Jaimie Alexander Jaimie starring in a 音乐 video (Updated)

Lucian66 posted on Apr 20, 2009 at 10:38AM
Hello Jaimie fans,

Jaimie will be starring in a music video. She mentioned it on her Twitter account.
With whom she made the video and when it will air she didn't say. I'll keep you posted:)

April 26th. Update:

The video is finished and Jaimie is trying to post it on youtube. Unfortunately she has troubles with the copyrights of the song. She can't post the video with the music:(
So we'll have to be a little patient. She will come up with a solution.
I'll keep you posted:)
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一年多以前 ppamt11 said…
一年多以前 Lucian66 said…
Your welcome.
Unfortunately she hasn't found a solution yet:(
一年多以前 sueet_jojonaim said…
i'm jamie's new fan. thanks to tell us about this. i'll be waiting for it..
一年多以前 Lucian66 said…
Ive already posted a link to the video. Go check it out:)