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For quite some time a 辩论 has raged among Dawson’s Creek fans. Should Joey be with Pacey 或者 Dawson? It seems like everyone has an opinion on this stormy 爱情 triangle. When Katie Holmes and Joshua Jackson sat down to answer the 问题 everyone is asking, their feelings proved to be just as strong as their fans’ on the issues facing their Capeside characters.

Who will Joey choose?

Katie: Well, I just want to, 你 know, keep them both wanting.
Josh: Exactly. Just keep all...
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Rumors about Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx’s relationship continue to swirl even after the “Django Unchained” actor’s representative reportedly made it clear that the two Hollywood stars are neither engaged nor married. A new 报道 由 星, 星级 magazine 说 that Holmes and Foxx are already married and that the “Days and Nights” actress is three months pregnant with Foxx's child.

The magazine 说 that Holmes and Foxx exchanged vows sometime in early 2016 at Foxx’s mansion in Hidden Valley, California, in a “super-secret ceremony,” Hollywood Life reported citing the article. The...
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