Gymnastics Usa Gymnastics Becoming Too Strict?

twilightlover13 posted on Oct 14, 2007 at 04:36AM
for those fellow gymnasts and coaches out there who are competing with usa gymnastics:

does anyone think that usa gymnastics is becoming too strict on requirements and skills in the optional levels? i.e. connection on series, harder tumbling passes, # of tumbling passes, etc. And that they aren't realizing that less gymnasts will be able to compete certain levels b/c not everyone can meet those requirements? my coach kind of started this question at practice and started talking about this other organization for gymnastics in the u.s. but i forget what it's called. it's where there are no levels or requirements you just go compete any skills you want and just get a score. like a person could do a cartwheel on beam and a double back on floor, etc. and it wouldn't matter what the skill was it just mattered how well they did it. idk i was just wondering what people were thinking about it.
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