Lilo and Stitch: Angel! Updates

a photo 增加: stitch 天使 一年多以前 by SuzeeWrong
a poll 增加: do 你 爱情 天使 一年多以前 by birdielover1214
a poll 增加: is 天使 bad 或者 good 一年多以前 by birdielover1214
a comment was made to the poll: Who do 你 think would go better with Angel? 一年多以前 by Kibahina96
a comment was made to the poll: what do 你 think when 你 see angle? do 你 think of food, a movie, 或者 a person 你 know? 一年多以前 by Kibahina96
a video 增加: Furry Girl Profiles-Angel 一年多以前 by Durell89
a video 增加: Stitch Would Catch A Grenade For 天使 一年多以前 by rosehedgehog222
an answer was added to this question: What does the 'V' on Angel's chest stand for? 一年多以前 by zimsfriend