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posted by Seanthehedgehog
When Firearm got to Browning, he saw a red Foallari Parr, and a yellow Lambronyni Mercy.

Browning: *Standing between the two cars* What do 你 think about these?
Firearm: They look fine.
Browning: Take the Lambronyni. *Gets in the Foallari, and starts it* And bring it to the docks! *Drives*

Firearm wasted no time starting the Lambronyni, then he followed Browning out of the train yard. As they exit the train yard, two police cars are behind them.

Car chase song: link

Browning: Okay, those cars are just Crown Victorias. Let's hope they don't bring in any Pearlas, because those have 更多 horsepower....
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Pierce and Firearm were waiting at the train station in Ponyville. They were to hand a suitcase of counterfeit money to a stallion named Arthur Grossman.

Pierce: *Sees a red diesel pulling three dark green coaches* This is it.
Firearm: *Watches the train stop at the platform*
Arthur: *Gets out of the train*
Pierce: Glad 你 could make it.
Firearm: Good day.
Arthur: It is if 你 give me the money.
Pierce: *Hands Arthur the money* Here 你 go.
Arthur: Alright, thanks.
Firearm: 你 are welcome.
Arthur: *Walks away*
Pierce: We better get going too.

Firearm lead Pierce back to his car. The two sat down, and...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
下一个 morning, Pierce arrived at Browning's apartment.

Pierce: *Gets out of his car, and waits for Firearm to arrive*
Firearm: *Walks towards Pierce* Good morning.
Pierce: *Hoofbumps Firearm* Glad 你 could make it.
Firearm: Of course. *Walks to Browning's apartment with Pierce, and rings the bell*
Browning: *Comes down, and opens the door* Come in 你 two.
Pierce: *Goes in*

When they got upstairs

Browning: I made some 薄煎饼, 煎饼 today. Feel free to have as many as 你 want.
Firearm: I'm good. Thank you.
Browning: Oh well. 更多 for me, and Pierce. *Sits down with the others*
Pierce: *Takes two pancakes,...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Pierce stopped in front of Firearm's house to pick him up.

Firearm: Morning. *Gets in*
Pierce: *Drives*
Pony On Radio: Come over to the Princess Motors dealership in Midtown. We have some classics from the 90's. A 1990 Camareo, a 1991 Suicide, and a 1991 Belleville. Get them, at the Princess Motors dealership in Midtown. The leader in car manufacturing.
Firearm: Guess we found the car we need.
Pierce: If we can get there in time. *Passes two cars* The traffic is getting thicker. *Turns right onto the Manehattan Bridge*

Two 分钟 later

Pierce: *Sees the dealership* Okay, we'll do this just like we...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
The two stallions made it to the airport in the stolen truck.

Pierce: *Runs with Firearm into the airport*
Pierce: *Walks to a mare in the airport* Where is the nearest flight to Manehattan?
Pony: Gate 7, departing in five minutes.
Pierce: Come on Firearm! *Runs to gate 7*
Pony: What about your tickets?
Firearm: *Shoots the mare, and runs onto the plane like nothing happened*

Both of them made it just in time.

Pilot: *Flying to Manehattan*
Pierce: *Looks at the money he got from the boat* I got $500,000. How much did 你 get?
Firearm: About the same.
Pierce: Outstanding.

Browning agreed when they returned...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Pierce was happy to 显示 off his new car to Firearm.

Pierce: This is much better than the Wrestler I had.
Firearm: Can 你 drift?
Pierce: Watch me. *Drifts to the right on Myrtle avenue at 30 miles an hour*

They reached the airport in 4 minutes.

Pierce: *Stops car at parking lot, and gets out*
Firearm: *Follows Pierce to the airport* 你 know how much horsepower 你 got?
Pierce: Upgraded it to have over 500.
Firearm: Not bad for a car from '34.

They entered the airport.

Airport Pony: Can I help you?
Pierce: Me, and my friend have a ticket for a flight in San Franciscolt.
Airport Pony: Go ahead. Your flight...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
A taxi dropped Pierce, and Firearm off at Browning's apartment.

Pierce: *Pays the taxi 小马 5 dollars* Thanks for the ride. *Gets out*
Taxi Pony: No problem 你 two. Have a good day.
Firearm: 你 as well.
Pierce: *Rings the 钟, 贝尔 to Browning's apartment*
Browning: *Opens the door* Come in.
Pierce: *Goes in, and walks upstairs*
Firearm: *Follows the two ponies*

Upstairs, Browning gave them each a glass of water.

