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posted by pumpkinqueen
Most other Shippers don't agree that Dawn's feelings towards Paul are important. In fact, out of all main and secondary characters, she is the only one who really shows any interest in Paul, 或者 even in his skills.

"Different Strokes for Different Blokes!"

Dawn admired Paul when he easily captured an Ursaring, although he didn't return her sentiments.

"A Gruff Act to Follow!"
When Paul stared at Dawn after she stopped the argument, she worriedly asked what's wrong.
Dawn tried to stop the argument between Paul and Ash. However, she became very furious about the fact that Paul didn't remember her...
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posted by StarWarsFan7
Laying on my bed. Alone. Well, not entirely alone but with Ash and Brock. They don't really like to talk about boys because they'll know about Paul and I. Even though there is no Paul and I. "Dawn, are 你 okay?" Ash asks me. In my hand is a badge that Paul gave me for good luck after he gave me a bunch of berries. "Why'd 你 have to go?" I whisper to myself. "What? What did 你 say Dawn?" Ash asks. "N-n-nothing. I'm fine." I sit up in my bed. "Dawn, if something's on your mind, 你 can tell us." I take a deep breath and exhale. "You see, what's on my mind is-" The computer screen turns on...
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posted by StarWarsFan7
???: It's me, Paul.

Dawn: Paul? Really? What are 你 doing here?

Paul: Why do 你 think? I needed to see Ash.

Dawn: Oh. I'll get him, if 你 want.

Paul: No need. I can wait.

A wild Scizor heads over to Dawn's direction.

Paul: Dawn! Look out!

Dawn: What? Why?

Paul pushes her towards the ground and tries to fight the Scizor off himself.

He falls to the ground.

Dawn gets up.

Dawn: Paul? Paul!

She runs over to him.

Dawn: Paul. Wake up. Please.

Paul: *whispers* Dawn? I tried.

She sits him up near a tree.

Dawn: *gasps* I can see the blood coming out of your jacket.

Paul: Is....it....bad?

Dawn: For now, but I need...
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I am trying my hardest to keep up with my writing. This time around, Twinleafshipping and Penguinshipping will also be a part of this story. Sorry that I don't have any Ikarishipping pictures for this one. This will be back in only Dawn's point of view. I hope 你 enjoy.

Dawn wrote in her new diary.

Dear diary,
I have been bored lately with a lot of free time on my hands, but nothing to do. Piplup dragged me outside to go for a walk earlier, and the strangest thing happened. I didn't realize that Paul wasn't the only one who liked me. My 老友记 say that with my looks and kindness combined, I...
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posted by StarWarsFan7
Dawn grabs onto a branch and Paul tries to get her to jump.

Paul: Dawn, give me your hand!

Dawn: No! I...I can't!

Paul: Dawn, please!

Dawn: *whispering* O...kay...

She jumps and Paul catches her.

Her eyes are closed tight.

Paul: Dawn. Open your eyes.

Dawn: *opens eyes* Oh.

Paul: Well, we survived that free fall.

Dawn: *walks around* Yeah.

Paul: Well, it's getting dark out, we should find shelter.

Dawn: I'm right behind you, Paul.

In about 20 分钟 they find a cave that has Golbats in it.

Dawn: Paul, I'm getting a little chilly.

Paul puts his arm around Dawn.
Dawn leans on his shoulder.

Dawn: Isn't this nice?...
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posted by StarWarsFan7
I'm outside, waiting before the Go Home 钟, 贝尔 goes off. "Hey Dawn!" A familiar voice yells at me. "May? May!" May's finally here! I hug my best friend. "Hi Dawn!" "May where were 你 yesterday?" I ask. "Well, my family and I were going on a trip to Johto, but our flight got cancelled so...I'm back!" May jumps. "That's great! Do 你 think you'll go?" "Not sure." May responds. DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG!!! Oh. There goes the bell! "I gotta go. Maybe we can talk later, Dawn!" "Sure. I'll call 你 tonight." I watch May as she walks off with Drew. I'm going to guess Drew is walking May...
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posted by StarWarsFan7
"Ouch! Mom 你 burned me!" "I'm sorry dear. I'll be 更多 careful with the curling." So here I am, sitting in front of my dresser and mirror as my mom curls my dark blue hair. "So Dawn," my mom starts. "Why did 你 want me to curl your hair for 你 anyway, Dawn?" Hmmm... "Well...I...uh...ummmm....you see....I was..." I stumble on my own words. How am I going to tell my mom I have a 日期 with Paul tonight? It's harder than 你 think! "Mom, Paul asked me to go to the December Dance tonight and I want to look great!" I feel my mom stop curling my hair. "Dawn dear," she starts. "I'm so glad you're...
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posted by StarWarsFan7
A/N: This isn't going to be related to my other fanfictions. Just to tell you. Dawn and Paul kinda don't know each other here. This story is kinda like the movie: A Walk to Remember only I've never seen the movie. I've only seen the trailer and it kinda explains what happens. I know this is a bit wordy but, Paul is like pretty mean and hangs out with Harley, Drew, and Gary who are the 流行的 guys in school. Dawn is just a "nobody" who is practically invisible.

(Dawn's POV)

Okay Dawn. 你 can do this. I sigh. How can I enter this school? Again? This is my 秒 月 at school and I practically...
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Source: Ikarishipping Official Tumblr!
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posted by StarWarsFan7
Paul's hints
Paul speaking patiently to Dawn in Tag! We're It!

* Shapes of Things to Come!

Ash and Brock demand to watch him battle, Paul 答案 in an aggravated tone. However, when Dawn admits that she wants to watch him battle, Paul glances over her while saying: "I couldn't care less." IkariShippers believe that he doesn't mind if she's around.

* A Maze-ing Race!

Paul met Dawn when she was separated from her friends. He seemed annoyed when he saw her, as Ash and Brock were not far behind. He talked to her calmly as if he didn't very much mind she was there, though he seemed mad about...
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They get back to the hotel, but Ash doesn't look so happy to see them.

Dawn and Paul: *laughing*

Dawn: Oh my god! I never knew 你 made Reggie do that!

She looks at Ash, unhappy.

Dawn: Oh, 嘿 Ash. What's up?

Ash: Why are 你 with him?

Dawn: What are 你 talking about?

Ash: *yelling* 你 snuck out of the hotel just to hang out with him!

Paul: Hmph. I did no such thing.

Ash: *still yelling* Yes 你 did!

Paul: 你 have no proof. C'mon Dawn.

They walked back near the great Sycamore.

Dawn: I'm sorry Ash had to be so.... childish.

Paul: Don't blame him. It's his fault. He's "worrying" for nothing.

Paul and...
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