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posted by donteatmyjello
Sooo, JBD will 显示 8 更多 episodes this summer!
In my opinion, there should be 更多 episodes. :)

But, what about Jane and Billy?
What are your thoughts?
I'm going to be on the edge of my 座位 throughout the 下一个 few episodes.
I mean, what's going to happen?! Does Jane like Billy? Will they date? Who will Jane choose?
GAH, too many questions. And I have to wait until summer to find the answers.

But enough 'bout me, here are some 评论 about the 显示 returning and Jane and Billy:

"I 爱情 Jane 由 设计 I hope that is goes on many many 更多 seasons. I hope that jane chooses billy because he is...
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posted by donteatmyjello
Okay, so first off: these are all my opinions.
Second of all, I FREAKIN' 爱情 THIS SHOW!
And I just HAD to write about it ;D

So I basically want to give 你 guys my opinions on the 显示 in general, whether I think Grey is Jane's mother 或者 not, and the future of Billy and Jane's 'relationship'.

The show:
I've never been a huge teen-tv-shows watcher. I basically just avoided abc family, and all their teen shows. But this 显示 caught me 由 surprise.
I like how it's all about fashion, HS (high school), and the fact that Jane's boss (Grey) thinks she is an adult.
It's addicting to watch, and I just had...
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