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Ever since I can remember, Tommy has always been my 最喜爱的 male Power Ranger and I think one of the reasons is that he's the first bad Ranger gone good. I feel like Tommy has had a chip on his shoulder ever since the Green With Evil episodes of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. He has always shown that he had what it takes to be a true leader and overcome so many obstacles from being brainwashed 由 Rita and Gaskett as well as being targeted 由 Zedd simply because he saw him as Rita's greatest failure. None of the other Rangers that have come after had to deal with what Tommy had to deal with simply because none of them had their soul mates kidnapped numerous times just because they were seen as their weakness. He also had to save his brother David when he was kidnapped 由 Mondo in order to get to Tommy as well as their parents. He's the only one who has ever really proven himself on and off the battle field during his Ranger years. I've always felt like he is the one who was destined to lead the Power Rangers. I like Jason, Rocky, Billy, Zack, and Adam but I just 爱情 Tommy 更多 than them. He always put the team before himself and wore his 心 on his shoulder. He has never tried to be anyone else but himself and that's one of the reasons why he is my 最喜爱的 male Power Ranger of all-time.