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Tallest Millie is a very tall Tallest who actually like the small irkens.When she was a smeet there was a horrifying 火, 消防 on Irk with her 4 relatives,Jam,Miley,Mike,and Kiki.They kept running but stopped at a dead end.They then found 4 strange little creatures that were all huddled up in a little hole,no mother,lonely,no food.They could not resist to just pick one up and bring it to a new home.Now they have servents but mostly a campanion.Millie has one named Zega,Kiki has Sylvia,Mike has Ben,Miley has little Ava and 果酱 has Spike.The youngest to oldest is,Miley,Millie,Jam,Kiki,and Mike.They...
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The Tallest: all right Hailey we have a SIR unit Hailey's pov:

named Mir for you....NOW 你 CAN LEAVE TO GO CHECK ON ZIM!!!!!!!
Hailey: uh okay......?
i then left i was really looking 前锋, 期待 to seeing Zim....even tho he dosen't know me lest he did.......
Mir: HAI!!!!!! YO MA MASTER?!?!?!
uh.....yeah why?
BECAUSE 你 PRETTY!!!!!! um.....wht dose being pretty have to do with me being your master? I DON'T KNOW! :D
So yeah guys that's all i have for now! bye!!!!! :DDDDDD
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 Hi, Zim!
Hi, Zim!
Dib is unusually sexy Oh I'm Eleanor, I liked Dib instantly. I 爱情 Dib. We met at Skool. We instantly clicked, 爱情 blossomed, and we kissed. <3 I 爱情 你 DIB< I HATE EVERYONE WHO HATES YOU!!!!!!!!
 Sez it all
Sez it all
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It starts at the life of every invader.. A smeet. They are brought to life from a robotic arm is what I know from smeethood.As I grew to 3 I was all ready getting big. At age 5 I was assigned my first invasion on planet Fiki. But this wasn't the only thing I grew up with... I had become evil. I don't speak to people I don't know. I only obey the Almighty Tallest's and trusted people. I listen to dark music. My robit P.I.R (Pet Interactive Robot) also had emote glitches just like G.I.R after a while I got annoyed so I put in a death chip in her head so she acts like me.After my robot and me destroyed Fiki we went back to planet Irk. And I built an obeying 领, 衣领 for my robot so she will obey EVERYTHING that I say only to her.
 Me and my robot
Me and my robot
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