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posted by zubeerfaan
i think it is a little odd that suddenly Lisa decided to leave house. she was always talking about how much she loved playing Cuddy and she hoped she could play her a lot longer and i think something happed to make her leave the show.( the reason i am putting in the huli spot ^^)
i know that she had to take a pay cut 或者 something and that is why she quit. But i think she loved playing Cuddy so much that she wouldn´t leave just because a little pay cut.

but this is just a little theory i have i know it's probably crazy But 你 know...

We are focusing on SENDING THONGS AND BALLS TO 狐狸 AND NBC entertainment presidents with one of the suggested captions listed below. We will add 更多 suggestions as they come in.

This campaign will take the two most 流行的 ideas on the fandom and combines them. It also leaves open the option of sending one 或者 the other if both are not feasible. In this way we will have a united front.

This is a joint effort 由 many fandoms. Each House fandom is welcome and encouraged to have one of their members as an executive here...
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posted by Lisacuddy13
C'est officiel entre nous ? ça l'a toujours été [Huli]

Written 由 : Dr Cuddy & Choopa

Une petite lumière venait d’éclairer le visage de Lisa Edelstein, la belle s’était paisiblement endormie après la folle nuit qu’elle avait passée avec le célèbre Hugh Laurie. Les deux amants se voyaient souvent le soir quand il n’était pas en tournage pour la série télévisé House MD en claire il se voyait beaucoup. Il faut dire que les deux tourtereaux se cherchaient depuis un sacré moment et il fallut d’un jour ! Un simple jour pour que Hugh et Lisa goutent le bonheur 冻糕, 冷甜饼 de...
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