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Note: I Recommended That 你 Complete All Missions Before Doing This Trick

When 你 Start Mission ''A 首页 In The Hills" 你 Will Back To Los Santos, And Help Madd Dog Taking Back He's Crib, Once 你 Done, Start The 下一个 Mission Until 你 Meet And Take Sweet Back To 兜帽, 罩, 发动机罩 From Police Prison On Pershing Square. Then 你 Must Take Over Back Your Hood, Once Done, 你 Can Start Gang War, Just Like When 你 Take Over Glen Park, Keep Start And Finish Missions Until Mission Los Deperados, Once 你 Done, 你 Must Take Over At Least 50% Gang Territories Before 你 Can Start Final Mission: "End Of The...
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posted by Patrick-Star54
 Grove 街, 街道 Families
Grove Street Families
Grand Theft Auto Is A Big Game, Every time 你 Play GTA, 你 Can See Gang Members Walking The Street, For Example: Leone (GTA 3) Cholo ( GTA Vice City) Grove 街, 街道 Families (GTA San Andreas).

There Is A Lot Gangs On Each State And GTA Series. Now I'm Gonna 显示 你 Gang Member On GTA San Andreas Here It Is The 列表 Of Gangs:

1. Grove 街, 街道 Families
Location (Main Base): Grove Street, Ganton
Grove 街, 街道 Families, The Name Of The Gang Which Carl Johnson Will Find Himself Path In. Made up of his close crew of 老友记 and family, the Grove 街, 街道 Families strongly dislike the drugs trade which is...
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posted by Patrick-Star54
 GTA San Andreas Radio Stations
GTA San Andreas Radio Stations
    San Andreas features 11 radio stations, each radio station sporting its own unique flavour and style. The radio stations are complimented 由 20 different DJs appearing in the soundtrack. In comparison to Vice City, San Andreas features a remarkable three times as much music. In addition, there are three times as many radio commercials as there are in GTA Vice City.

The radio stations are setup dynamically, putting an end to looping tracks. Players will also be able to hear accurate weather bulletins, seperate lead-ins and lead-outs depending on the DJ, but best of all,...
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I got these off of a few websites.

SPEEDFREAK: All Cars Have Nitro
NIGHTPROWLER: Always Midnight
BUBBLECARS: Cars Float Away When Hit
BLUESUEDESHOES: Elvis is Everywhere
SPEEDITUP: Faster Gameplay
CRAZYTOWN: Funhouse Theme
ONLYHOMIESALLOWED: Gang Members Everywhere
BIFBUZZ: Gangs Control the Streets
ROCKETMAN: Have Jetpack
PROFESSIONALKILLER: Hitman In All Weapon Stats
FULLCLIP: Infinite Ammo, No Reload
NATURALTALENT: Max All Vehicle Skill Stats
BUFFMEUP: Max Muscle
WORSHIPME: Max Respect...
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posted by Ped15

Jet Pack:L1 L2 R1 R2 up down left right and reapeat it

Wepons 1: R1 R2 L1 R2 left down right up left down right up

wepons 2:R1 R2 L1 R2 left down right up left down down left.

Wepons 3 R1 R2 L1 R2 left down down down

Hydra:Triangle 三角形, 三角 square 圈, 圈子 x L1 L1

$250,000 full health armor:R1 R2 L1 x left down right up left down right up

Stick wanted level:Circle right 圈, 圈子 left square up.

anything 你 touch ina car motercycle ect. blows up:L1 L2 L2 up down down up R1 R2 R2
posted by x-menobsessed26
Pedestrians Fight One Another: weaponsforall

Invisible Cars: anicesetofwheels

Destroy All Cars: bangbangbang

Flying Vehicle: chittycittybb

100% Health: gesundheit

Tank (Rhino) Appears: giveusatank

Get All Weapons: gunsgunsguns

更多 Money: ifiwerearichman

Change Outfit: ilikedressingup

Super-speedy Game Clock: madweather

Crank Up Gore: nastylimbscheat

Better Vehicle Handling: cornerslikemad

Pedestrians Attack: nobodylikesme

Insane Pedstrians: itsallgoingmaaad

Lower Wanted Level: nopoliceplease

Higher Wanted Level: morepoliceplease

Foggy Weather: peasoup

Clear Weather: skincancerforme

Cloudy Weather: ilikescotland

Rainy Weather: ilovescotland

Clock Moves Faster: timeflieswhenyou

Speed Up Gameplay: boooooring