Joseph Mcelderry wot do u think ov Joe ??????????

colezybabey posted on Dec 19, 2009 at 05:55PM
Hey ppl !!!
Wot do u think of Joe ????
Plz post a comment !!!!
He's cute with a strong voice =]
I LUV JOE !!!=] (& CHERYL COLE !!!)

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一年多以前 AliceRoxx said…
Awww I totally love Joe! x

I think he seems like a lovely person, he never took his place on the X Factor for granted, which shows he's really appreciative. He wasn't big-headed, he didn't seem to know how good he actually is, which is very admirable. I think he is so cute, such a gentleman, with his little dimples too!

I loved the relationship between him and his family, he was so loving and grateful, and it was so cute when they went back to his house and he was crying on his Mum's shoulder.

I think his voice is amazing!!!It's so smooth and melodic, he could sing me to sleep anytime. His voice really is so lovely, it just flows and whatever he sings sounds just beautiful. I think if angel's existed, they'd sound just like Joe x

I wish him the absolute best for his future, and I really hopehis career reaches the heights, of say, Leona Lewis, who is a worldwide phenomenon now x

XxX AliceRoxx XxX
一年多以前 colezybabey said…
big smile
awwww sameee xXxXxXXxXx
一年多以前 XotiaoX said…
i think he is GORGEUS and has a BRILLIANT voice he deserved to win the X factor no doubht