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Deborah Gibson was one of the lucky stars to appear in Michael Jackson’s Liberian Girl video in 1989.

The onetime teen queen, 38, opens up about her experience with the King of Pop days after his tragic death at age 50.

“I met Michael and he told me he had just watched a 迪士尼 special I did,” Deborah, who topped the charts with 迷失 In Your Eyes, Foolish Beat, Shake Your Love, Out of The Blue and Only In My Dreams, tells me. “I was blown away 由 the thought of the Michael Jackson sitting there watching me on TV. He then invited me to be in his Liberian Girl video. I actually was one...
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posted by liberiangirl_mj
Liberian Girl

(Naku penda piya - Naku taka piya - Mpenziwe)
(I 爱情 你 too - I want 你 too - My love)

Liberian girl...
You came and 你 changed
My world
A 爱情 so brand new
Liberian girl...
You came and 你 changed
Me girl
A feeling so true

Liberian girl
You know that 你 came
And 你 changed my world,
Just like in the movies,
With two 爱人 in a scene
And she says...
"Do 你 爱情 me"
And he says so endlessly...
"I 爱情 you, liberian girl"

(Naku penda piya - Naku taka piya - Mpenziwe)
(I 爱情 你 too - I want 你 too - My love)

Liberian girl...
More precious than
Any pearl
Your 爱情 so complete
Liberian girl......
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Directed 由 Jim Yukich, the video for the song featured many of Jackson's celebrity 老友记 who wait on the set to film the 音乐 video for "Liberian Girl", only to discover he was filming them all along. As named in the closing titles, featured in the video are (in order of appearance):

Beverly Johnson
Malcolm-Jamal Warner (as Malcolm Jamal Warner)
Sherman Hemsley
Brigitte Nielsen
Paula Abdul
Carl Weathers
Whoopi Goldberg
Quincy Jones
Jackie Collins
Amy Irving
茉莉, 茉莉花 Guy
Rosanna Arquette
Billy Dee Williams
Lou Diamond Phillips
Olivia Newton-John
John Travolta
Corey Feldman
Steven Spielberg
Debbie Gibson
Rick Schroder (as Rick Schroeder)
Blair Underwood
"Weird Al" Yankovic (as Weird Al Yankovic)
Suzanne Somers
Lou Ferrigno
Don King and "Son"
Mayim Bialik
Virginia Madsen
David Copperfield
Richard and Emily Dreyfuss
Danny Glover
Olivia Hussey
Dan Aykroyd
Steve Guttenberg