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oldtowndesilu posted on Nov 08, 2011 at 05:30PM
HAGERSTOWN, MD- “Luuuuuuuucy, I’m home!” These infamous words have been heard around the world for years and signify one of Hollywood’s leading ladies, Lucille Ball. Regarding the phenomenal actress, Old Town Auctions “has got some ‘splaining to do!” The weekend prior to Thanksgiving, November 18-20, Old Town Auctions will be having an unforgettable sale that includes a vast amount of Lucy items, primarily featured on Sunday, November 20, 2011 beginning at 12 noon with a 2 hour preview prior.
Included in the sale will be a voluminous collection of TV Guides featuring Lucille Ball and/or Desi Arnaz on the cover, including the very scarce first issue with Desi Jr. In addition to the numerous TV Guides, there will be a large compilation of magazines, both domestic and foreign, sheet music, and other paper ephemera featuring the comedic actress that changed the Hollywood scene for years to come.
There will also be numerous posters, one-sheets, lobby cards, and inserts, promoting films featuring Lucille Ball, as well as a few advertisements for various products such as RC Cola and Philip Morris cigarettes. Also included in the sale is a unique and capturing piece of 3D artwork done by the artist Charles Fazzino that features colorful graphics and other eye-catching crafts.
Not only will there be paper collectibles, but also a wide variety of Lucille Ball dolls and other main characters of the “I Love Lucy” TV show. From the Hamilton Collection to Madame Alexander, the Lucy doll assortment is nearly limitless. The auction also incorporates a pair of very interesting and rare vintage composition dolls representing Lucy and Desi that were purportedly made for display at a DesiLu function. Also included are a few Ricky Jr. dolls to spice things up!
Another featured Lucy item in this sale is a DesiLu Studio spotlight, purportedly used in the making of her show “I Love Lucy.” Also included are items from Lucille Ball’s estate such as a tea cup and saucer, prints from Lucie Arnaz’s graduation from grade school, and framed photos of the iconic lady, Lucille Ball.
Lucy can be enjoyed year round with the collection of holiday tree ornaments featuring Lucy, Ricky, and other cast members from “I Love Lucy” to decorate your home during the holidays. But the excitement doesn’t stop there- travel to Old Town Auction’s November sale in Hagerstown, Maryland to enjoy some good ole grape stompin’, chocolate makin’ Lucy fun!
The auction will be held at the Grand Venice Hotel, 431 Dual Highway (Route 40), Hagerstown, MD 21740. For more information, please visit www.oldtownacutions.com or contact Matthew Protos at 301-416-2854.
 HAGERSTOWN, MD- “Luuuuuuuucy, I’m home!” These infamous words have been heard around the world

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We have now uploaded an online catalog with detailed descriptions and photos to narrow your search for the perfect Lucy items! Please visit www.oldtownauctions.com to peruse your favorite Vitameatavegamin girl items now!