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We’ve repeatedly 说 that the life settlement market has improved substantially this year. But the best way to illustrate that is to share the details of some 最近的 cases with you.

1. $3 million Survivorship UL, wife deceased, male age 90: The policy was originally bought for estate taxes, which due to the American Taxpayer Relief Act (ATRA) of 2012, were no longer a problem for this client. We shopped the policy last 年 and got an offer of $700,000, but the client decided he would try to maintain the policy. This 年 he came back to us because he had trouble coming up with the premium payments. Though his life expectancy decreased 由 only 4 months, a 年 later we were able to get him $815,000 for the policy, which had a cash surrender value of $246,000. He was thrilled!

2. $2 million U.L. on female, age 79, with relatively modest health impairments: Life expectancies obtained were 122, 142, and 129 months. The policy had only $43,000 in cash surrender value and the client could no longer afford the premiums. The client received $131,000 in a life settlement.

3. $500,000 U.L. policy on a male, age 90: The family was running out of money to pay for his long term care in a nursing home. His life expectancies were 36, 36 and 48 months. The client received $217,000 for a policy with no cash surrender value, which gave everyone comfort that he would be able to continue to receive care at his existing facility.

4. $4 million Survivorship U.L., husband deceased, female age 82: Life expectancies were 102 and 134 months. Changes in the estate tax law eliminated her need for this insurance. $575,000 was received for this policy,which had a cash surrender value of $168,000.

All these policies were about to be lapsed 或者 surrendered. And, as 你 can see, a life settlement was a far better solution.Look at the meaningful difference that the additional cash made to these policy owners.

When 你 hear that your clients have policies that they no longer need, want 或者 can afford, 你 owe it to them to explore the life settlement alternative. Remember, it can’t hurt to try ─ it can only hurt not to! And the timing for trying today is better than it has been in years!