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This makes me so sad, Its like Peter Pan I grew up loving it and believing in it... I'm already sad about growing up and I'm 12 -.-
posted by GabbyRaptor
??:You must learn how to use the sword young one....

Link:But I alredy know how to use the sword!

??:SILENCE!!!!!*hits Link on the head with a staff*

Link:Wat the heck was that for?!!!!!!

??:YOU MUST OBAY ME!!!!!Now try the spin attck!

Link:Fine...AH!!YAH!!*cuts wood*

??:WRONG!!!!!!!!!!*hits Link with the staff again*

Link:Wat was wrong with that??!!!!!!

??:You attacked it like a girl....


After a long time with training......

Link:Owww.Meh aching head...

??:Congats young one... U learned how to use the sword..

Link:But I already knew how to use the sword!!!!!!

??:Silece!!!!!!!!*hits link with a staff again*
posted by PoweredKaoru
Lili, Cait, Gabby and Link are all playing mario 大车, 购物车 at Cait's house when sudenly 吉尔 runs into the room in his dog costume

Cait: Shot *jumps up* Here Jake take my place *gives him remote*

GIR: WEEEE! I'M RUNIN I'M RUNIN I'M RUNIN I'M RUNIN I'M RUNIN I'M RUNIN! *runs up the 墙 onto the ceiling*

*Cait grabs a plunger*

Gabby: 嘿 isnt that GIR?

Lili: Uh oh, last time he was here he set the 长椅, 沙发 on fire
*everyone gets off the couch*

Cait: 吉尔 get off the ceiling now!

GIR: *takes off his dog costume* I'M NAKED!

Cait: GIR!

Gabby: 嘿 GIR, I have toquitos

GIR: *stops running, and falls on the ground* GIMEE...
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posted by PoweredKaoru
*Cait walking through the city looking at a map and bumps into a Blue*

Blue: Geez, watch were your going

Cait: Sorry, I'm new here

Blue: Hm, well hi then *begins walking away*

Cait: Uh, Wait

Blue: *urns around* What?

Cait: I'm a Pokemon trainer, do 你 know where I can find *looks at paper* Blue

Blue: Oh, yeah, thats me

Cait: Really?

Blue: Yup

Cait: Well then I challenge 你 to a pokemon battle!

Blue: Ha! ok then get ready to lose!

*They battle but Cait was able to beat all his pokemon with her Elmoga*

Cait: Yeah, I sure 迷失 that didn't I

Blue: *staring in amazment* How did you...you 说 你 were new!

Cait: To the city, I'm chapion of small regions,(Rivor, Citysvile, Sodoma, Plek, and a few more) thats why I decided to come to a bigger well known city

Blue: Hm, well, Nice to meet 你 then, hope we can become better acquainted
posted by GabbyRaptor
Red Link:GIVE ME 更多 NACHO CHEESE!!!! NOW!!!!

Blue Link:Gosh... I wouder wat Zelda's up to...

Red Link:You never thought of that cause,YOU DONT THINK!!!!

Zelda:Well excuse me...Prince-

Red Link: YOUR NOT WELCOMED HERE!!!!*throws nacho cheese at Zelda's face*

Purple Link:BUSTED!!!!

Green Link:OHHHHHH!!!!!!

Red Link: Shut up....

Everyone:NACHO CHEESE!!!!!!!!!

Zelda: Almost Naked Animals!!!

Red Link:THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!!


Blue Link:Oh No I 分裂, 拆分 my milk!!

Green Link:U KILLED A DOG!!!


everyone exsept Regular Link:Where did u come from?!

Link:From NACHO CHEESE!!!!!!!