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posted by rick12
Greetings to Mr. Neeson.
When I read in the newspaper how 你 still felt after all these months Natasha was gone, I felt this urge to write to 你 these lines. Your 爱情 is real; the feelings remain and its in 你 cause the 心 is talking. That is probably another reason why your 粉丝 loves 你 too.
Two things I want 你 to know:
Please accept our sincere regrets from all canadians who felt this same sadness.
There is a time that comes; after a while, when we feel real gratefullness, of the privilege we had to be able to spent all these years with this wonderfull person; no one will replace...
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I just want to send my condolences to liam neeson and his family,for the 迷失 of his wife and a great actress,natasha. my 心 goes out to 你 mr. neeson.may god be with 你 in this time of need.I heard about the accident yesterday, but i did`nt know it was that serious.and when i read the news today. I could`nt help but shed some tears,because i was shocked.I know 你 dont know me,and i dont know 你 accept from the movies,. And natasha from the 电影院 also.Indeed she will be missed. But this touched me deeply. My prayers go out to 你 and your family. "GOD BLESS YOU" thank 你 very much.
posted by neda1
The first time I saw Liam in a movie I was very impressed with this man's 表演 ability. The first time I saw Natasha Richardson in a movie I felt admiration and respect for this fine acctress. Several weeks 以前 I watched Taken and Evening for the first time all within a week. There was something that drew me to watch these movies. I felt a connection. On Tuesday 17th March 2009 I dreamed that I was watching Natasha on a movie set, she was sitting in a corner with her head bowed. A voice behind me was saying "switch off the life support Angela". I was so disturbed 由 this dream as my sister...
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