Kate Moss Live And Let Live

martybelfast posted on Sep 20, 2008 at 09:04PM
Am i missing something in life or is it that every day i read the every move of kate in the papers, dont know the girl what so ever but what i do know is she is hard working,ambitious,intelligent,and has worked hard to get were she is and it so pisses me off to read that she goes for a night out and gets pissed or has a good time, all i can say i good on ya kate keep it up it!! goes with out saying your beautiful stunning just pure class, so the twat that wrote(if you can call it that)the article in the mirror 20/09/08 front page i ask ya about wee kate at the fashion awards (Tom Bryant )who by the why has know idea how to string a sentence together yet alone be smart enough to have a coulmn in a National Newspaper get a life mate theres more pressing matters in the world that im not going to get into as its not the time or place,but dude show me were what or wtf is wrong in going out and having a good time,i suggested u may try it one night you might even enjoy it Tom.Its not your fault you have a face like a wet kipper but dont castagate someone for getting on with there life after a blip and because they look like an Angel we all make mistakes,LIVE AND LET LIVE MAN wise up man
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