Ichigo & Rukia - Sun & Moon - Orihime = Rain Ichigo = Earth Rukia = Sky?

Stinkyuu posted on Apr 23, 2009 at 12:37AM
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一年多以前 Dearheart said…
Oooh, that's a real nice observation! I think it could definitely mean something like that. (And even though Orihime likes Ichigo, it's not hard for me to see her playing matchmaker with him and Rukia.) ^__^ Kudos to you for pointing out something so cool!

And why on earth would I bash Orihime? She may be a bit of a Mary Sue and I don't think she's right for Ichigo at all, but she's still a nice character with a very sweet spirit about her. I think people who bash her are just being stupid and unwilling to see the goodness in her.
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一年多以前 jyuuichi93 said…
dont worry id never bash orihime. like dearheart said shes not right for ichigo. but shes still an amazing chracter. yea i think it means something like that. its my favorite quote apart from:
Unlesss i grip the sword i cannot protect you,
While gripping the sword i cannot embrace you.
一年多以前 Dearheart said…
*squeeee!* I LOVE that quote! I always feel torn between shivering, hugging something or melting on the floor whenever I see it, lol. (Don't worry, Ichigo! You'll get your happily ever after someday, I know it!!)
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一年多以前 jyuuichi93 said…
couldent have put it in better words myself.
一年多以前 LidiaIsabel said…
I take my hat off to Stinkyuu. You deserve an applause. XD

Also remember that Tensa Zangetsu told Ichigo in his inner world (when he was training to get Final Getsuga Tenshou and beat Aizen) that even though the rain had stopped pouring (Ichigo himself said that it was because of Rukia!!♥), now his world was flooded because he left his inner hollow go out (that because of Orihime). So all Orihime did was messing it up for Ichigo and give him a reason to hate himself for hurting Uryu. I still can't get how she acted so selfish and instead of using her powers to try to protect Uryu or heal Ichigo, she baby-cried a dead person to save her even when Ulquiorra said he had no intention of killing her.