Jareth and Sarah Love?

Emm_xD posted on Oct 02, 2009 at 01:40PM
I`m totally confused about this...

At the start of the film, when Sarah is reciting parts of the book, she says "But what no one knew...was that the Goblin King had fallen in love with her."

So does this mean that Jareth was actually in love with her? Or was that just a part of the book? I thought that Jareth danced with her in the ballroom to waste time....not because he loved her.

Hmm, confusing! lol
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一年多以前 ForsakenMoon19 said…
yes he did fall in love with her and he's trying to distract her from succeeding her quest to save her brother. no she's not part of the book, but you could say her internal wish was to bring the world of the book to life, which is why sarah ends up in the world of the Labyrinth!!!
一年多以前 oPositive said…
He clearly loves her because of his song "Within You" xD and he tells her at the end that he'd done everything she ever wanted so that she'd stay with him and love him.