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This 文章 is about Jeff Conaway, the person who portrayed Kenickie in Grease. He sadly passed away in 2011 of drugs at the age of 60 (before he was going to turn 61). We all miss him, I miss him a lot, I wish he was still alive. He was one of the most badass, sexiest, hottest actors of the 1970s, I had a huge crush on him in Grease and Taxi. It was so sad to find out that he died in 2011. I was just a little kid in 2011, too little to know much. Conaway got addicted to drugs in the early 80’s’. Another thing that happened to Jeff Conaway, is that he fell and injured his back while the filming of Grease was happening. It was sad. If only Jeff Conaway wasn’t addicted to drugs, he’d still be alive. When someone’s addicted to drugs, it’s hard to quit. His spirit will always be with us. It’s so depressing that he died. Kenickie Murdoch and Bobby Wheeler will always be in my heart.
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This is an 文章 about why Grease is the word and bird is not. Grease is my favourite movie, I watch it all the time. I’ve watched it over 33 times, actually I have, I’m counting. Grease is filled with catchy songs, cool characters, funny moments, and much more. The introduction song is Frankie Valli’s Grease. There are lyrics about it saying Grease is the word, but, there’s 更多 to Grease than just being the word. There’s even a 描述 about it in the song. The chorus lyrics are “Grease is the word, it’s the word that you’ve heard, it’s got groove, it’s got meaning....
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posted by SUPERGRL
[Danny] Summer lovin' had me a blast

[Sandy] Summer lovin' happened so fast

[Danny] I met a girl crazy for me

[Sandy] Met a boy cute as can be

[Both] Summer days driftin' away, to uh-oh those summer nights

[Everyone] Uh Well-a well-a well-a huh

[Thunderbirds] Tell me more, tell me more

[Doody] Did 你 get very far?

[Pink Ladies] Tell me more, tell me more

[Marty] Like does he have a car?

[Everyone] Uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh

[Danny] She swam 由 me, she got a cramp

[Sandy] He ran 由 me, got my suit damp

[Danny] I saved her life, she nearly drowned

[Sandy] He showed off, splashing around

[Both] Summer sun,...
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 Grease is the Word!
Grease is the Word!
Hi guys, I 爱情 listening to the songs from the movie and here is my review on the film itself.

The Songs

I 爱情 the songs in general, because they're not trying to introduce the typical Bubblegum music. It was very original and unique in its own way!

The Story

One thing is that I 爱情 the chemistry between Danny and Sandy, especially John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John. They overcome the obstacles in this film and 爱情 is stronger!

Grease Lightning!

So here is my review, and I have to agree that this film is even better than High School Musical, I will write the reason why and comparison soon.
 Sexy Back!
Sexy Back!
posted by SUPERGRL
Well this car is systematic, hydromatic, ultramatic
Why, it could be Greased Lightnin'!
We'll get some overhead lifters and some four barrel quads, oh yeah
Keep talkin', whoah keep talkin'!
Fuel injection cut off and chrome plated rods, oh yeah
I'll get her ready, I need to get her ready!
With a four-speed on the floor, they'll be waitin' at the door
你 know that ain't shit when we'll be gettin' lots of tit
Greased Lightnin'

Go, Greased Lightnin'
You're burnin' up the quarter mile
Greased Lightnin', go Greased Lightnin'
Go Greased Lightnin'
You're coasting through the heat lap trails
Greased Lightnin', go Greased Lightnin'
你 are supreme
The chicks'll cream
For Greased Lightnin'
Go go go go go go go go

We'll get some purple pitched tail lights and thirty inch fins, oh yeah
A palomina dashboard and duel-muffler twins, oh yeah
With new boosters, plates and shocks
I can get off my rocks
你 know that I ain't braggin', she's a real pussy wagon
Greased Lightnin'

(Chorus x2)
posted by SUPERGRL
Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee, lousy with virginity
Won't go to 床, 床上 till I'm legally wed, I can't, I'm Sandra Dee
Watch it, hey, I'm Doris Day, I was not brought up that way
Won't come across, even Rock
Hudson 迷失 his 心 to Doris Day
I don't drink 或者 swear, I won't 鼠, 大鼠 my hair,
I get ill from one cigarette
Keep your filthy paws off my silky drawers.
Would 你 pull that crap with Annette?
As for you, Troy Donahue, I know what 你 wanna do
你 got your crust, I'm no object of lust,
I'm just plain Sandra Dee Elvis,
Elvis, let me be, keep that pelvis far from me
Just keep your cool, now you're starting to drool
Hey, fungu, I'm Sandra Dee
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Stranded at the drive in, branded a fool,
What will they say
Monday at school?
Sandy, can't 你 see, I'm in misery
We made a start, now we're apart,
There's nothin' left for me
爱情 has flown all alone,
I sit and wonder why-y-y oh why 你 left me,
oh Sandy
Oh Sandy, maybe someday, when highschool is done
Somehow, someway, our two worlds will be one
In heaven forever and ever we will be,
oh please say you'll stay,
oh Sandy Sandy my darlin', 你 hurt me real bad,
你 know it's true
But baby, 你 gotta believe me when I say,
I'm helpless without you
爱情 has flown all alone, I sit,
I wonder why-y-y oh why 你 left me,
oh Sandy Sandy,
Sandy, why-y-y-y,
oh Sandy
There’s a reason why GreaseFan is my username, it’s because I 爱情 Grease and it’s the best movie ever. This 文章 is about why Grease is so much better than HSM. I’ve seen HSM before, it’s a musical about two teens falling in 爱情 on New Years Eve. They end up going to the same school. Grease is about when two teens fall in 爱情 on the 海滩 in the summertime. They end up going to the same school. Both the girls are from foreign countries, Sandy’s Australian, and Gabriella’s Mexican. The reason why Grease is better is because I’m getting older and HSM is 更多 of a kids musical...
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Grease is my favourite movie because it’s fun to watch and everything’s great about it. I 爱情 the funny moments when Kenickie 说 Rizzo had the personality of a wet mop and when Doody threw pie at Eugene. I 爱情 it when Danny laughs and when Doody 说 Frenchy looked like a beautiful blonde pineapple. It was funny when Kenickie put a frog in Patty’s bag. Sandy was full of surprises when she changed into a greaser. It was like she was a whole different person. It was like she turned into the female version of Danny. Frenchy gave Sandy a makeover, because Sandy wasn’t getting enough respect from a lot of people, especially
Danny. It was funny when Doody, Sonny, and Putzie shown their butts on camera, they mooned the camera. Jan liked the Ipana toothpaste commercial and she sang it before Marty threw a stuffed tiger at her. Frenchy got her nickname from french smoking. Grease is a great movie, and I’ve watched it a lot of times.
Greased Lightnin’ may not be a sad sounding song, but, the backstory about it is depressing and it might make Travolta 粉丝 rage quit. While Greased Lightnin’ was being filmed, plans were going to be originally different. Jeff Conaway who portrayed Kenickie, was originally going to sing the song, but, John Travolta wanted to sing it, so he got the solo. Kenickie never even got the chance to sing his own song in Grease because of John Travolta. It’s like Travolta was insulting Conaway! It’s like what Travolta wanted was to be the king of cool! Travolta had his own solo song, Sandy! He...
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Why Teens Should Not Use Captions

