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posted by bloody_puppet
at hot topic
i buy.....
knee high socks
skinny jeans (colorful)
invader zim tops (etc)
studded belts
and ALOT more
so now dont 你 want to go to hot topic and just but ALL there stuff to like me
(if i only had the money hahahh)
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New headphone in the Beats tradition, link Beats Solo bring 你 amazing sound in a smaller, lighter on-ear 设计 that can reproduce the full range of sound in today's digital music. For your life's soundtrack

The ultra-efficient driver 设计 plays at club-level volumes whiles still giving 你 distinct mids, brilliant highs and, of course, shockingly deep 低音 that will have 你 looking for a hidden subwoofer. And it's all done without batteries.

ControlTalk: The ultimate in control and hands-free calling

Monster's ControlTalk provides easy on-cable control of your iPod 或者 iPhone playback, which...
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posted by chenziling
Ever notice to 2011 hip-hop 显示 更多 and more? From Usher, Ludacris to Akon, are feeling suddenly to a lot of the side the hip-hop star?

Yes, hip-hop culture has been in China detonated near, November 19, 1933 Shanghai LaoChang fang, the United States will 加入 forces with the domestic hip-hop web portal ant nets launched together first Shanghai hip-hop carnival, link activities will be held on performance, the theme: the streets, brand interactive activities, the trend of 设计 exhibition, and other activities, the embodiment of all angles of hip-hop culture charm.

"Brand interactive activities"...
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HTC Sensation XE is still using the traditional 设计 of HTC applications metal body has a very good feel. The Sensation XE is used latest Sense3.0 interface, 3D screen is very gorgeous,link and this is a major feature of the Sense3.0.

HTC Sensation XE is still using the traditional 设计 of the HTC straight full-touch design, and application of the metal body has a very nice touch. The HTC Sensation XE body measurements of 126.1 × 65.4 × 11.3mm, weighs about 148g, hold great weight in his hand, but it is not heavy, portability is satisfactory. HTC Sensation XE is a little special about...
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Headphone is personale So what affectionate of headphone 你 accept all depends on your taste.The use of headphones,the time and abode 你 use headphones,your own cast and dislikes,the complete superior of headphones are a acceptable best of headphone to be considered.

Today I would like to acquaint a cast of headphone to you.It is alleged Monster Beats.The use of avant-garde architecture and activating apostle abreast technology,Monster Beats 由 dre accomplish bigger use of ability and activity to added enhance the backbone of activity low.

The abundance of headhones is actual important...
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