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Chapter 10 : new chapter, no "real action" but some manipulation and thinking. Hope you'll enjoy it !

Wilson and House are now in the bar with the “cool” barman about whom House had spoken, they drink a 鸡尾酒 and try to find a solution for Cuddy.
-So, what do we do now? Have 你 any idea? Wilson asks.
-No. What do 你 think we should do? Let her live with this man for two days? Try to find something compromising on the tenant 或者 on MacEnzie? If only I knew a detective!
- Well… we know one…, 回复 Wilson with some hesitation.
-Who? asks House. No, no, no, don’t even mention his name!...
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Chapter 7 : new step to "move on" for Cuddy and Wilson. Hope you'll enjoy it : )

-House, it’s me, Wilson. Call me back when 你 get this message, I’ve got good news for you.
Wilson is at the same time happy and worried for his two friends. He doesn’t want to think about it, about Cuddy’s reaction when she’ll see House in Apton and understand he’s behind all this… Although the Apton’s hospital really needs someone to run it… This is not a House’s trick, it’s the truth. Fortunately. But Wilson is also convinced that Cuddy is not taken in 由 that. She knows something, otherwise...
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秒 chapter, hope you'll enjoy it : ) thanks for your comments.

Cuddy just took Rachel to bed, the little girl has asked one 更多 time if House would be there tomorrow morning when she’ll wake up. Cuddy tried to evade her question, but Rachel is stubborn and Cuddy had to tell her that House wasn’t there, that he left the town, and Rachel asked why and when her “dad” would be back to play with her and to watch the pirate cartoon with her, and when Cuddy left her bedroom, she heard the little girl speaking to House and asking him to come back because she misses him very much and her...
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Here another chapter, hope 你 enjoy it even if the characters are a little OOC ; )

Nolan and Wilson stand a little amazed, then Wilson says : Well, I think it’s working, at least they talk to each other. Thank you, Doctor Nolan.
-You’re welcome Doctor Wilson, so I see 你 下一个 week, bye.
Cuddy and House arrive in her office, she goes straight to her 台, 办公桌 and searches the phone number of the hospital’s lawyer, then she gives it House.
-Here’s the phone number. I hope our lawyer will be able to help 你 with this stupid wedding and that 你 won’t get into troubles, she says and smiles...
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Very interesting 文章 from TV Guide and Eloise James
To celebrate Valentine's Day, we asked best-selling romance writer and House 粉丝 Eloisa James how House stacks up against the 超能英雄 in her books.

At first glance, Dr. House is nothing like a conventional romantic hero. Can 你 imagine him bare-chested on a book cover, a bodacious blonde (or perhaps a ravishing radiologist) drooping in his arms? Not so much. House is the "Hunchback of Princeton," as Hugh Laurie himself once said. He's a disagreeable, physically (and emotionally) crippled genius. He'd hold up that blonde just long enough...
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Okay guys this is the first FanFic I have ever done. SO be gentle. It has been on my laptop since a week after "Help Me!" I have considered not posting it, simply because there are so many youngins on FP. But I trust they will be mature enough NOT to read what is NOT appropriate for them.

It is a long one so I have decided to post in 3 chapters, over the 下一个 3 days.

For the under 18's I trust 你 will exercise the necessary restraint and not read what is not appropriate for you.

The House 你 will find here is the man we have all discovered is a ROMANTIC, the man that adores Cuddy.
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posted by migle
下一个 日 Cuddy wake up in her bad even before her alarm clock, she just woke up, but still with closed eyes, she knew, that is still very early, she wanted just lie in her 床, 床上 for few 更多 minutes. She felt tired, now she’s always feeling tired, cause her cancer. Sometimes she even can forget her illness, when she is feeling ok, when she is busy, when she is with House. Where is he? She turned around in her bed, but other 床, 床上 side was empty. But Cuddy wasn’t worried this time, she know that is still ok with them. She start thinking where he could be, maybe he left home, to change before...
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posted by migle
下一个 morning Cuddy waked up in her bed. She didn’t opened her eyes yet, she knows is still very early….she get smiled she is feeling very well, it’s great cause she is always feeling very bad, cancer made her very sad and depressed, feeling sick every morning never help.
She lied few 分钟 enjoying of feeling well, then she opened her eyes and looked around she remembered what happened last night. But she doesn’t found anyone in her bed. She get upset, she didn’t thought that House could leave, maybe this is too much to expected him changed , stay to take care of her.
She lied for...
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posted by Irene3691
It's New Year's Eve and they agreed to spend that night at Lisa’s sister's. House is not very sure about it, but he is still working on trying to make their first 圣诞节 holidays together the best ones. They have 晚餐 with Julia and some 老友记 and they keep talking and joking for a while. House and Cuddy have a moment alone and talk.
‘Are 你 having fun? Are 你 already tired?’ Asks Lisa to her boyfriend.
‘Yeah, I'm fine... I'm a bit tired but we can stay here if 你 want.’
‘We can stay for a while if you're comfortable with these people.’
‘Yeah, yeah... I'm okay...’
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posted by Irene3691
Before going back to the hotel, they pick up some take away food. When they get to the bedroom, House looks for a pill in his jeans’ pocket and lies on the bed. ‘It hurts. I’m gonna have a bath.’ He goes to the bathroom and fills the bathtub whereas Cuddy talks to Wilson on the phone. Some time goes 由 and before going out of the bathroom he takes another pill. After that, they have their dinner. ‘I 爱情 Italian food.’
‘And Italians 爱情 you.’
‘Are 你 going to remind me this for ever?’
‘Of course! 你 doubted it?’
House looks at her angrily ‘I really really hate you,...
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Chapter 1: Enough is Never Enough

