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posted by Blaze_of_Ares
So yeah, since everyone made this.

I'm Blaze. I go 由 Blaze Takumi Phoenix. My real name is Bobby Pal Singh, I'm becoming 15 this September. I live in Bandung, Indonesia. I moved from Singapore 2 years ago. What else...oh yeah, incase 你 don't know, Little Cop's(Cara) nickname for me is Iceman, not the Marvel one, but the one from 最佳, 返回页首 Gun. I still can't believe 你 picked that over Maverick. So yeah, if 你 see Iceman on here, it's probably me.

 I'm a gamer cause I don't have a life. I've chosen to have many
I'm a gamer cause I don't have a life. I've chosen to have many
What I like to do..well I'm always online. I'm a Gamer and an Otaku(Anime Lover)....
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posted by Nicolicious
Okay. Because people don't seem to get the idea of rules I'm going to write up some new ones.

1. Your character cannot be too strong. If they are the Admin will tell you. If 你 don't change your character we will kick 你 out of the forum. Yes I can do that.

2. 你 cannot post anything rude 或者 disrespectful about other people 或者 their characters. Which means if 你 发布 a 照片 that 你 think looks like their character and they don't like it 你 must take it away(if 你 can :) 或者 change its name to something else.

3. I don't want too much cussing because it will get out of hand. If 你 do...
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posted by JasmineValdez
你 know you're Poseidon's kid when...

1)Water bottles explode when you're angry

2)Every vacation 你 go on is to a 海滩 或者 lake

3)You sometimes forget your 老友记 can't breathe underwater

4)The only Blade 你 use on 水果 Ninja is the water blade (with the tsunami background of course)

5)You've been jet-sking, whitewater rafting, tubing, and cliff-diving but dislike "extreme sports"

6)Dolphins and 鱼 follow 你 in the water, which 你 find creepy

7)Horses feel the need to call 你 boss

8)You have a collection of dorky ocean metaphors that no one understands

9)You fight the urge to hide under your...
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posted by gwendiamond
 Ben Krasner
Ben Krasner
Hello! This is my new role play demigod.

Name: Benjamin Krasner

Age: 12

Godly Parent: Poseidon, God of Sea

Earthly Parent: Mari-Anne Krasner

Gender: Male

Eyes: Dark Blue

Hair: Jett Black

Height: 1.95m

Qualities: Smart, Kind, Respectful, Generous, Gentlemanly, Athletic, Nature-Lover.

Biography: A kind, respectful boy, Ben grew up with a tough life. His mother was always there for him but not even his mother could prevent the monsters and horrific things Ben had experienced. Unlike Sally, Mari didn't know that Poseidon was a god. Ben had suspicions ever since he saw monsters and horrible things a few summers...
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posted by Nicolicious
Kahlee, daughter of Skadi, of Camp Sanctuary

I pulled the drawstring back on my bow, my frost breath puffing from my mouth, squinting one eye I locked onto the deer in front of me. I took a deep breath, pulling in the oxygen around me, then I released. The 《绿箭侠》 soared through the air with a quiet whistling noise when moments later it hit with a thud and the deer in front of me took off into the woods. I slowly picked my way through the snow covered woods, following the tracks in front of me. I soon came upon a 《冰雪奇缘》 lake and on the icy surface was the young doe, slowly huffing its last breathes....
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posted by ConnerandTravis
Ace looks at the paper the therapist gave him. What would this accomplished? Ace asked himself. After hours of thinking, he finally just picked up a pencil and started writing. He started from when he was about 5.
I remember being in the woods, scouting. I heard some leaves rustle and pointed my stick at the noise. A dude came out and put his hand up. "Woah, kid," The guy said. He looked about 12. He had icy blue eyes and brown hair that was short. He had dirt on his face and a scar on his right cheek . "I'm on your...
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Somewhere around 日 20. Also known as 日 OhmygoshIcan’ttakemuchmoreofthisabsoluteinsanity.

I thought I was kind of getting used to this place. Boy, was I wrong…..

The Warden’s been 展示 me around, new people, places. The Pitt seems to grow and become worse the 更多 I see. One of her 老友记 I met, Blake, has to fight in an arena, twice a 日 for the grazer’s entertainment. Did I mention that it’s to the DEATH?

Gah, I’m already running out of room… no 更多 diary entries on sticky notes…Ah, well Cara’s taking me to somewhere called the courtyard anyway.

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Devin’s Diary, Entry 1
Day 4582. (In reality, about 日 10, according to Ace.)

My life’s pretty pathetic. ‘Bout a week ago, I would have been sitting at home, minding my own business. Now my home’s burnt wood and ash, ‘n I’m sitting in a cell like some horrible criminal. They say I’m a demigod, like one of those traitors from the news. But if I try to tell the others here that I’m not one of them, they laugh and ignore me. Wonderful. They’re not all bad though. The warden’s nice, and so is the guy in the cell across from mine, Ace. That’s all the people I know...
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Name: Zacharias Edison
Nickname: Voltage, Zach

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Immortal Parent: Zeus (Trying something new)

Mortal Parent: Melissa Edison

Undetermined 或者 Determined: (dont know what that means)

Appearance: Pic

Personality: Charismatic, Charming, Nice, and a Natural Leader, but at the same time can be Stoic, Straightforward and Business minded

Abilities: Electrokinesis

Weapons: Greek Hoplite sword & dual Chakram's of Celestial Bronze
//Other Equipment: Hermes style flight boots and a suit of armor that transforms into my normal clothes 或者 a white tuxedo.

Cabin Symbol: A Crown made...
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