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posted by DramaQueen1020
 Deacy amp
Deacy amp
The Deacy Amp is a small, one-watt, roughly 5 inches (12.7 cm) amplifier created 由 and named after 皇后乐队 bassist John Deacon and used 由 guitarist Brian May.

It was created in the early 1970s using an amplifier circuit board found in a skip 由 Deacon and stationed into a Hi-Fi speaker cabinet, powered 由 a 9-volt battery. The amp was used along with May's Red Special 吉他 and his treble-booster to produce sounds reminiscent of various orchestral instruments.

KAT Deacy Amp Replica
In 1998, Greg Fryer with the help of UK amp guru[clarification needed] Dave Petersen undertook the job of trying...
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posted by khoo67
I was a great 粉丝 of 皇后乐队 from the early years but it has such 苦 sweet memories for me. I was born in 1967 and went to a beautiful Primary School in SW London. I had no idea who 皇后乐队 were 或者 what they were to become.
All that I knew was that my first teacher, Miss Tetzlaff was leaving to get married. As a young child, I was devastated but sadly accepted that.
Many years went 由 and I got 更多 and 更多 into 音乐 and it was no surprise for me that I loved Queen’s edgy Rock sound. However there is not a 日 that I missed the lady that first taught me. I wish Roger and Mrs Deacon, neeTetzlaff, and their family all the best in the world now and in the future.
Kevin Hood
posted by Everybodylies94
* "When I was five years old my hero was John Deacon, who used to do the most incredible upper-register work and those melodic, tight groove parts." – Richie Edwards.

* "Grossly underrated. His 低音 parts are like little stories, yet he never gets in anyone's way. With all the guitars and vocals going on, he finds the spaces and plays basically what he wants. He's loose, fluid, and quite busy at times, but I can't find one song where he stepped on the vocal 或者 吉他 parts." – Danny Miranda