They are no longer airworthy but their current undisclosed owner is hoping to gain $10M in total. The buyer has an option to purchase land adjacent to Graceland to exhibit them independently from Graceland.