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SBS‘s ‘Fashion King‘, which will air after ‘History of Salaryman‘, held its first script 阅读 with the cast and staff members on December 24th at SBS’s Ilsan Production Center.

更多 than twenty actors and 女演员 were in attendance at the script reading, including Yoo Ah In (who will act as Young Gyeol), Shin Se Kyung (Ga Young), Lee Jae Hoon (Jae Hyuk), who immediately came after arriving from Japan, and SNSD‘s Yuri.

In addition, PD Lee Myung Woo reunited with his team from ‘What Happened in Bali‘, who included screenwriters Kim Ki Ho and Lee Sun Mi and director Choi Moon Suk.

The twenty actors and 女演员 showed their enthusiasm for ‘Fashion King’. In addition, the cover on the script also gained much attention.

‘Fashion King’ will tell a story of a young success story of a man who runs toward tomorrow along with a story of 爱情 and desire. The character holds on to love, in which the ending is unknown, through the ups and downs of his life.
Rumor has it that SNSD‘s Yuri will be making her small-screen debut through the new SBS drama, ‘Fashion King‘!

The drama is scheduled to air its pilot episode in March of 下一个 year, and Yuri is considering the role of the female lead.

At this time, she is reportedly looking over SNSD’s schedule and seeing if she can 移动 things around to take the role. Schedules should finalize around mid-to-end December, and Yuri is planning to attend the first film shoot to see how it feels.

‘Fashion King’ tells the story of a young man who began working at the Dongdaemun market, and makes it big...
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