Browning: Have 你 noticed how warm this city is getting lately?
Firearm: Yes, actually. It's starting to become unbearable.
Browning: You're right. I was taking a look at the sky, and then I saw...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Pierce & Firearm delivered the Alton Sparkle to the docks.

Pierce: *Stops the car*
Firearm: So, where are the guys at? They should be here to take the car 由 now.
Trench 涂层, 外套 Ponies: *Arrive* Fantastic. *Gives Pierce, and Firearm $10,000*
Pierce: *Gets out* Take it away.
Trench 涂层, 外套 Ponies: *Drive the Sparkle to a shed*
Pierce: *Points at a taxi* Stop right there.
Taxi Pony: *Stops*
Pierce: *Gets in*
Firearm: Take the both of us to Washington Avenue.
Taxi Pony: *Drives to Washington Avenue*
Pierce: *Calling Browning on the cellphone*
Browning: Yeah?
Pierce: We delivered the Alton Sparkle to the docks....
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
下一个 morning

Browning: *Calling Firearm*
Firearm: *Picks up his phone* Hello?
Browning: I want you, and Pierce in Fillydelphia. My cousin received a death threat from some stranger, and needs you, and Pierce to protect him.
Firearm: Okay. I'll be there in an hour. *Hangs up, and goes to his car*

He picked up Pierce along the way.

Firearm: So Browning wants us to head to Fillydelphia and protect his cousin, since he got a death threat.
Pierce: From who?
Firearm: Not sure. He didn't say. All we know is that we need to be cautious of anyone and everyone.
Pierce: Let me call Browning to get 更多 info. *Grabs...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Song: link

While Firearm was stealing the Lambronyni, Pierce was distracting the cops.

Pierce: *Floors it on Canal Street, and passes several cars*
Police Ponies: *Following Pierce*
Firearm: *Starts the car and drives off*
Pierce: *Looks behind him* These cops are gonna have a hard time following me.
Firearm: *Drives to the docks*
Pierce: *Swerves into another lane*
Ponies: *Honk horns, and crash into each other*
Police Ponies: *Hit the brakes, but crash into the cars*
Firearm: *Makes it to the docks*

Two ponies in black trench coats wait for Firearm.

Trench 涂层, 外套 小马 1: Good work. Browning told us you...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Back at Manehattan.

Firearm: *Turns left onto the Manehattan Bridge*
Pierce: 你 did great out there.
Firearm: 你 weren't too bad yourself.
Pierce: Hey, thanks.

Four 分钟 later, they get to Browning's apartment in Brooklyn.

Firearm: *Parks the car and gets out*
Pierce: *Follows Firearm, and rings the 钟, 贝尔 to Browning's apartment*
Browning: *Opens the door* Get in here 你 two.
Pierce: *Enters the apartment*
Firearm: *Follows Pierce*
Browning: *Closes the door, and walks upstairs with Pierce, and Firearm* Firearm, I want to apologize for being drunk when I told 你 about your job in Woodstock.
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
The train yard was in a place called Woodstock. It's 由 Port Morris, and a few miles north of Midtown.

Once they arrived, Firearm stopped his car on a bridge going over the yard.

Pierce: Did Browning tell 你 what we're supposed to do?
Firearm: Not really. He just 说 he wanted us to go on an "adventure" *Gets out of his car with Pierce*
Pierce: Well, good thing he told me what to do last night after we returned from St. Foalis. *Pulls out a WA2000 sniper rifle* The Hetfords are making a deal inside that train yard. We have to kill both the buyer, and the dealer. Got a rifle?
Firearm: I think so....
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
When their planes lands in Newark Airport at Jersey City, it's 10:00 PM.

Pierce: *Feels the plane stop* Alright, let's get off. *Sees other ponies blocking his path* Get out of my way!! *Grabs a Skorpion, and shoots everyone in front of him. Then, he runs off the plane, putting away his skorpion*
Firearm *Follows*

They both got in Pierce's car, and drove back to Manehattan.

Next morning.

Browning: *Drunk, and knocks on Firearm's door six times*
Firearm: *Opens the door* Hello, Browning.
Browning: Hey! I want you, and Pierce to go on... a little adventure...
Firearm: Alright. Where to?
Browning: The...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Seven hours later, they arrived in St. Foalis.

