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Shippo, a 狐狸 demon, has travled with a group of a priestess,Kagome-a pervertest monk,Miroku-a demon slayer,Sango-a Neko,Kirara-and a half demon Known as Inuyasha,for 2 years and he has never mentioned someone that left the 日 before his father died,his big sister,Kiya.Shippo thought about Kiya everyday he missed her.He always wondered if she had died in a battle.

Kiya was 8 years older than him,she was 15.

Right now the group happened to be battling a strong opponent.Shippo did not expect one thing from the demon.

"HA! 你 are weaker than Kiya herself!" Screamed the demon.Shippo was shocked...
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I made this video my self plz feel free to like 或者 评论 on youtobe
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I play both voices
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