Disclaimer: I do not own any characters of House M.D. All characters/thematic concepts are owned 由 David 支撑, 海岸 and Co.

The distinct sound of wood courting hardwood

resonated throughout House’s once-empty, recluse

apartment, the hollow bachelor’s pad that had

served as his proscenium stage and knew him all

too well. The stage that had tacitly

reciprocated a promise: to never leave. Unlike

Stacey, his indigenous thigh muscle, and his

once “less miserable” outlook on life, his

apartment had never negated 或者 forsaken him. In

fact, if his apartment walls...
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posted by lizzie22xo
It was strange to her, why she was beginning to think about him, in 更多 of a liking way. Of course, she liked him, even though he bugged the living hell out of her some days, but it was 更多 than a friendship liking. Yes, her plan was to meet him, to study him, because lunatics interested her. But, she thought he’d never be 更多 than a study for her. And, she thought wrong.
    “I’m trying to work on a paper. What do 你 want?”
She glances up from her studies, as he walks in the lounge of the university.
“Whatcha workin’ on?”
She gives an ‘obviously’...
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posted by Sculy08
A Happy Life: Chapter 9
[House walks into the clinic. The nurse at the station looks up from the computer screen and smirks at him.]

Nurse: Dr.Cuddy is busy she has Rachel and will only be in for a few minutes.
House: Good. Just enough time to annoy her. Go back to your crossword puzzle Nurse Cranky.
Nurse: Nice to know 你 still as miserable as 你 always were Dr.House.

[House sees Cuddy sitting at the DESK. House's mind travels back to a time when the 台, 办公桌 was new. It was late spring and the semester was coming to a close. House had gone to see Cuddy before the summer. House knocked on Cuddy's...
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I've found some 爱情 语录 on the internet that made me think of Huddy when I read them.
Enjoy ^^


I self destruct every relationship so that i don't get hurt... but in truth i just hurt myself worse in the long run..


I laugh, I love, I hope, I try,I hurt, I need, I fear, I cry. And I know 你 do the same things too, So we're really not that different, me and you.

Colin Raye

The couple that fights the most is the one most in love... it shows they care enough to notice the other one screwed up and care enough to mention it to the person...
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 What type of man does Cuddy really like?
What type of man does Cuddy really like?
It’s a rare thing to see Cuddy give a genuine smile in an episode of House, which is why it was pretty much incredible to see her give three all in the 太空 of Adverse Events. And yes, I can hear 你 saying they weren’t directed to House and this is the Huddy Spot, but 熊 with me for a moment. It's relevant to the Huddyness. ;)

Whilst I was 写作 this, I saw a 评论 that bainmoussant 发布 on another 文章 in which she 说 that Cuddy, instead of dating “successful, suit-wearing, clean-shaved guys” would rather go out with 更多 “fun, laidback guys, like Lucas”…and which...
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Chapter 15: sometimes I think I’m evil, but I hope you’ll forgive me. Enjoy this new chapter, and sorry if it’s short, 下一个 one is almost over.

The room is dark, there is no noise, only her breath drills the silence. MacEnzie feels weird, a little dizzy. Suddenly, she moves in the bed, he roots to the spot, but phew! It was a false alarm, she still sleeps. She’s so beautiful, simply breathtaking, he thinks and nears her very slowly, he doesn’t want her to wake up. His blood runs faster in his body, his 心 beats faster in his chest. He sits down in the 床, 床上 下一个 to her and remains...
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