Pierce: Well, this is gonna be my very first time seeing the gateway arch. *Gets off the airplane*
Firearm: *Stretching his front legs as he gets off the plane*

As soon as they got out of the airport, Pierce looked for a car they could use.

Pierce: *Runs to a 小马 in a Corvette* This is my car! Get out!
Pony: *Stops, and gets out*
Pierce: *Gets in*
Firearm: *Gets in*

This song is playing on the radio (Start at 0:40): link

Pierce: *Drives* Alright, so where does Jack's brother live?
Firearm: Not sure. Perhaps we should call Browning and find out.
Pierce: I...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
After evading the cops, they turned on the radio.

Announcer: Jack Kasse has been found dead near Chinatown. He was shot 由 a flaregun, and shot seven times with a regular pistol. Whoever did this, must have been very annoyed with the way he was running the city.
Pierce: No doubt.
Announcer: Alex Virgil has been elected as the new mayor, and just like he promised, he's making Manehattan a good city again.
Firearm: I guess with him gone, we can now leave the town when we want.
Pierce: Finally.

When they arrived at Browning's apartment, he was standing outside, looking at the convoy Pierce, and Firearm...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
It took a couple of 分钟 for Pierce & Firearm to make it to Jack's place.

Pierce: *Stops the truck in front of the mayor's building. He grabs five grenades, heavy machine gun with over 1,000 bullets, and a flare gun* 你 ready?
Firearm: Yes. *Takes two handguns, three smoke grenades, and a shotgun*
Pierce: *Gets out of the truck* Okay. I'm going in first. *Shoots through the door, and kicks it open*

There were thirty guards in the room. Half of them were dead. The other half were taking cover behind a wall.

Pierce: *Runs towards a couch, and takes cover behind that*
Guards: *Shooting at Pierce,...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
下一个 morning, 5:50 AM.

Pierce: *Arrives at the 车库 where the police cars, uniforms, and other equipment are located*
Firearm: *Arrives*
Pierce: Let's get in uniform, and get those police cars to set up a road block on Washington Avenue. *Enters the garage, and puts on the police uniform*
Firearm: *Puts on police uniform*
Pierce: *Checks to make sure he has a police badge, the holster, and his gun* I got everything. How about you?
Firearm: Yep.
Pierce: Okay, *Opens 车库 door* Let's get in the police cars, and set up that roadblock.

With the two police cars on their way to set up the roadblock,...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Firearm waited for Pierce to walk inside. He quickly made his arrival after cleaning his car.

Pierce: *Goes to the front desk* I'm paying for me, and my friend to play bowling.
Pony: Okay, that'll be $4.50 each.
Pierce: *Gives the front 台, 办公桌 小马 a ten dollar bill*
Pony: *Gives Pierce a dollar* Lanes available are 3, and 5. Enjoy your game.
Firearm: Thank you.

They go to lane 3.

Pierce: *Types in his name as well as Firearm's* Okay, I'm going first.
Firearm: Very well.
Pierce: *Grabs a yellow bowling ball, and goes up to bowl. He rolls his ball down the lane, and he gets six pins*
Firearm: Good shot...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Pierce and Firearm were on their way back to Brooklyn from robbing The Manehattan Trust in Midtown.

Pierce: Now we gotta get out of midtown before the cops, 或者 the Hetfords spot us, which shouldn't be too hard. *Increases the speed of his car, going over 60 miles an hour*
Firearm: *Looks out the back window*
Pierce: *Gets out of Midtown* We made it. Why don't 你 find something decent to listen to on the radio while I get us back into Brooklyn?
Firearm: Very well. *Turns on the radio*

Song: link

Pierce: Fantastic. I think I have this song along with several other 皇后乐队 songs on vinyl. Collected a...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
While driving to Midtown, Pierce started another conversation with Firearm.

Pierce: Haven't been to Midtown in a long time. How about you?
Firearm: I've never been there.
Pierce: Well then, I think you'll like it. The first thing 你 should know about Midtown is the Empire State Building. It's one of the largest buildings in all of Equestria. *Turns right on Myrtle Avenue*
Firearm: Really?
Pierce: Yes. It's been around for 更多 then fifty years. Also, if 你 wanna head somewhere north of here 由 train, Grand Central is your place to go. After we kill Jack, I'll 显示 你 what the station looks like....
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