We all know those awkward conversations with our parents, whether it be about a boy/girl 或者 something we saw 或者 hear. Well i’ve had many of those with my lovely mother and father but one battle in particular was most memorable. While watching Grease 你 should not use captions as a 12 年 old girl with your mother in the room.

I was 12 years old sitting comfortably in my living room happily 唱歌 along to the happy smiling faces and bright colored costumes.

“Oooh cool grease” my mom said, plopping down on the 长椅, 沙发 下一个 to me.

My mom sat there singing...
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There are worse things I could do,
than go with a boy 或者 two
Even though the neighborhood thinks
I'm trashy and no good
I suppose it could be true,
but there are worse things I could do
I could flirt with all the guys,
smile at them and bat my eyes.
Press against them when we dance,
make them think they stand a chance
and then refuse to see it through,
that's the thing I'd never do.
I can stay 首页 every night
Wait around for Mr. Right,
take cold showers everyday,
and throw my life away,
on a dream that won't come true
I could hurt someone like me,
out of spite 或者 jealousy,
I don't steal and I don't lie,
but I can feel and I cry
In fact I'll bet 你 never knew,
but to cry in front of you,
that's the worse thing I could do.
posted by SUPERGRL
[Danny and Sandy] We go together like
rama lama lama ke ding a de dinga a dong,
Remembered forever like
shoo bop shoo wadda wadda yipitty boom de boom

[Sandy, Danny, Rizzo & Kenickie]
Chang chang chang-it-ty chang shoo-bop,
That's the way it should be
Wha oooh yeah!

We're one of a kind like
dip di-dip di-dip doo-bop a doo-bee doo,
Our names are signed
Boog-e-dy boog-e-dy boog-e-dy boog-e-dy shoo-by doo-wop she-bop
Chang chang chang-it-ty chang shoo-bop

We'll always be like one

When we go out at night
And stars are shinin' bright
Up in the skies above
Or at the high school dance
Where you...
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posted by SUPERGRL
Guess mine is not the first 心 broken,
My eyes are not the first to cry I'm not the first to know,
There's just no gettin' over you
Hello, I'm just a fool who's willing to sit around
and wait for you
But baby can't 你 see, there's nothin' else
for me to do I'm hopelessly devoted to you
But now there's nowhere to hide,
since 你 pushed my 爱情 aside
I'm not in my head,
hopelessly devoted to you
Hopelessly devoted to you,
hopelessly devoted to you
My head is saying "fool, forget him",
my 心 is saying "don't let go"
Hold on to the end,
that's what I intend to do
I'm hopelessly devoted to you
But now there's nowhere to hide,
since 你 pushed my 爱情 aside
I'm not in my head,
hopelessly devoted to you
Hopelessly devoted to you,
hopelessly devoted to 你
Well, if 你 are way too old for halloween, it's a cool outfit for 你 and your gal pals!
First, grab a light 粉, 粉色 夹克 或者 another color 你 would like. If 你 don't have one, dip a leather 夹克 in 粉, 粉色 paint 或者 another color 你 and your gals like and let dry. On the back, use permanent marker to write 粉, 粉色 Ladies 或者 your group's name in cool handwriting.
Wear tight-to-skin leather pants, leggings, 或者 colored jeans. Wear high-heels 或者 ballet 公寓, 单位 或者 some girly but retro but trendy BUT edgy shoes.
Curl your hair and put in a frizz-free ponytail. So, now 你 have a stylish 粉, 粉色 Ladies...
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posted by SUPERGRL
[Sandy] Tell me about it stud!

[Danny] I got chills, they're multiplyin',
and I'm losin' control
Cause the power you're supplyin',
it's electrifyin'

[Sandy] 你 better shape up, cause I need a man,
and my 心 is set on you
You better shape up, 你 better understand,
to my 心 I must be true
Nothing left, nothing left for me to do

[Danny] Nothin' left, nothin' left for me to do.

[Both] You're the one that I want (you are the one I want),
ooh ooh ooh, honey
The one that I want (you are the one I want),
ooh ooh ooh, honey
The one that I want (you are the one I want),
ooh ooh ooh, honey
The one I need (the...
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